Web3 startup ProofX holds a large-scale stamp rally event using NFT in Shinjuku Ward!

ProofX Co., Ltd.
Web3 startup ProofX holds a large-scale stamp rally event using NFT in Shinjuku Ward!
Commemorative NFT is issued free of charge at 18 public baths in Shinjuku Ward
From December 6, 2020 (Tuesday) to March 5, 2020 (Sunday), in the NFT digital stamp rally project for 18 locations in Shinjuku Ward, held by the Shinjuku Bathhouse Association, stocks The NFT issuing service “ProofX” of the company ProofX will be used. By reading the QR code installed at each store, an event to acquire a commemorative NFT with an original design for each store. In a rally-style event, if you clear the conditions, you can get various “Title NFT” and
corresponding prizes.
From December 6, 2020 (Tuesday) to March 5, 2020 (Sunday), in the NFT digital stamp rally project for 18 locations in Shinjuku Ward, held by the Shinjuku Bathhouse Association, stocks The NFT issuing service “ProofX” of the company ProofX will be used.
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Figure 1. Shinjuku Bath Association “NFT ‘Yugejii’ Digital Stamp Rally” The Shinjuku Bathhouse Association has held various events using the official character “Yugejii”.
From April to June 2020, a stamp rally demonstration experiment was conducted to acquire NFTs by visiting five public baths in Shinjuku Ward. Our NFT issuing service “ProofX” was used in the demonstration experiment.
And this time, from December 6, 2020 (Tuesday) to March 5, 2020 (Sunday), as the second project using “ProofX”, all public baths in Shinjuku Ward (closed) A stamp rally project will be held for a total of 18 public baths (excluding public baths).
ProofX will implement the following three in this project.
(1) Title NFT Digital Stamp Rally: Attract new customers to public baths through events that utilize the latest technology, NFT (2) Introduction of stores and facilities in the surrounding area: Contribute to the revitalization of the area by providing event participants with information on stores and facilities around the sento.
(3) Free smartphone training course: A free smartphone training course that anyone can participate in. By providing an opportunity to understand how to use the “ProofX” app, we will contribute to solving the digital divide problem for the elderly.
(1) Title NFT digital stamp rally
■Overview of Digital Stamp Rally
In this project, participants can collect “NFT stamps” that can be obtained when visiting a public bath, and by clearing certain conditions, they can earn “Title NFT” and corresponding prizes. We will introduce how participants collect “NFT stamps” and “Title NFT”. First, participants read the QR code installed in the public bath and acquire an “NFT stamp” on the “ProofX” app. Since the location information is acquired when reading the QR code, only those who visit the public bath can acquire the “NFT stamp”.
And in this event, you can not only get an “NFT stamp” by visiting a public bath, but you can also earn a “Title NFT” by clearing certain conditions.
Multiple conditions are prepared according to the number of visits to the same public bath and the number of types of visits to multiple public baths, and each condition has a “Title NFT”.
If you achieve a higher level condition, you can receive limited goods designed by the Shinjuku Bathhouse Association official character “Yugejii” as a prize. In order to acquire a higher level “Title NFT”, there are two approaches: visiting many public baths and going to a specific public bath.
[Image 2d102736-6-d51b5a80f4da91254bcf-1.png&s3=102736-6-dd7780a8c9d57b3b4bf08601f5c50f4d-2346x1145.png
Figure 2. Two approaches of title NFT
When visiting many public baths, participants can earn the “title NFT” of “beginner” when visiting 3 places, “expert” when visiting 8 places, and “master” when visiting 18 places. On the other hand, if you go to a specific public bath, you can get the “NFT” title of “regular” for the 10th and 20th time, “master” for the 30th time, and “superhuman” for the 50th time.
■ Title NFT “Shinjuku Sento Master” winner is appointed as “Shinjuku Sento Ambassador”
In addition, participants who have won all 18 NFTs targeted for this event will be appointed as “Shinjuku Sento Ambassadors”. In addition to receiving an original T-shirt, those who have the title NFT “Shinjuku Sento Master” can prove themselves as “Shinjuku Sento Ambassador” online at any time.
In the future, we are considering planning limited events for holders of this NFT.
■ Various physical goods are available in addition to NFT for those who have completed the rally.
In addition, in this project, so that more people can participate, there are many prizes such as drinks for the first 5,400 participants and tote bags for those who have visited the same public bath 30 times or multiple public baths. We are ready.
Whether you are a frequent visitor to a sento in Shinjuku or a first-time visitor, there are plenty of tricks to enjoy. Why not take this opportunity to visit a sento in Shinjuku?
[Image 3d102736-6-f44588220c9e240aa0f7-2.png&s3=102736-6-bf2fe58121007fa20a12b4b6db07014b-2882x1810.png
Figure 3: Title NFT digital stamp rally title NFT and prize
acquisition conditions
(2) Introduction of spots and gourmet in the surrounding area In addition to the NFT issuing function, the ProofX app will also have a function to introduce recommended stores and restaurants around the public bath when acquiring NFT stamps.
The number of users of public baths and restaurants has declined due to the corona crisis. In response to this situation, we will use the NFT stamp rally around public baths as a trigger to contribute to the revitalization of the region involving surrounding stores and restaurants through the “ProofX” app.
Information on recommended shops and restaurants will be displayed on the “ProofX” app when you read the QR code at each public bath and get an NFT stamp. Each store and restaurant is a place that you want to go after a public bath. Many event participants will want to visit. Through this function, we believe that we can create fans of Shinjuku City as a whole and increase the number of users and the frequency of use of public baths in Shinjuku City.
By creating a destination that you want to go with the sento, you can have a stronger motivation to visit Shinjuku. As a result, we believe that we can contribute to regional revitalization by increasing the number of opportunities to visit the public baths and the use of the public baths and nearby stores.
(3) Free smartphone workshop
A total of three free smartphone workshops (60 minutes each, capacity of about 15 people) will be held so that even those who are not accustomed to using smartphones can participate in the NFT digital stamp rally. We will cooperate as a support role of the training course.
At the free smartphone workshop, we will also tell you how to participate in the NFT digital stamp rally using the “ProofX” app. “ProofX” uses relatively new technology, but in this workshop we will explain it in an easy-to-understand manner, so even first-timers can participate in the stamp rally event.
Through these workshops, we would like to contribute to resolving the digital divide problem among the elderly. In addition, let
participants know the fun of collecting NFT stamps and title NFTs, which will lead to the creation of opportunities to use public baths more frequently, or to go to public baths that you do not usually go to. I hope.
■ Check the details of the event on the special site
You can access the event’s special site from the following. On the special site, you can check the details of how to participate in the event and the regular holidays of each public bath. In addition, we will send out information such as usage frequency rankings and rally winners, so if you are interested, please access it.
Click here for inquiries about ProofX
If you are interested in detailed explanations or use of the NFT issuance function and NFT achievement release function (NFT rally function), or if you are interested in creating fans using NFTs or revitalizing the region, please refer to the following. Please contact us from the linked form.
★ Profile of ProofX Co., Ltd.
ProofX Co., Ltd. is a Web3 startup that provides NFT issuance and collection service “ProofX”.
For inquiries about this release, consultation on NFT issuance, and other consultations on demonstration experiments using NFT, please use the inquiry form on our official website.
・ ProofX company website: https://www.proofx.xyz/
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