What is important when buying teak? 1st place “color development”!

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-Survey results-What do you consider important when buying teak? 1st place “color development”!
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The beauty review site “mellow-mellow-” (https://arinna.co.jp/mellow/) operated by ARINA Co., Ltd. by 18 women in their 20s to 50s is for people over the age of 18 all over Japan. We conducted a questionnaire survey asking, “What is important when buying teak?” We will publish the results.
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Survey method: Internet survey
Number of people surveyed: 200 people (teens: 4 people, 20s: 54 people, 30s: 91 people, 40s: 40 people, 50s: 10 people, 60s and over: 1 person)
Investigator: ARINA Co., Ltd., mellow
Survey period: October 25, 2022
Survey report: https://arinna.co.jp/mellow/cosmetics-76/
* When citing the results of this survey, please use the URL (https://arinna.co.jp/mellow/) of “mellow-mellow-”.
Survey results
As a result of a questionnaire survey, “What is important when buying blush?”, the first place was “color development”.
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1st place: coloring
・Since I usually wear natural makeup, I often choose a blush that blends well with my skin.
・Since it is often used as a stage make-up for dance, the coloring is important. ・If the color does not suit your face, it will not be the next candidate. ・Because cheeks change the impression of the face considerably, it is important that the color matches your skin tone.
・I use cheeks to make my complexion look good, so coloring is very important. It is important not only when you put it on your skin for the first time, but also that it does not become dull over time. 2nd place: Type (powder, cream, etc.)
・I have a bruise on my face, so I use blush to hide it. I use a cream type that has no smell.
・If you use cream, it will not work well, but if you use powder, you can apply it naturally.
・I prefer powder to cream, so anything else is fine.
・I like powder puffs because they are easy to use.
・Because ease of application and ease of handling differ for each type. ・The most important thing is the type, and the second is the coloring. 3rd place: Difficult to remove (makeup lasts)
・I tend to touch my face unintentionally, so I pay attention to how long my makeup lasts so that it doesn’t come off. It’s been a mask life, so it’s so much.
・If it is a powder type, it will rub against the mask and fall off easily. Emphasis is placed on make-up that stays slightly colored even when the mask is removed.
・I don’t carry blush around, so it’s important that the color lasts until the evening.
・I’m wearing a mask now, so if it’s easy to remove, it will become mottled, so I’m focusing on how difficult it is to remove.
・I’ve been wearing a mask more and more, and since it sticks to my cheeks and stains my cheeks, I’ve come to focus on how difficult it is to remove.
4th: Ingredients
・Because it will be applied to the skin, I prefer to buy products with good ingredients.
・Since I have sensitive skin, if the ingredients do not match, my skin will become rough.
・I have sensitive skin, so I choose products that are gentle on my skin. ・Because I want to know exactly what kind of ingredients are used for things that are directly applied to the skin before I make a decision before purchasing.
5th place: Texture
・Look for products that go well with the base and foundation you are using. ・I like the feeling that it fits naturally on my skin without feeling dry, so I choose products that blend well with my skin and have matching colors. Even if the powder is too much, the cheeks will float, and it is sometimes difficult to adjust the color development with cream, so I often choose something that is moist and blends well with the skin.
・Because it is wise to use something that suits your skin on a daily basis. ・Since I have dry skin, it is very important that it does not become powdery. That’s why textures are so important. I try to check whether it gives a glossy feeling when applied to the skin and how good it is. 6th: Size
・Since I don’t use teak that much, I chose a smaller size so that it wouldn’t be too bulky.
・If it is too big, it will not fit in the pouch.
7th place: Other
・I want to focus on popular manufacturers because they are of high quality. ・I don’t want the glitter to fly to places other than my cheeks or to my clothes.
・I don’t want to spend that much money on makeup.
・Because I think the most important thing is to have a color that matches your favorite eyeshadow and lipstick.
8th place: nothing in particular
・We decide based on the price and mood at the time, so there is no particular preference.
In this survey, what do you think is important when buying teak? The 1st place was “color development”. The next points were “type” and “hardness to fall”.
When choosing a blush, there was a strong tendency to choose one that matched their own skin color, and the result was that they were also concerned about how easy it was to apply and how difficult it was to remove.
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