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What to do when you forget your iPhone backup password [2022] – AnyUnlock [AnyUnlock] Official website: https://bit.ly/3AFEHff

On November 23, 2022 (Wednesday), AnyUnlock updated to the new version This version supports backups of all versions of iTunes and all iOS versions created with iTunes/Finder.
I backed up my iPhone data with iTunes, how can I unlock it? – From Yahoo Chiebukuro
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When you back up your iPhone with iTunes, you can encrypt the backup to iTunes to protect your important data. You will need to enter the lock password when changing models, restoring or backing up data, etc. But what if you don’t remember setting an iTunes backup password for your iPhone or forgot the password? Here we provide 3 ways to unlock and restore iPhone backup password.
please note:
Once you encrypt your iPhone backup, you will need to enter the previous password when restoring or creating a backup. That means you need to enter the password to unlock your iPhone backup.
So to restore or create a backup for this iPhone/iPad/iPod touch again, you have to unlock the backup first.
Method 1: Reset your device
You can easily unlock backup encryption by resetting method on iPhone/iPad with iOS 11 or later.
Steps: Open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap “General” – “Transfer or Reset iPhone” – Reset – “Reset All Settings”. Then enter your passcode and follow the instructions to decrypt your backup. You can reset your device with iCloud or iTunes, but we don’t recommend doing this as it will erase all your data.
Method 2: Disable/Unencrypt iPhone Backup
This method is suitable for:
・If you forget the password to unlock the iPhone backup
・If you want to encrypt your iPhone backup on a new computer First, download and launch AnyUnlock.
Official website: https://bit.ly/3AFEHff
AnyUnlock can unlock various iPhone locks, such as iTunes backup password and screen lock.
AnyUnlock can crack iTunes backup password to disable iPhone backup encryption. It is easy to understand and easy to use even for beginners.
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About AnyUnlock: https://bit.ly/3AFEHff
Step 1. Launch AnyUnlock from your computer – Click “Unlock iTunes backup password”.
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Step 2. Connect your iPhone to your PC with a USB cable – Confirm the precautions and click the “Unlock Now” button.
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Step 3. Please wait while unlocking iTunes backup password.
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After a while, your iPhone backup has been unencrypted.
You will be able to create iPhone encrypted backup again without entering the password to unlock iPhone backup. Moreover, you can enter a new password to encrypt your iPhone backup.
Method 3. Recover iPhone iTunes Backup Password
Suitable for:
・If you do not remember setting a password for iPhone backup ・If you want to restore the data in the encrypted backup
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Step 2. Select one encrypted backup – Click the “Next” button. [Image 8

Step 3. Select the password recovery mode – Click the “Start recovery” button. At present, AnyUnlock supports 4 types of passwords including uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. If you forgot your original password type, please select multiple options. If you forget the length of your original password, maximize the number of characters.
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Step 4. After completing the password recovery settings, it will start recovering the encrypted iTunes backup password. The analysis time will vary depending on the complexity of the password, so please be patient.
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