wellday Co., Ltd. Notice of online seminar “How to use surveys to reduce management burden”

wellday Co., Ltd.
Notice of holding an online seminar “How to use surveys to reduce the burden on management”

wellday Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yoshimasa Muta, hereinafter referred to as “our company”) will be working from 14:00 to 14 on December 15th for managers and personnel who are working remotely. We will hold an online seminar at :30. In this seminar, we will explain how to proceed with delegation of authority and methods of people management to reduce the burden on the management layer, based on our experience in engagement support. [Image 1d47158-21-ef7520b52b94d26d11b8-1.png&s3=47158-21-98ea1846556cfcf61f594d1e966c24a8-3820x2000.png
In a fast-growing organization that requires team management while achieving high goals, the burden on the executive and management layers tends to increase. Muta, our representative, will explain how to use pulse surveys as an effective solution to this problem, based on a case study in which we have supported the smooth delegation of authority and the creation of a scalable organization.
Seminar overview
You can apply from the link below.
This seminar is recommended for those who:
・ Those who want to smoothly delegate authority to management ・ Those who want to reduce the management burden
・Those who are managing an organization with a small number of managers Speaker information

[Image 2d47158-21-50448a95a342c3d4e91e-0.jpg&s3=47158-21-10d5e0eaa64c6d55952f1e05acad4464-348x348.jpg
CEO of wellday Co., Ltd.
Yoshimasa Muta
Established Flamingo, a language service company, with a friend while at Ritsumeikan University. After graduating, joined Recruit Holdings. Responsible for development direction and sales marketing of the payment service “AirPAY” system. After that, he returned to Flamingo, a language matching service, and was responsible for marketing, recruitment, and fundraising as COO. In April 2019, he founded wellday and assumed the position of CEO.
Seminar details
Date: 12/15 (Thu) 14:00~14:30
Participation fee: Free
How to watch: Online distribution on Zoom
・ Only those who have registered in advance can watch.
・It is strictly prohibited to transfer the viewing URL, or record or record while viewing.
・For those who have registered for this seminar, we may send e-mail magazines etc. to the registered contact information. Please note. ・This seminar will be held with 10 or more participants. If the event is cancelled, we will inform the customers who have applied for individual consultations.
About “wellday”
For those who want to know more about “wellday” Click here to view the service site.
You can download the product description materials from the following. https://wellday.jp/request-download
If you are considering a specific introduction, please enter the necessary information from the link below.
The person in charge will ask about the issues and make suggestions for improving engagement.
■ Inquiries regarding this matter
Wellday Co., Ltd. PR manager Kato
Contact: mkato@wellday.jp
■Company Profile
Company name: wellday Co., Ltd. (former: Boulder Co., Ltd.)
Date of establishment: April 3, 2019
Representative: Yoshimasa Muta
Location: 2-1-5 Higashi Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0004
Business description: Development and operation of the employee success platform “wellday”
Homepage: https://wellday.jp/

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