Warehouse Terada Accepting applications for TERRADA ART AWARD 2023 from November 21st

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TERRADA ART AWARD 2023, accepting applications from November 21st Messages and supplementary prizes from 11 judges released

The award “TERRADA ART AWARD 2023” held by Warehouse TERRADA Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Kohei Terada) to find outstanding artists in contemporary art will be accepted from Monday, November 21, 2022. will start. In addition, we have also released a message from the judges for the artists who apply and the supplementary prizes given to the finalists.
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“TERRADA ART AWARD 2023” is a contemporary art award aimed at discovering emerging artists. At the same time as we started accepting applications from Monday, November 21, 2022, we also released messages from each judge to applicants.
Each of the finalists of this award will receive 3 million yen as prize money including exhibition expenses for the finalist exhibition, and as a supplementary prize, “Ruinart Blanc de Blanc” from MHD Moët Hennessy Diageo Co., Ltd., which is the sponsor of this award. , 100,000 yen worth of products from PIGMENT TOKYO, an art supply laboratory that supports the creative activities of various artists with high-quality art supplies from all over the world. We will also announce that we have decided to provide free storage services for 2 years.
Through the TERRADA ART AWARD, we will create a society where artists can play an active role, and the finalists who have the potential to lead the art industry in the future will go beyond their own and the Japanese art scene and spread their wings to the world. We will do our best to support your career until you can establish the significance of your existence.
[Message from the final judge] (Titles omitted, in alphabetical order) [Image 2

Takahiro Kaneshima (Art Producer, Visiting Professor at Kyoto University of the Arts)
Continuing from last time, I will be undertaking the final examination this time. We are looking forward to seeing more wonderful works than the last time. Entries will be evaluated from various angles by unique judges, and the uniqueness of this system is unique to the TERRADA ART AWARD. This is a great opportunity for you to objectively look at your own work.
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Yukie Kamiya (art critic, curator)
It can be said that we have experienced an unexpected situation in which the world that should have been connected and spread is cut off, and we have an opportunity to reconsider our values. It is also time to rethink and question the facts that have been overlooked, such as racial and gender inequality. Taking this opportunity to support new talents, I look forward to seeing works full of possibilities from the artists to see what they can do with art, an expression that is open to society.
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Yuki Terase (Art Intelligence Global, Founding Partner)
Last year’s TERRADA ART AWARD, which was restarted, received applications from many artists despite the unprecedented
circumstances. Including the contents of the final exhibition and the abilities of the finalists, I think that the TERRADA ART AWARD has evolved into one of the leading public exhibitions in Japan. How to continue to evolve this award from here depends on you and us on the management review side. Let’s work together so that winning this award will eventually become an opportunity to become a world-class artist. Expressions, works, and concepts that only you can create. We look forward to.
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Daito Manabe (Rhizomatiks Founder, Artist, Interaction Designer, Programmer, DJ) This time, I have taken on the role of a judge, and I am looking forward to receiving works that do not fit into conventional frameworks, or works that are difficult to categorize, or that are a bit outrageous. I hope that various works will be collected, so please apply by all means. thank you.
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Meruro Washida (Director, Towada Art Center)
I want to see works that have the gravity of a human way of life before being an artist. A work that I can’t understand, but I can be sure that it can’t be otherwise.

[Message from the judges] (honorific titles omitted, in alphabetical order) [Image 7

Ryo Ikeshiro (Artist, Musician, Researcher, Assistant Professor, Department of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong)
We feel we are living in unprecedented times. There is no end to the crises we face, such as climate change, the corona crisis, the threat of war and further military conflicts. However, it is precisely because of this era that we are questioning the purpose of art and what it can achieve. As an artist, it’s important to make the most of your individuality, regardless of whether or not you’re responding directly to the times. We look forward to seeing your creative portfolios.
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Shinji Ohmaki (artist)
I look forward to meeting artists who will continue to create works for the next 10 or 20 years, with an awareness of the issues that arise from facing their own lives rather than superficial expressions. [Image 9

Eriko Kimura (Chief Curator, Yokohama Museum of Art)
What excites me about my work as a curator is when I hear from artists about the concepts behind unseen works and the ideas behind them, and when I imagine how those works will become tangible in space. , I think the same is true for creators. The TERRADA ART AWARD is a valuable venue with a large space and production costs, and we hope that many artists will apply while planning challenging works. [Image 10

Yu Takehisa (Curator, Art Tower Mito Contemporary Art Center Artistic Director) The exhibition in the exhibition space is the final announcement of this award, but the creator’s awareness is directed not only to the viewers who visit the gallery, but also to people who may not necessarily come to the gallery. I am looking forward to meeting such a unique expression.
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Reiko Tsubaki (Curator, Mori Art Museum)
Art is an expression method that has existed for a long time, and it is possible to express various things. It is also a medium that has recorded numerous natural disasters, pandemics, and wars. At the same time, contemporary art asks us why we want to create and express ourselves. I think there are countless contexts, but I think personal reasons and motives are important. I’m looking forward to interesting works that can only be expressed by “you” living in this era. [Overview]
Application period: November 21, 2022 (Monday) to January 31, 2023 (Tuesday) 18:00 (Japan time)
Application conditions: Those who meet all the following conditions A. Any nationality, but able to communicate in Japanese
C. Persons aged 18 to 45 at the time of application start (in the case of a unit, the representative)
D. Must be able to participate in the finalist exhibition (including set-up and tear-down) and award ceremony scheduled from December 2023 to January 2024.
E. Not being selected as a finalist for the TERRADA ART AWARD Target activities: Contemporary art in general (including all media such as paintings and other planes, photography, three-dimensional objects, textiles, video, digital media art, physical expression such as performance, sound and music)
Application method: Online application
Support details: 3 million yen each for 5 finalists
*Includes costs for producing and exhibiting new works for the TERRADA ART AWARD 2023 finalist exhibition
Supplementary prize: 100,000 yen worth of “Ruinart Blanc de Blanc” and “PIGMENT TOKYO” products, free use of Warehouse TERRADA’s art storage service for 2 years
URL: https://www.terradaartaward.com
Organizer: Warehouse TERRADA Co., Ltd.
Sponsors: Japan Airlines Co., Ltd., MHD Moët Hennessy Diageo K.K. Management cooperation: Fujiwara Haneda LLC
[About TERRADA ART AWARD 2023 Finalist Exhibition]
Based on the “exhibition plan” submitted in the final judging, the five finalists will use the prize money of 3,000,000 yen as production costs to actually create their works. The created works will be exhibited in our event space, which is a renovated warehouse space, which is the venue for the finalist exhibition (admission fee: free). Last time (TERRADA ART AWARD 2021):
[About Warehouse TERRADA]
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Company name: Warehouse TERRADA
Representative: Kohei Terada, President and Representative Director Location: 2-6-10 Higashishinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002 Established: October 1950
URL: https://www.terrada.co.jp
[Inquiries about TERRADA ART AWARD]
Warehouse TERRADA TERRADA ART AWARD Secretariat E-MAIL:award@terrada.co.jp

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