We are looking for a logo mark for the public-private co-creation community “Kagawa DX Lab”

Kagawa Prefecture
We are looking for a logo mark for the public-private co-creation community “Kagawa DX Lab”
Recruitment is until 11/30 (Wed). Anyone in Japan can apply.
“People” and “DX/Information” from the public and private sectors gather, and for the digitization of society as a whole, we discuss the “philosophy and vision” of the “digital society Kagawa” that we should aim for, and what we should do to realize it. Kagawa Prefecture, all 17 municipalities in Kagawa Prefecture, private businesses, etc. are co-creating and emerging a community “Kagawa DX Lab”, in order to improve branding and recognition, we are looking for a logo mark. The logo mark of the highest award (selected work) will be used for the “Kagawa DX Lab” dedicated facility that will be completed in 2022, and for use in publicity media such as the official website, etc. It will be used for branding and awareness improvement.
Recruitment overview
Recruitment period | From October 31, 2020 (Monday) to November 30, 2020 (Wednesday)
Qualifications|Any individual, corporation, or group (professional or amateur) can apply.
Number of Adopted Works/Prize Money|Best Award (adopted work) 1 work/prize money: 100,000 yen
Recruitment Contents | 3 types of designs (color and monochrome, respectively): symbol mark, logotype (Kagawa DX Lab), combination of symbol mark and logotype, and concept embedded in the logo mark How to apply|Submit the “Kagawa DX Lab logo mark design application form” by email
For application forms and details, please see the website below. https://www.pref.kagawa.lg.jp/digital/dxlab/logo.html
[Image 1d90194-4-b3484008ec18376f0722-0.jpg&s3=90194-4-7503dfef23c1ef2b3129eb4518dbc15a-463x347.jpg
Activities of Kagawa DX Lab
[Image 2d90194-4-33d737f44d261f1729ad-1.png&s3=90194-4-c515563905859c460741e2d9ce31cd9c-643x489.png
Image of the Kagawa DX Lab (open innovation space) under construction [Image 3d90194-4-83666ed8a0cbc5a9a246-2.jpg&s3=90194-4-61aef2f09514eb4f5732317c9e128415-2464x1648.jpg
Sunport area around Kagawa DX Lab under maintenance

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