Web director community “WebZoo” started! Online study sessions and exchange meetings improve web knowledge and human skills

Web director community “WebZoo” started! Online study sessions and exchange meetings improve web knowledge and human skills
Whether you are involved in web direction or not, you can hone your direction skills and become a person who will be needed in the industry 10 years from now.

BOTANICO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture) launched the online community “WebZoo” on September 1, 2022, where people who want to become web directors, active web directors and web creators gather.
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▼WebZoo official website
▼ Member registration application (free)
What is WebZoo?
WebZoo literally translates to web zoo. As the name suggests, engineers, designers, writers, marketers, etc., people involved in web direction and those who are not, interact with a wide variety of members, so if you can create an environment like a zoo where various kinds of animals gather The thought is included.
It was launched by three people familiar with the web industry. The first is Maiko Matsue, COO of BOTANICO Co., Ltd. and an active web director. The second person is Takashi Onomura, who is an active web designer and has held more than 100 creator exchange meetings in the past. The third person is Yuuki Miyoshi, a former engineer, a founding member of Lifedge Co., Ltd., and the representative of the Freelance Federation.
Unlike engineers and designers, web directors are difficult to say that this is the director’s job, and the scope of their work is wide. The existence of a director is a presence equipped with the four points of “proposal ability”, “hearing ability”, “management ability”, and “industry knowledge” plus the most important “human power”. If you have human power as a base, you can add any amount of knowledge later. There are many seminars to learn the latest technology, but it is quite difficult to improve direction ability. We will all work together to solve the question of what to do to improve the direction ability. Even the same web director actually does different things, so it is also a place for active web directors to exchange information. It is a complete membership community, and the monthly membership fee is 1,500 (excluding tax). The first month is free, so feel free to try WebZoo.
From casual communication to holding study sessions and exchange meetings! When you become a WebZoo member, you can use the voice chat tool “Discord” to communicate with other members and share schedules such as study sessions and exchange meetings. There is a lively exchange of information, such as knowledge learned during work and the latest information from news.
We hold a zoom study session twice a month!
Web directors are required to have basic knowledge of the web, industry trends, and communication skills because they are in a position to lead projects. We invite guests to study on a wide range of topics.
There have been workshops on this topic in the past.
How to become a high-cost web director by training your “steering power” How to be needed in the web industry 10 years from now? Meeting to talk about “human strength”
Marketing knowledge study session necessary for web directors that can be used from tomorrow
What kind of design skills do web directors need?
Anti-flame meeting for web directors
Even if you can’t participate in the study session, the videos are still archived, so you can watch them at your own timing.
▼ Click here for information on study sessions and events
In addition to the study sessions, we also hold Metaverse exchange meetings in the virtual office space several times a month using a service called MetaLife. You can create individual avatars and interact with everyone, or go to the conference room if you want to consult on an individual project. It is popular among members because it feels like a game and is fun.
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In addition, Discord also has a section called Habit Design Room for creating good habits that can be used in both work and private life. Each person presents what they want to make a habit, such as waking up early, exercising, posting on SNS, etc., and everyone checks the progress and supports each other in making a habit. Regular training sessions are also held to improve habits.
In addition, although it will be held only in Tokyo, we will also guide you to participate in the real exchange meeting where creators gather.
Perfect for someone like this! Introducing the voices of the participants [Image 3d110808-1-c302acd3b7a9315d79e0-2.jpg&s3=110808-1-284c7741fad436476c1013612095e344-280x187.jpg
・Free engineer
Being an engineer doesn’t mean that you should just master the technology. The more experience you have, the more your management skills will be questioned. In addition, for those who feel uneasy about making a living with only their skills as a freelance engineer, this is an opportunity to learn direction and broaden the scope of their work.
・Free designer
Those who have the director of the production company turn the project around and want to be more involved in the project from the planning and proposal side.
・Freelance writer
Those who are worried about the low unit price of orders because they mainly deal with one-off writing projects. If you are involved in upstream processes such as planning and editing, you can work while making the most of your experience as a writer. I should be able to make use of the listening skills I acquired as a writer in my work as a web director.
・Active web director
If you have become an independent freelance director, but you don’t know if it’s the right way to do it because you’re doing it alone, and you want to learn how other directors do it and find out how to make more money. Also, it is perfect for those who have a position as a web director at a company, but want to study because they do not understand the work of a web director well, but do not know how to study.
It is also recommended for those who are in an industry completely unrelated to the web, thinking about how to live and work in the future, and are thinking of becoming a web director and freelance. -Participant’s voice-
“Participating in a meeting to explore listening skills has clarified my issues.”
“After participating in the web director study group, I lost my fear of being a director. I also met friends who gave me the opportunity to become a director.”
“I could see the path to becoming a freelance web director!” Looking for members! The first one here
Another feature of WebZoo is that there are various purposes, such as those who are interested in becoming a web director, want to change jobs in the web industry, and want to find friends who are active web directors to study together. A web industry community where you can improve your skills and make friends has just started and is looking for members!
First of all, please start by participating in study sessions and exchange meetings with free membership registration.
▼ Member registration application (free)
*After approval of the member registration application, we will send you a PayPal payment URL for one month free of charge. A monthly membership fee of 1,500 yen (excluding tax) will be deducted one month after the payment is completed.
If you do not continue after the second month, please contact the management and the withdrawal will be stopped.
About BOTANICO Co., Ltd.
We are a company that specializes in analysis, planning, design and development based on digital marketing.
In accordance with the target KGI (purpose), we formulate KPI (means), devise a digital marketing plan for realizing KGI, and simulate the effect of online advertising. Our goal is to build a relationship with our clients that allows us to grow through trial and error together. ・Representative Director and CEO: Yohei Sato
・ Location: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
・Corporate site: https://btnc.co.jp/
■ Inquiries regarding this matter
BOTANICO Co., Ltd. Contact: Maiko Matsue
Email address: salesteam@btnc.co.jp
General Incorporated Association Freelance Federation Contact: Tomoki Miyoshi Email address: info.freelance.a@gmail.com

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