When I listened to the stories of foreigners living in Japan, I could see the problems of the world and Japan. “People from around the world who live in Japan” (Released on November 19)

Daiwa Shobo Co., Ltd.
When I listened to the stories of foreigners living in Japan, I could see the problems of the world and Japan. “People from around the world who live in Japan” (Released on November 19)
Based on the motto of “Enjoying Diversity,” this is a book full of interviews with people living in Japan from all over the world.
Daiwa Shobo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Yasushi Sato) will release “People in the World Living in Japan” (authored by Maki Kanai) on November 19, 2022.
A number of world histories and episodes not found in textbooks Maki Kanai’s long-awaited latest publication, whose “Nice Uncle in Paris” (Kashiwa Shobo) became a hot topic.
Based on the motto of “Enjoying Diversity,” I interviewed people living in Japan from all over the world and compiled this book, “Hito ni ni ni ni sekai no hito.”
The lives of 18 groups of 20 people, including those from the Democratic Republic of the Congo who have been forced to flee their homeland and are applying for refugee status, people from the Maldives whose hometown has changed due to rising sea levels, and people from Myanmar who participated in democratization demonstrations, are packed.
When you finish reading this book, you will feel closer to the world and see the problems of the world and Japan.
[Comment from Chiki Ogiue]
Life stories of neighbors from various countries. A trip to a new world begins with “contact” through books. The goal of Kanai’s world, where facial expressions and roots are vividly drawn!
Cellist of Ueno Park North Macedonia Pele Yovanov
[Image 1

Pele, a street performer who plays the cello in Ueno Park, is from North Macedonia. A landlocked country bounded by Greece to the south, Bulgaria to the east, Albania to the west, and Serbia and Kosovo to the north.
At the age of 7, he started learning piano and contrabass, and studied abroad at a music school in Bologna, Italy. Married a woman who came from Japan to study film. I moved to Japan.
“It’s a really nice country, but there’s one thing I don’t like about Macedonia, and that’s people are too influenced by political parties.” Immediately after independence, the economy became unstable and the unemployment rate rose. It is said that the political party won the people’s favor by flashing delicious bait, saying, “If you vote for our party, it will be your advantage.” For better or for worse, Macedonia may have a high degree of “village society”.
[Image 2

Every day, when you are a street performer, various things happen every day. “Every day, I play the cello in a corner of the city. It illuminates the lives of people passing by for a moment. The sound of the cello disappears with the wind. That was Mr. Pele’s vocation.” (Excerpt)
【table of contents】
*Ueno Park Cellist/North Macedonia Pele Yovanov
* Protecting fellow workers as a leader of a labor union /
Philippines, Ms. Rowena Hasegawa
* Sea level rise changed my hometown completely / Maldives Rasheed Mohamed * Raised in Yokohama Chinatown, former delinquent chef / Born in Japan, Chinese Nationality Huang Chenghui
* Springer Dawn Amy, a language expert from the Caribbean / Barbados * Ambassador of a country that experienced genocide / Armenia Grant Pogoshan * In 1975, I intended to go home soon, Harmoni from Kawasaki / Ms. Choi Myoran, South Korea
*Because of the small population, I work multiple jobs / Iceland, Ms. Arna Jensson
*Christians in Nagasaki/Spain, Italy Mr. Domerico Vitali, Mr. Antonio Garcia, Mr. Ruiji Izumi
* Mr. Engel, a person who started a business in Tokyo, whose roots are grassland nomads / Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China
* He became a mountain guerrilla at the age of 12, and now his father speaks Hiroshima dialect / Timor-Leste Maia Leonel David
* Youth chasing a soccer ball / Papa Dauda Ngom, Senegal
* After the democratization demonstration in 1988, he went to Japan at the age of 17 / Ms. Khin San San Aung, Myanmar
* Parents were resistance fighters / Estonia Peter Paul Harraste * Descendants of a family who fled during the Spanish Civil War / Ms. Nina Hasegawa, Mexico
*Pongo Mingashanga Jack, Democratic Republic of the Congo, a person who is applying for refugee status, whom I met at a demonstration for the revision of the Immigration Control Law
* War bride’s daughter became a journalist / USA Lucy Kraft
*Djembe player who lived during the apartheid era / South Africa Joseph Nkosi [Author Profile] Maki Kanai
Born in Chiba Prefecture in 1974. Writer and illustrator since 2015 after working as a writer for TV programs and as an apprentice to a bar mom. His publications include Working Animals (Korokara), Nice Uncle in Paris (Kashiwa Shobo), Maruno no Hito (Sousha), and World Sumosan (co-authored with Shizuka Wada, Iwanami). Bookstore), “War and Bath Towels” (co-authored with Koichi Yasuda, Aki Shobo), “The world is full of fumufumu” (Chikuma Bunko), “Kikigaki World Soccer People: A Story of Love, Discrimination, and Immigration Rolling Around the Stadium” (Kanzen), etc.
[Image 3

[Book overview]
Book title: People of the world who live in Japan
Author: Maki Kanai
Date of publication: November 17, 2022
Format / Number of pages: 46 edition / 240 pages
List price: 1760 yen (tax included)
Publisher: Daiwa Shobo Co., Ltd. https://www.daiwasobo.co.jp Details about this release:


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