Wednesday Campanella x Wakamatsu Ward, Kitakyushu City x QETIC’s collaboration project “Record” series “RECORD” performance video released!

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Wednesday Campanella x Wakamatsu Ward, Kitakyushu City x QETIC’s collaboration project “Record” series “RECORD” performance video released!

Wednesday Campanella / Wakamatsu Ward, Kitakyushu / QETIC INC. has released a collaborative performance video taken in the town of Wakamatsu. Two songs from Wednesday Campanella were selected to create a work different from the MV. As a project to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the designation of the Wakato Ohashi Bridge as a national important cultural property and the opening of the bridge, the symbol of Wakamatsu Ward, we will deliver the town’s thoughts of “weaving culture to the next generation”.
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◆ Wakato Bridge, the red symbol of Wakamatsu Ward, celebrating its 60th birthday Wakamatsu Ward, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture. This city once prospered as Japan’s number one coal shipping port. In the midst of the rapid changes of the times, it is now showing a new look as the renewable energy industry and recycling facilities gather. The symbol of this town is Wakato Bridge. Until the early 1960s, the only way to cross the towns of Tobata and Wakamatsu in Kitakyushu was by ferry. The construction of the bridge not only served as a means of transportation, but also made people’s lives more comfortable, contributing greatly to the development of the city. Wakato Bridge, a large red suspension bridge that has connected culture and people for more than half a century, was designated as an Important Cultural Property of Japan this year, marking its 60th anniversary. On this occasion, Wakamatsu Ward will carry out a commemorative project with the theme of “spreading culture for the next generation.” A project to deliver the feelings of the city──.
◆ WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA “RECORD” series, set in Wakamatsu Ward’s shopping district
The first in the “RECORD” series, set in Wakamatsu Ward. The director is Yuichiro Fujishiro, who is also known for his MV from the early days of Wednesday Campanella, and who directs the first MV “Alice” of the second vocalist Utaha. Director Fujishiro, who has continued to “record” Wednesday Campanella, and next-generation artist Utaha, who throws a life-size message into the times, will present the “RECORD” series in Wakamatsu Ward. Be sure to check out the performance video that has been lifted to see what kind of scenery will pop out! Collaboration performance video released today!
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Video Title: “RECORD -221017 Kitakyushu Wakamatsu Ward-”
◆ Released on Wednesday Campanella’s official Youtube channel! Two songs have been selected for this collaboration performance video. One is the 8th track of the digital EP “Neon” -Manekineko-, and the other is a new song released in October -Tinker Bell-. Each song emphasizes the unique scenery of Wakamatsu Ward, the people, and the Wakato Ohashi Bridge. Please enjoy the “record” with WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA “RECORD” series x Wakamatsu Ward.
◆ Click here for the special page of this project On the special page “Wednesday Campanella x Kitakyushu Wakamatsu Ward Collaboration Project”, you can find making-of photos, vocalist Utaha, and messages from the director and others! A photo report of Utaha x Wakamatsu Ward will be posted at a later date!
▼ Making photo (partial)
[Image 3d25559-38-6539fc50058909a59dfe-2.jpg&s3=25559-38-a972885091e2cbe6e1f6db0496ad1557-3900x2601.jpg
[Image 4d25559-38-be47e8212de554905d02-3.jpg&s3=25559-38-6db260b3bb79010a0c875d522c102110-3900x2601.jpg
All Photo by Masato Yokoyama
◆ ARTIST PROFILE: Utaha Wednesday Campanella
artist. Born in 2001, from Tokyo. In September 2021, he was
interviewed by an acquaintance and joined Wednesday Campanella as the second generation, starring and singing. After graduating from high school, she pursues self-expression by posting poems and photos on Instagram under the themes of music, words, time, and me.
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◆ Kitakyushu City Wakamatsu Ward Office
Wakamatsu Ward, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture. It once prospered as Japan’s number one coal shipping port, and is now home to a growing concentration of recycling and renewable energy industries. Wakato Ohashi, a large red suspension bridge that symbolizes the city, was designated as a national important cultural property this year, marking its 60th anniversary. The Wakato Ohashi Bridge, the ferry, and the scenic port town are also attracting attention as photo spots for visitors.
Kitakyushu City Wakamatsu Ward Office HP:
Creation of Possibilities A new initiative to “connect culture with culture”. A new culture born from art, music and cutting-edge technology. Cultures and traditions that continue to take root in countries, regions and companies. Focusing on the things, things, people’s backgrounds, and stories that exist in each, conveying and connecting them. As an output and space for artists and creators to express themselves, we are trying to find points of contact with the culture of companies and regions, create opportunities to bring new awareness, discovery, and value, and support sustainable initiatives. increase. It will be delivered as content from NEWS MEDIA QETIC.

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