Wellness X Asia Co., Ltd. First store in Japan Concluded a Japan master franchise agreement for Cyclebar, the world’s largest indoor cycling studio with over 250 stores in the United States and Canada

Wellness X Asia Co., Ltd.
[First store in Japan] Concluded a Japan master franchise agreement for Cyclebar, the world’s largest indoor cycling studio with over 250 stores in the United States and Canada
The world’s largest premium indoor cycling studio “Cyclebar” will open 30 studios across Japan over the next seven years through a
large-scale development contract.

Wellness X Asia Co., Ltd. (CEO: Naoki Shimabukuro) signed a master franchise agreement for Cyclebar, the world’s largest indoor cycling studio with over 250 stores in the United States, on June 27, 2022. Did. We are planning to open 30 stores in the next 7 years with the members of “Club Pilates”, which we are currently operating. John Kersh, Chief International Development Officer of Xponential Fitness LLC, the FC headquarters of Cyclebar in the United States, said, “Japan is one of the top 10 fitness markets in the world, and under the leadership of Naoki Shimabukuro, the cycle bar is becoming more popular in Japan. We are confident that they will become one of the top boutique fitness brands in the world,” he said, adding, “Their rapid growth in Club Pilates is a testament to the growing enthusiasm of Japanese consumers for boutique fitness.” I’m here.
▼Operating company
Trade name: Wellness X Asia Co., Ltd.
Head office: 4-20-4 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business description: “Club Pilates” and “Cyclebar” store management and franchise business
Representative: Representative Director and CEO Naoki Shimabukuro [Image 1d43594-12-144425559ce0339cf35d-6.jpg&s3=43594-12-dcda9eb834afcfe6943edd13600380a2-650x453.jpg
Naoki Shimabukuro, CEO of Wellness X Asia Co., Ltd. said, “It’s the perfect time to bring Cycle Bar’s immersive fitness experience to Japan.” We realize every day that there is interest in
fitness.Consumers are looking for new and innovative workout routines like Cycle Bar.Our team’s goal is to make Cycle Bar and Club Pilates the most recognized in Japan. It’s about growing into a popular boutique fitness brand.”
(Japanese official page: Scheduled to be released in December 2022) (US official page: https://www.cyclebar.com/)
[Image 2d43594-12-259457bef42a2b41168b-5.jpg&s3=43594-12-8eb9212aa699a5b2ae9d6dbab2f3ec91-650x650.jpg
■ About “Cyclebar”
Founded in 2004, Cycle Bar is a premium indoor cycling brand with the world’s largest number of studios (more than 250 stores in the US and Canada). We offer a variety of low-impact, high-intensity indoor cycling workouts for guests of all fitness levels.
[Image 3d43594-12-08f54b7463e0ad849f08-4.jpg&s3=43594-12-320b5c5659a629c1c60bf33718bbf68e-650x650.jpg
Instructors called “Cycle Stars”, who have received special training, create an attractive and varied music playlist “Cycle Beats ( Cycle Beats)” to liven up and guide the class.
In addition, each bike is equipped with the latest “Cycle Stats” that measure the rider’s riding performance, providing a multi-sensory experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the class. Enjoy the world’s largest music x community x technology new experience.

[Image 4d43594-12-aa6fd83a9bee3ae26579-7.jpg&s3=43594-12-d17dd2331ec44c9ae18182c69b9f904c-650x433.jpg
Cycle Bar has been named to Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 500 Franchise for the fourth year in a row and has been named the fastest growing franchise in 2021. Also, in 2020, we are ranked in the Inc. Top 5000 by Inc. magazine. CycleBar’s U.S. headquarters are based in Irvine, California and are Xponential Fitness, inc, the largest franchisor of boutique fitness brands.
[Image 5d43594-12-be6d7fc5c23edc015d4a-3.jpg&s3=43594-12-bff2c50f18e48cd24e254d574560ce27-650x433.jpg
[Image 6d43594-12-750d0eb260890332d867-1.jpg&s3=43594-12-c8933771595cbadee4074d76d6bc99c8-450x450.jpg
About the US headquarters “Xponential Fitness, inc”
[Image 7d43594-12-8b4506f5607b75add279-9.jpg&s3=43594-12-1429cffa42f5bea730418badac55fb70-650x325.jpg
▼FC headquarters company
Trade name: Xponential Fitness LLC
Headquarters: 17877 Von Karman Ave, Irvine, CA 92614, USA
Founder: Anthony Geisler
(Official page: https://www.xponential.com/)
Xponential Fitness, Inc. (NYSE: XPOF) is the world’s largest franchisor of boutique fitness brands. With a mission to make boutique fitness accessible to everyone, we operate a diverse platform consisting of 10 brands including Pilates, indoor cycling, bars, stretching, rowing, dance, boxing, running, functional training and yoga. I’m here. Through partnerships with franchisees, Xponential Fitness offers energetic, accessible, and personalized workout experiences with highly qualified instructors in studios in 48 US states and Canada, plus 12 more countries. We are developing a master franchise. Xponential Fitness’ brand portfolio includes Club Pilates, America’s largest pilates brand; CycleBar, America’s largest indoor cycling brand; StretchLab, one-on-one and group stretching services; and America’s largest franchised indoor rowing brand. Row House, dance-based cardio workout AKT, America’s largest franchised yoga brand YogaSix, America’s largest bar brand Pure Barre, which offers small isometric exercises using a ballet bar, treadmill Stride is a full-body cardio and strength training program, Rumble is a
boxing-inspired full-body workout, and BFT is a functional training and strength-based program. For more information, please visit our website (https://xponential.com).
■ Regarding recruitment of franchises in Japan
Please contact the following for inquiries about franchising “Cyclebar” in Japan.
Wellness X Asia Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: COO Akira Onoue
Phone: +81 80-3250-5897
Email: franchise@wellnessx.asia
[Image 8d43594-12-72c638abf53c9e13645f-10.jpg&s3=43594-12-0df6804ec988af50d43d8e9438d447e8-650x433.jpg

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