“#Web Design Studying” Gather! Xmas design workshop held | Digihari Online School

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“#Web Design Studying” Gather! Xmas design workshop held | Digihari Online School
Design and share your “Merry Christmas” this winter! |December 12, 2022 (Monday) 20: 00-21: 00

“Dejihari Online School” (President Tomoyuki Sugiyama) operated by Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd. will hold a Christmas-themed design workshop on December 12, 2022 (Monday) from 20:00 to 21:00. increase. In addition, we will hold an event for workshop participants to submit their assignments on SNS between December 24th (Sat) and 25th (Sun). Through these, we will provide opportunities for participants to have fun while watching each other’s works.
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Digihari Online School provides e-learning education using video materials for creative skills such as web design, 3DCG, video editing, graphic design, programming, Unity, and Unreal Engine (UE5). Students can participate regardless of age, time and place. Depending on the course, the secretariat also provides support related to adaptive learning and career support.
Due to the prolonged corona crisis and the accompanying work style reforms, more and more people are thinking about changing jobs to the IT industry or side jobs where they can earn income from home. As one option, people who study “web design” collect information and announce their works through hashtags such as “#studying web design” and “#want to connect with fledgling designers” on SNS. It is becoming
established as the first step towards becoming a web designer. However, most of the presentations are one-sided, and there are many people who think that they are lacking in response because they lack the essential parts of “showing each other” and “evaluating each other” that are essential for establishing learning. Is not it. Therefore, this time, we would like people who are interested in design to experience the fun and convenience of online learning of creative skills, and provide opportunities for people who are studying design but have no opportunity to output. On December 12th, we held a Christmas-themed design workshop to encourage participants to take the first step towards connecting with From Saturday) to 25th (Sun), we will hold an event to submit on SNS.
If you are learning about web design or want to take on the challenge of designing, let’s take this opportunity to liven up the 2022 Christmas with your own designs and social media!
[Christmas design workshop]
This one-hour workshop will teach you how to create a Christmas-themed design that is easy to understand for beginners as well as those who are learning design. The workshop uses Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. If you are interested in design or are considering learning web design, please join us.
■ Date and time
December 12, 2022 (Monday) 20:00-21:00 (doors open at 19:50) ■ Format
Online (Zoom webinar format)
■ Contents
The instructor will give a lecture on the following three points in the workshop.
1. Christmas themed design example
2. How to find materials and fonts for Christmas-themed designs 3. Actual design work method using Illustrator and Photoshop (about 2 cases) ■Lecturer
Rie Seguchi
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5DG Co., Ltd. CEO
Lecturer at Digital Hollywood Osaka School
Born in Osaka in 1983.
Worked as a web designer/director at a production company for about 7 years, became independent in 2010, and incorporated in 2019. Worked on website creation and application UI design. Good at WordPress and design for women. Author of “How to Create a Beautiful Website” (SB Creative).
■ Participation fee
■ Archive delivery
Delivered only to workshop attendees for a limited time
■ Participation application
URL: https://forms.gle/qSXXzfbVgup9xwkv7d
[Christmas SNS event]
At the workshop on December 12th (Monday), the instructor will issue a voluntary assignment. Assignments are scheduled to be submitted by posting on Twitter. If you are looking for connections with fellow design students (no matter what school you graduated from), or if you want to build a network in the design industry, please join us. ■ Submission period
December 24th (Sat) 00:00 to December 25th (Sun) 23:59
■ Submission method
Please post a brief introduction or message of what you have made, and an image of your work with the hashtag “#MercuriDejihari”. (No number limit)
■ Dealing with issues
Attendees of the course and people involved in Digital Hollywood view and react. [About Digihari Online School]
Digihari Online School is a full-fledged online school that does not require commuting to school, operated by Japan’s first
industry-academia collaborative digital school “Digital Hollywood”. Utilizing the educational know-how that has been cultivated since its establishment in 1994, and the connection with the digital content industry through Digital Hollywood University and graduate school, the latest and practical knowledge in the fields of web design, 3DCG and video editing. We provide curriculum.
[About Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd.]
In 1994, he established Japan’s first practical industry-academia collaboration creator training school. Currently, we are developing specialized schools in Tokyo and Osaka, “Digital Hollywood STUDIO,” a learning studio where you can learn about the web and videos in cities nationwide, and “Dejihari Online School,” a correspondence course using e-learning. In 2004, he opened the Digital Hollywood Graduate School (professional), an advanced human resources training
institution for business, ICT, and creativity, and in April 2005, the Digital Hollywood University, the first of its kind in Japan. Since its establishment, Digital Hollywood has produced more than 90,000 graduates.
Furthermore, in April 2015, the engineer training school “G’s Academy” for startup aspirants was opened, and in November of the same year, starting with Japan’s first drone business, “Digital Opened Hollywood Robotics Academy.
Focusing on human resource development and industrial incubation in the digital content industry.
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