We will start distribution of the archive of “Famione Conference 2022” with the theme of support for balancing pregnancy / fertility treatment and work.

Famione Co., Ltd.
We will start distribution of the archive of “Famione Conference 2022” with the theme of supporting both fertility treatment and work. 90% of participants requested to receive opening lecture data
With the vision of “creating a society where everyone who wishes to have children can lead a happy life”, we provide a pregnancy concierge service “famione” using LINE https://lp.famione.com/ Famione Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yusuke Ishikawa, hereinafter referred to as our company) will hold “Famione Conference 2022” https://famione.com/conference2022/ online on November 8, 2022. held. In response to many requests, we will start delivering the archive for one month from November 15th today. We have already sent information to those who have already registered to participate, but we will also send the URL for viewing to those who have applied from the conference website at any time.
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https://prtimes.jp/a/?f=d14333-20221114-8363ac856c595de0254e0f66defc0cd9.pdf This year, which was the first conference for Family One, the theme was “Support for balancing fertility treatment and work, where to start?” Together with the speakers and participants, we will think about why it is necessary to balance fertility treatment and work, what to start with, and the effects after implementation, along with examples of companies that are actually working on support. It became a place.
More than 250 people applied in advance, and the survey response rate on the day of the conference was 75%, indicating the high level of interest and intention. Due to its popularity, the archive will be distributed for a limited period of one month from November 15th. ▼ Applications for viewing the archive are accepted from the conference website. * Please apply from the participation application form.
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Fami One Conference 2022 Overview
1. Opening “The relationship between fertility treatment and corporate productivity improvement as seen in data”
2. Keynote “Support for pregnancy and fertility treatment at companies” 3. Awards/Panel Discussion “Balancing Fertility/Infertility Treatment and Work System Design Department”
4. Awards/Panel Discussion “Balancing Fertility/Infertility Treatment and Work Culture Fostering Division”
5. Closing “Case study of collaboration such as pregnancy support using femtech” [Session overview]
1. Opening “Relationship between fertility treatment and corporate productivity improvement as seen in data”
Mr. Toda and Mr. Nishioka from Family One talked about the current situation surrounding the balance between fertility treatment and work. Next, Ms. Hitomi Maede introduced the case of Colopl Co., Ltd., which created its own guidebook for supporting the balance between fertility treatment and work.
2. Keynote “Support for pregnancy and fertility treatment at companies” Ms. Yukiko Tamura from the Human Resources Division of CyberAgent, Inc., which is attracting attention for its advanced efforts in the “macalon package”, took the podium. I felt that the participants were able to take home the specific measures and talk about them as an opportunity to innovate.
3. Commendation/Panel discussion “Balancing Fertility/Infertility Treatment and Work System Design Division”
In the commendation, this time, Famiwan’s vision “Creating a society where everyone who wishes for children can live a happy life” and the thoughts that Famiwan cherishes in the practice of activities and initiatives that are highly compatible. Select a company that has Ishimitsu Shoji Co., Ltd. and Merck BioPharma Co., Ltd. received awards in the System Design Category. In the panel discussion, we heard about specific support measures, such as hints on promoting understanding among upper management and a follow-up system for departments with employees who use the system to take leave. 4. Commendation/Panel discussion “Balancing Fertility/Infertility Treatment and Work: Culture Fostering Division”
GA technologies Co., Ltd., TBS Holdings Co., Ltd., Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, and Yahoo! We had a discussion about our thoughts on indicators that we have cultivated an invisible “culture” and points to make it take root.
5. Closing “Case study of collaboration such as pregnancy support using femtech” In this program, we will present our efforts to companies that are trying to change the climate of society as a whole by collaborating with Famiwan to support women’s health. Sumitomo Life Insurance Company, BIPROGY Co., Ltd., and Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. gave presentations. By not only supporting individuals, but also working on large systems such as organizations, communities, and regions, we are implementing initiatives that make us imagine a future that will lead to changes in society as a whole.
[From questionnaire results]
From the preliminary figures collected on the day of the
questionnaire, it was clear that the overall satisfaction level of the participants was high. In particular, it is thought that the high level of satisfaction was due to the specific examples of each company.
“When women try to create a system for women, it tends to be ‘only women are given preferential treatment.’ However, since infertility is not only a problem for women but also for men, we would like to increase the understanding of men as well.”
“It was very helpful. I’m wondering if there’s anything I can do to foster a corporate culture. I’d like to continue studying so that I can raise my voice.”
“It was very helpful to share specific examples (including issues) of each company!”
“It was easy to concentrate and listen because the time structure was simple for each topic. I was able to learn about the efforts of many companies, and I thought that I could use it for future support.” “It was very easy to understand, and it gave me an opportunity to think about it as my own. By being involved in this project, there are many people who are interested in health issues unique to women, and I am learning every day. On the other hand, I feel that it is a field where there is really little understanding, not only in rural areas, but also in comparison with the company I used to work for. I strongly thought that I would like to create a culture and society that can back up.”

Pregnancy concierge “famione” service content
Using LINE, you can easily receive expert support anonymously at any time. Pregnancy concierge “Famione” (https://lp.famione.com/) is a personal support service that uses LINE to support couples who are trying to conceive. By registering for a LINE account, you will receive a specialized check sheet, analyze the input content, and give advice tailored to your situation.
You can receive advice from many experts, such as certified
infertility nursing nurses, clinical psychologists, culturists, and certified infertility peer counselors from the NPO Fine. We support every step of the way, including treatment. Since the service release, the cumulative number of registered users has reached 30,000, and since October 2019, it has increased at a pace of over 800% compared to the same month of the previous year. 93% of registrants show a high level of satisfaction saying that they would like to receive advice from famione again.
From September 2018, we started offering a welfare program for corporations. In addition to introducing welfare programs to Odakyu Electric Railway, TBS Koseikai, GAtechonologies, etc., we also provide seminars to Sony, All Nippon Airways (ANA), and the Itochu Labor Union. As for the provision to local governments, we provide a wide range from prefectures to core cities, such as Yokosuka City in Kanagawa Prefecture, Nagasaki Prefecture, Suginami Ward in Tokyo, Oura Town in Gunma Prefecture, and municipalities with tens of thousands of people. I’m here.
*Since this service is not a medical practice, we do not diagnose or prescribe. [Image 2

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