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Painter Akinobu Tsukamoto Solo Exhibition “FRONTIER” Produced by WATOWA GALLERY Humorous drawing of popular characters using cubist techniques / Sunday, November 27, 2022 to Monday, December 5, 2022 / Shibuya 2-chome “elephant STUDIO”

From November 27th (Sunday) to December 5th (Monday), 2022, under the production of the art project production group “WATOWA GALLERY”, artist Akinobu Tsukamoto’s solo exhibition “FRONTIER” will be held in Shibuya. It will be held at the alternative space “elephant STUDIO” on Nichome.
[Image 1d15900-62-2df317b879319bbc7efb-0.jpg&s3=15900-62-eb8440a96a722e52103a2a1f4a066f0a-2194x2700.jpg
Akinori Tsukamoto is an artist who humorously depicts popular characters appearing in anime and cartoons using historical painting techniques such as cubism and surrealism. Influenced by pop art in New York, USA, where he stayed from 2016 to 2020, he presents his own works using the method of “sampling”, which mixes various methods of expression.
In this exhibition, we will present works that update the “New Cubism” series, which has been popular so far, with new expression methods that add elements such as improvisational paintings and background paintings. By challenging new expression methods such as laying out like an installation, the exhibition aims to go beyond the title “frontier”.
Please take a look at the new pop art world that unfolds with the characters in the painting.
[Image 2d15900-62-f65b4802418ee7b7ff0c-2.jpg&s3=15900-62-d949920fadce2867f0db51aac367ca9f-1167x1476.jpg
[Image 3d15900-62-72760f675e364444c7de-3.jpg&s3=15900-62-2cf4e0385c009be84a4423a426cd0fe4-1408x1772.jpg
[Image 4d15900-62-df160ec3b2e72b156629-1.jpg&s3=15900-62-8b0e9f94abd6a6703625087589bbfc2c-1269x1476.jpg

Overview of the event
Aki Tsukamoto Solo Exhibition
Dates November 27th (Sun) to December 5th (Mon), 2022 12:00-19:00 Venue elephant STUDIO 1,2F (2-7-4 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) Visitor viewing fee 500 yen (tax included) ~
* Admission is free on 11/30 (Wed.).
*Advance reservation system from the URL on the right
* A donation system where you decide the amount yourself (a system where you decide the admission fee yourself from a minimum of 500 yen, and it becomes a donation to support young artists. The purpose is to support artists and revitalize the domestic art scene. It will be donated to the WATOWA ART AWARD 2022 EXHIBITION.)
Inquiries gallery@watowa.jp (email only)
URL http://www.watowa.jp/news/2022/11/-post.html

artist profile
[Image 5d15900-62-26d7425ea3ab7034de2f-5.png&s3=15900-62-73a70fadc18a18edf2d084a5bef96709-764x936.png
Aki Tsukamoto
born in 1989
2012 Graduated from Musashino Art University
2014 Graduated from Musashino Art University Graduate School 2016~2020 Stay in New York
2020~ Based in Tokyo
-Main Exhibition-
“We Will Pop You” (Nadiff A/P/A/R/T, Tokyo, 2021)
“Rural Regression” (VOID, Tokyo, 2021)
“Three Mimesis” (Mograg Gallery, Tokyo, 2021)
“Aki Tsukamoto × Shuto Okayasu” (3rd Ethos Gallery, New York, 2019) “Natural Born Prankster” (IAM Gallery, New York, 2017)
-Art Fair-
Art Fair Tokyo2022 (Taguchi Fine Art, Tokyo) Art Taipei 2021 (333Gallery, Taiwan)
2021 The Choice 2020 Excellence Award 2014 1st CAF Award Selected 2014 Musashino Art University Graduation Work Excellence Award 2012 Musashino Art University Graduation Work Excellence Award
IG: @aki.tsukamoto03 https://www.instagram.com/aki.tsukamoto03/ Website: http://www.aki-tsukamoto.com/

from the organizer
Tsukamoto Akinobu dismantles the characteristics and nature of characters, brings to light aspects that have been overlooked, and combines them with the diverse ways of looking at things that have unfolded throughout the history of art, unfolding humor in his paintings. It embodies the existence of “painter”.
The characteristic of Tsukamoto’s paintings is that he reconstructs characters from anime and cartoons with reference to art history, such as Cubism and Surrealism sampling, and Futurist-like dynamism. In addition, his method of “sampling” that quotes existing methods of expression is a representative element of pop art. Tsukamoto himself cites Gerhard Richter, Picasso, Goya, Max Ernst, and Takashi Murakami as his influences. By mixing above, complex elements are sublimated into one work. It can be said that the production that separates art and culture from the context and composes to rediscover the charm of each material is pop itself.
In today’s world, where vintage items and archives divert the mood of high-luxury culture and free sampling has become commonplace in all cultures, Tsukamoto’s works capture the dynamic images of the old and new that circulate, drawing on the power of art history. By borrowing it, it develops into a new aesthetic.
Watowa Gallery

About the organizer
[Image 6d15900-62-853de6327b552669796c-4.png&s3=15900-62-1721dc96331eec6910805134ca57c218-1525x1173.png
Watowa Gallery
WATOWA GALLERY is an art project producing group that provides a place for art communication, focusing on young artists with new
sensibilities that incorporate current Japanese street culture and fashion, original and advanced technology, and Japanese philosophy. is. In order to create a society in which art becomes a familiar culture like fashion and blends into the lifestyles of each
individual, we produce and direct new sensational exhibitions and art projects, expanding touch points where people can come into contact with art.
Many of the major art movements that are still acclaimed at home and abroad today are born outside the museum and through interactions between artists of diverse genres and their supporters. We don’t have a specific art space, but treat every space as a gallery, open art from the museum to the community, the city, and the living space. call. Furthermore, we will support the activities of young Japanese artists and the entry of young Japanese collectors, and promote exchanges between artists and supporters.
Through new communication and community through WATOWA GALLERY, we aim to create the art scene of the next era and revitalize the market. Since 2019, we have been working as a production group that does not have a specific place, but in September 2022, we opened the first home of WATOWA GALLERY “WATOWA GALLERY / THE BOX TOKYO” in Imado, Asakusa. HP. https://watowagallery.com/
IG. @watowagallery
CONTACT.gallery@watowa.jp * Email only
〒111-0024 1-2-10 Imado 3F, Taito-ku, Tokyo
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