Watami Co., Ltd. Watami of Yakiniku Due to its popularity, the sales period has been extended for stores only! All-you-can-eat dessert at “Yakiniku x Dezaho” !!

Watami Co., Ltd.
[Yakiniku no Watami] Due to its popularity, the sales period has been extended for stores only! All-you-can-eat dessert at “Yakiniku x Dezaho”!!
780 yen for junior high and high school students (858 yen including tax), 580 yen for elementary school students (638 yen including tax)
―News Release― 18 November 2022
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Watami Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ota-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as Watami), which provides high-quality yakiniku at a reasonable price nationwide, will be a special project from August 1, 2022 (Monday). The all-you-can-eat “Dezaho” plan, which you can enjoy with yakiniku, will be renewed from November 25th (Friday) due to its popularity, and the sales price and lineup will be renewed, and the sales period will be extended as a store-only menu. Decided.
From the end of March 2022, “Yakiniku no Watami” will offer a menu of yakiniku menus such as short ribs and skirt steaks, as well as alcoholic menus such as beer and highballs, for “390 yen per item (429 yen including tax) or less”. It was conducted. Each and every product is more delicious than ever, and we continue to challenge “cheap and delicious Watami” that fills your heart and stomach with a sense of volume that is outstanding for cost performance.
The all-you-can-eat 17 kinds of dessert plan “Dezaho” sold by “Yakiniku no Watami” as a special summer project has many customers, mainly young people, because they can enjoy it with “Yakiniku”. I’ve been enjoying it. In order to respond to the popularity of such customers, from Friday, November 25th, all customers who have used meals (500 yen or more including tax) can order at the store only, and you can order at your seat. 17 or more desserts for 880 yen per person (968 yen including tax), 780 yen for students (858 yen including tax), 580 yen for elementary school students (638 yen including tax) ) will continue to be sold as
“Dezaho” target desserts include “Stone-baked honey toast” where you can enjoy French toast with ice cream on a hot stone-baked vessel, and “Yukimi Daifuku’s chocolate fondue” where you can enjoy Yukimi Daifuku and roaster-baked churros with chocolate fondue. ”, “Grilled Churros Chocolate Fondue”, “Petit Roll Cake”, “Chocolate Brownie”, “Matcha Warabi Mochi”, etc. We have a lineup that is not available.
“Yakiniku no Watami” wants to provide the opportunity to eat yakiniku as reasonably as possible amid rising beef prices due to recent soaring feed prices and tighter global demand environment, as well as rising labor and logistics costs. With this in mind, we will continue to adapt to “with corona” by making full use of cutting-edge food tech such as express lanes and serving robots, and to continue to challenge “cheap and delicious Watami”.
Please drop in at “Yakiniku no Watami”, which continues to change, so that you can truly enjoy the time of “Yakiniku” in each scene of your customers, even in the protracted corona disaster and the more diversified society.
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17+ desserts
《Overview of the “Dezaho” plan》
[Period] From Friday, November 25, 2022
[Details] All-you-can-eat dessert with over 17 kinds of desserts for 880 yen per person (968 yen including tax) *Students 780 yen (858 yen including tax) / Elementary school students 580 yen (638 yen including tax) / Infants free *Must be ordered in a group . * Customers who have used for meals (500 yen or more including tax) can place an order. *Customers eligible for student pricing are required to present their student ID card. * Contents may change or sales may end without notice.
[Product] Stone-baked French toast
・Yukimi Daifuku Chocolate Fondue
・Chocolate fondue with grilled churros
・Petit roll cake
・Chocolate brownie (new)
・Kuchidoke! Fluffy pudding
・ Purupuru sweet summer jelly
・ Furufuru Apricot Kernel Fruit
・ Purupuru Coffee Jelly
・Matcha warabimochi (new)
・Pound cake (new)
・Yogurt ice cream
·Vanilla Icecream
・Puff ice vanilla
・Shoe Ice Strawberry (New)
・Chocolate ice cream (new)
・Puff ice matcha (new)
[Target stores] Limited to stores (please check with each store for actual sales hours)
For more information, please visit our website: https://yakiniku-watami.com/ [Image 3

boll short ribs
[Image 4

Square-cut skirt steak
[Image 5

Juicy Kalbi
[Image 6

Green onion salty tongue (pork)
[Image 7

hemp hormone
[Image 8

Specialty! raw kimchi
[Image 9

Stone-baked bibimbap
[Image 10

Watami’s Special Morioka Cold Noodles
[Image 11

Full-bodied! Yukgaejang Kuppa
[Image 12

Various alcohol
[Image 13

drink bar
[Image 14

Premium yakiniku course
[Image 15

boll short ribs lunch
[Image 16

Ladies cold noodle lunch
■ Thorough measures to prevent infectious diseases at “Yakiniku no Watami” ― Reducing the contact rate with express lanes and serving robots “Yakiniku no Watami” has introduced countermeasures for non-contact restaurants in anticipation of the new normal. Products are provided using “express lanes” and “cooking robots” to reduce the contact rate with customers’ employees. As a result, we will reduce contact customer service by up to 80% compared to the conventional izakaya business, improve the efficiency of hall operations, and thoroughly implement measures to prevent infectious diseases. * The deployment of express lanes and food serving robots varies depending on the store. ― Strengthen the ventilation in the store
Yakiniku no Watami has introduced the latest smoke exhaust and air conditioning equipment. The air inside the store is completely replaced once every 3 minutes, so you can enjoy your meal in a safe and secure space.
― Installation of an automatic temperature camera and alcohol disinfectant at the entrance of the store
“Yakiniku no Watami” has installed an automatic temperature
measurement camera and alcohol disinfectant at the entrance of the store so that customers can disinfect their hands when entering the store, and to check the physical condition of customers before entering the store.
― Employee health checks, hand washing, hand disinfection, and wearing masks “Yakiniku no Watami” requires employees to measure their temperature before starting work, wash their hands and disinfect their fingers with alcohol. In addition, we are making efforts to prevent infectious diseases by thoroughly wearing masks while working.
-Thorough in-store hygiene management (thorough sterilization of cooking utensils, tables, toilets, etc.)
At “Yakiniku no Watami”, we disinfect areas that are often touched by customers by spraying alcohol and wiping to disinfect.
[Image 17

Serving robot
[Image 19

Box seat for 2 people
[Image 20

Box seats for 4 people
◆ Watami Co., Ltd.
The Watami Group strives to satisfy economic, social, and
environmental needs and promotes the creation of a sustainable, recycling-oriented society based on the philosophy of “becoming the group that collects the most ‘thank you’ on the planet.” .
[Address] 1-1-3 Haneda, Ota-ku, Tokyo
[Representative name] Miki Watanabe, Chairman and President
[Established] May 1986
[Business description] Domestic and overseas food business, overseas restaurant business, home food business, agriculture, environmental business
[Homepage URL] https://www.watami.co.jp/
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