What is the love luck in 2023 predicted by Hitomi Hoshi? Open a special page where you can see general luck, encounter luck, and unrequited love luck at once!

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What is the love luck in 2023 predicted by Hitomi Hoshi? Open a special page where you can see general luck, encounter luck, and unrequited love luck at once!
-A gift campaign for “Hitomi Hoshi’s Astrology 2023” written by Hitomi Hoshi is also being held-

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CAM Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Shunkai Suda, hereinafter referred to as CAM) operates “Hitomi Hoshi’s Astronomical Name Judgment (https://hoshi-hitomi.marouge.jp/)” We have released a special page where you can see the overall luck and love luck in 2023.
In “Hitomi Hoshi’s Astronomical Surname Judgment”, it is usually a combination of Hitomi Hoshi’s original fortune telling “Astrological Judgment” and “Last Name Judgment” to determine basic personality, compatibility with people you care about, health luck, and troubles. You can enjoy appraisals.
On the special page released this time, focusing on the fortune of 2023, it is possible to fortune for the year specializing in love, such as love and marriage with a loved one, as well as general fortune. In addition, on the special page, we are holding a set sale where some menus are 550 yen cheaper than usual, and a gift campaign for members-only benefits.
■ What is “Hitomi Hoshi’s Astronomical Name Judgment 2023 Fortune Feature” that understands your overall luck and love luck in 2023? We will release yearly luck specializing in love, such as what will happen to your love with your favorite person in 2023, and whether you can get married in 2023.
You can enjoy a super luxurious appraisal with a set of general luck and marriage luck at a special price of 550 yen off.
Until January 2023, “Hitomi Hoshi’s Astrology 2023” written by Hitomi Hoshi will be given to one person each of 12 types. Don’t miss the member-only treasure campaign!
* You can apply for participation in the campaign on the site after registering as a member.
– Click here for the special page
https://hoshi-hitomi.marouge.jp/p/lp-article/720833919649317925 ■ List of love luck menus on the special page
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unrequited love
[2023 version] Hitomi Hoshi’s unrequited love fulfillment appraisal Love luck/turning point/amazing future
Your love luck in 2023
In 2023, your ◯◯ charm will increase! ?
Love luck of that person in 2023
2023 love interest level of that person
What kind of opposite sex is that person looking for in 2023? [Love turning point] Effective appeal method to that person in 2023 [Love turning point] 2023, the timing to appeal to that person [Koitenki] In 2023, the opportunity for the two to get closer [Koitenki] The moment that person is attracted to you
[Final Settlement] A shocking future of love awaits beyond overcoming encounter
[2023 ◇ Marriage Appraisal] Fateful Encounter
Love luck in 2023 “You have a star of ◯◯”
In 2023, keep in mind to attract good match Ki
What’s Negative for Your Relationship in 2023…
Chance of love ◆What happens to you in 2023
A power spot for love A place where it is easy to meet you in 2023 Biorhythm of Love ~Moon of Chance to Meet and Dangerous Moon [Destiny] In 2023, there is a relationship with this kind of person-appearance and personality-
[Destiny] In 2023, I have a relationship with this kind of person ~Age / Occupation~
-Click here for details on the love luck menu
https://hoshi-hitomi.marouge.jp/p/article/720823654492931109 About the campaign where “Hitomi Hoshi’s Astrology 2023” wins one person for each of the 12 types
Campaign details: Member-only gift plan where “Hitomi Hoshi’s Astrology 2023” written by Hitomi Hoshi will be won by lottery for 12 people
Date and time: November 14, 2022 (Monday) to January 31, 2023 (Tuesday) Qualifications: Must be a paid member of “Hitomi Hoshi’s Astronomical Surname Judgment”
Application method: Please apply from the “Apply” button on the special page. ■ What is Hitomi Hoshi, a fortune teller with 20 years of appraisal history? [Image 3d21008-145-3c64aa08d3ea45692b60-2.png&s3=21008-145-e4550ce5786a72a9b684c35bef0d981b-315x315.png
Astrologer fortune teller. 20 years of appraisal experience. Based on the oriental astrology that has been passed down since ancient times in China, he has appraised more than 30,000 people as the founder of the original fortune appraisal method “Astronomy”, which incorporates various elements such as statistics, human science, and psychology. He has many fans in the entertainment and political and business worlds, and is entrusted with naming the children of many famous entertainers. Appearing in “Is it possible to tell fortunes suddenly? (Fuji TV series)” which is broadcast every Monday at 23:00.
■ Service overview
Title: “Hitomi Hoshi’s Judgment of Astronomical Surname”
Site URL: https://hoshi-hitomi.marouge.jp/
Price: 330 yen per month (tax included) Some paid content available * Free registration with marouge is required to register “Hitomi Hoshi’s astronomical surname judgment”.
About marouge
[Image 4d21008-145-3ddb21064cbf02780227-3.jpg&s3=21008-145-7874733a5ff0166f05fd6fe581b5f581-1742x1026.jpg
“marouge https://marouge.jp/” operated by CAM is an opportunity to make everyday life more enjoyable in order to solve problems in life based on the concept of “be yourself who you want to be tomorrow”. I am working on making it. As one of them, we provide fortune-telling content, and a group of professionals with various talents, including fortune tellers who are widely active in TV, magazines and media, will stand by your troubles.
■ CAM Co., Ltd. https://www.cam-inc.co.jp/
Company name: CAM Co., Ltd.
Location: 40-1 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established May 31, 2000
Capital: 101 million yen (as of March 25, 2019)
Representative: Shunkai Suda, President and CEO
Employees: 240 (as of the end of September 2022)
Business description Entertainment business, media business
* All screens are images.
* Company names and product names mentioned in the text are registered trademarks of their respective companies.
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CAM Co., Ltd. Corporate Relations Office
Email: pr@cam-inc.co.jp

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