Watami Co., Ltd. “Watami’s ‘Dream Windmill Futami'” 10th anniversary of power generation

Watami Co., Ltd.
“Watami’s ‘Dream Windmill Futami'” 10th anniversary of power generation -Eco-friendly renewable energy for approximately 11,000 households*1 generated annually-

Watami Co., Ltd. (Ota-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as “our company”) was able to celebrate its 10th anniversary thanks to you. By September 2022, we have generated approximately 47,869,000 kWh of renewable energy. This amount of power generation is the amount of electricity used by about 11,000 households in a year. In addition, the environmental value of “Fuutami” contributes to the Watami Group’s achievement of “RE100” and contributes to our goal of becoming “No.1 in Japan in the SDGs.” We will continue to produce
environment-friendly renewable energy in order to realize a
“sustainable society”.
■ About “Fuumin”
“Fuutami” has been operating in Nikaho City, Akita Prefecture since April 2012 using the feed-in tariff system*2 to create sustainable energy. It can generate up to 48,000 kWh of power per day. During the development and operation of the wind power plant, we collaborated closely with Citizen Wind Power Co., Ltd. (Sapporo City, Hokkaido) and Nikaho City, Akita Prefecture. doing. Currently, the environmental value of renewable energy generated by “Fuutami” is being used at the Watami Group Headquarters and Ikubunkan Yume Gakuen (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo), contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions.
*1 Refers to the national average of electricity consumption per household. *2 The “Fixed Price Purchase System for Renewable Energy” is a system in which the government promises that electric power companies will purchase electricity generated by renewable energy at a fixed price for a certain period of time.
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■ “RE100” Declaration
In 2019, the Watami Group became the first food service (restaurant and izakaya) company in Japan to declare “RE100”.
1. Use renewable energy for 100% of the electricity consumed in business activities by 2040.
2. As an interim goal, we aim to use renewable energy for 50% of the power consumption of our business activities by 2035.
Switching to renewable energy for electricity used in businesses such as restaurants and home-cooked meals, and energy conservation of electricity used
We aim to achieve “RE100” by working on
*About “RE100”
“RE100” is an international initiative in which companies that set a goal of 100% renewable energy join. The use of renewable energy is expected to contribute not only to the reduction of energy costs for companies, but also to the achievement of emissions reduction targets such as CO2. Member companies include a wide range of industries, from IT to automotive manufacturing. RE100 is part of the ‘We Mean Business’ coalition organized by The Climate Group in partnership with CDP.
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■ Efforts to address climate change issues
We operate electricity retail business through our group company Watami Energy Co., Ltd.
Watami Energy has started an initiative to invest 1% of electricity sales in renewable energy development from 2020. As the first investment destination, we plan to build solar sharing in the vineyard of Watami Organic Land in Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Prefecture, and generate solar power. The generated electricity will be used by the facility and local power companies, aiming to contribute to CO2 reduction and local production and local consumption of energy. Going forward, we will continue to steadily increase the amount of renewable energy generated together with our customers and contribute to solving climate change issues.
▽ Invest 1% of electricity bill sales in renewable energy development Details https://watami-energy.jp/news/release/renewable_energy20211228.pdf ■ Watami Co., Ltd.
[Address] 1-1-3 Haneda, Ota-ku, Tokyo
[Representative name] Miki Watanabe, Chairman and President
[Established] May 1986
[Business description] Domestic and overseas food business, overseas restaurant business, home food business, agriculture, environmental business
[Homepage URL] https://www.watami.co.jp
■ Watami Energy Co., Ltd.
[Address] 1-1-3 Haneda, Ota-ku, Tokyo
[Representative] Representative Director Kuniaki Shimizu
[Established] July 1998
[Business description] Power business, regional power support [Homepage URL] https://watami-energy.jp
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