“Waverry”, a mail-order site specializing in skeletal waves, has officially released its service!

Biomintii Inc.
“Waverry”, a mail-order site specializing in skeletal waves, has officially released its service!
An EC site that specializes in finding clothes that suit skeletal waves. A wide selection of products and subdivided categories make it easy to find clothes for Koketsu Wave.

Biomintii Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Ayaka Noro, hereinafter referred to as Biomintii), which develops a service business that provides advice on clothes and makeup that suit the person’s body shape based on the results of skeletal diagnosis, is a skeletal wave person. We have officially released the e-commerce site “Waverry” specializing in clothes that suit you.
Waverry, a mail order site specializing in skeletal waves
Three features of “Waverry”
Feature 1: Specializing in clothing that suits people with skeletal waves, making it easy to find
Waverry specializes in clothing that suits skeletal waves and sells more than 200 items, so it is a comprehensive mail order site. There is a feature that it is easier to find clothes than looking for clothes that suit skeletal waves.
[Image 1

Waverry Product List
Feature 2: A mail order site from the Skeleton Wave account with 97,000 Instagram followers (as of November 2022)
Biomintii Co., Ltd., which operates Waverry, operates a “skeletal wave research institute” with 97,000 followers on Instagram. increase.

[Image 2

Feature 3: Posting clothes that match the skeleton wave of various categories Items in various categories such as dresses, outerwear, and setups are posted, and you can choose clothes that suit your favorite skeletal wave from a wide variety of options.
[Image 3

[Operating company]
Company name: Biomintii Inc.
Business: SNS media management, EC site management
Details about this release:



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