We will develop a series of street-level low-rise commercial facilities “H-CUBE” in the Tokyo metropolitan a rea.

Hankyu Hanshin Real Estate Co., Ltd.
We will develop a series of street-level low-rise commercial facilities “H-CUBE” in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
~Three new properties have been added, bringing the total to four properties in the Omotesando/Jingumae area~

Hankyu Hanshin Real Estate Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Osaka; President: Ryuichi Morotomi (*1)) has set the brand name of its road-level low-rise commercial facilities in the Tokyo metropolitan area as “H-CUBE” We have decided to expand the series as a whole, so we will let you know.
Currently, “H-CUBE MINAMIAOYAMA” is operating in the
Omotesando/Jingumae area, but this time, in the same area, “H-CUBE MINAMIAOYAMA ll” and ” With the addition of three properties, H-CUBE KITAAOYAMA and H-CUBE JINGUMAE, there will be a total of four properties.
■ Concept of “H-CUBE”
“H-CUBE” is a road surface-type low-rise commercial facility that is being developed in the Tokyo metropolitan area based on the concept of “continuing to think about the city.” Leveraging the urban development know-how that we have cultivated in the Kansai region, we will continue to develop projects in line with trends that change with the times and the styles of consumers.
It features a simple and sophisticated facility shape that looks like a combination of “cubes” and a large window facing the front road. Produces the bustle of the city.
-Origin of naming-
The identity of the facility is expressed in an easy-to-understand manner by combining the initial letter “H” of our company with “CUBE”, which is reminiscent of the shape of the building.
[Image 1d33147-216-dbfde5cab8c85e932dbb-0.jpg&s3=33147-216-56be7ae162b3fc64c2385878ff972945-252x226.jpg
The logo mark uses purple, which is used in our corporate logo, to express “elegance” and “high sensitivity.” In addition, in order to express the concept of the facility, “Continuing to think about the city,” the design combines the “street” that extends while
intersecting with the initial letter “H” of our company.
The Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Group has set “expansion of the
development area of ​​the line-side business model” as one of its strategies in the “Long-term Vision -Towards 2040-” announced in May this year. Based on this strategy, we will utilize the track record and know-how we have cultivated along the railway lines to continue working on real estate development projects in prime locations in the Tokyo metropolitan area, thereby strengthening our earnings base and creating facilities that enhance the attractiveness of the town. We will continue to promote
■Overview of the 3 properties to be added
[Image 2d33147-216-92f235c8e25c8846c7b4-1.jpg&s3=33147-216-08731408904176fc2ea318cd9b64c323-480x450.jpg
[Image 3d33147-216-04ab704cd0c4183069a8-2.jpg&s3=33147-216-31a3f18dde474f100d99bba575a71a2d-553x450.jpg
[Image 4d33147-216-35206da3867c87b192fa-3.jpg&s3=33147-216-cb63063112396471c74b1a695075ca11-413x450.jpg
[Image 5d33147-216-d97d81a95c84a6c39968-4.jpg&s3=33147-216-f9890c28a3b2dd2b83fb047e5192a7c3-593x450.jpg
[Image 6d33147-216-32b53b1c8588006d5edc-5.jpg&s3=33147-216-15fa5e8f383275fe8e9321f22593ce8a-227x450.jpg
[Image 7d33147-216-9ae679622f8e47037b21-6.jpg&s3=33147-216-0f7c2f6f15a64d8d95b52e24551eb831-600x313.jpg
* Acquired from outside in 2017 and operated by our company. ■ (Reference) Overview of H-CUBE MINAMIAOYAMA
[Image 8d33147-216-08f8dc79ca3b1f133848-7.jpg&s3=33147-216-852b48c6236a6e7c4ae753562e49c963-422x450.jpg
[Image 9d33147-216-919ac8be91c6e3cbc1c0-8.jpg&s3=33147-216-820cf441f4b93cdcd300918b3bc6e63e-600x269.jpg
* Please refer to the press release dated July 15, 2020 for details such as an overview of the store.
https://www.hhp.co.jp/data/pdf/2_7in4p7u6x5c8g0sso0css8goc.pdf ■ Location map
[Image 10d33147-216-e3cd53e0044a2fad9eb5-9.jpg&s3=33147-216-9105f5a7aed0c2b26d400d6d399c9999-517x450.jpg
*This map uses the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan map (Electronic Land Web) issued by the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan.
(*1) Sho and Takashi are old characters.
Hankyu Hanshin Real Estate Co., Ltd. https://www.hhp.co.jp/
Release https://www.hankyu-hanshin.co.jp/release/docs/1579f76f0287e320066f3a31981c71f445fad7ab.pdf Publisher: Hankyu Hanshin Holdings
1-16-1 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka
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