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White Foundation First Acquisition Tateshima Kogyo Co., Ltd. acquires certification as a “White Company Certification Bronze”

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[First Acquisition] Tateshima Kogyo Co., Ltd. acquires certification as a “White Company Certification Bronze”

We are pleased to inform you that Tateshima Kogyo Co., Ltd. has acquired the “White Company Certification Bronze” operated by the Japan Next Generation Enterprise Promotion Organization (commonly known as the White Foundation).
Many companies have acquired White Company Certification as the only certification system in Japan that comprehensively and objectively evaluates the work style of companies, and more than 320 companies have acquired it in November 2022.
Among them, Tateshima Industry Co., Ltd. has been certified as a white company! White company certification Screening results
[Image 1d39303-64-2fc1833ebd1aab8748bd-1.jpg&s3=39303-64-4c59de2a5c4961436b353b9705c292aa-1075x1518.jpg
Certification period: October 1, 2022 to September 30, 2023
Company category: small
Certified rank: Bronze
Human resource development/job satisfaction: 14 points/20 points Work-life balance: 14 points/20 points
Diversity & Inclusion: 2 points/20 points
Health management: 18 points/20 points
Business model/productivity: 8 points/20 points
Risk management: 12 points/20 points
Labor-related items          : Complying
Total: 68 points/120 points

Reasons for obtaining white company certification
I think it’s very sad that there are many construction companies that don’t disappear black.
There are many people who risk their lives to install products in high places, but they don’t get overtime pay, or they don’t even know they have paid holidays. Even highly skilled craftsmen work in an environment with no benefits or benefits, and struggle financially to get married and raise children. I started my business because I want to protect such craftsmen from the bottom of my heart, and I am still here.
I went through a lot of trial and error until I got the certification. I worked hard in a difficult working environment. It’s a sincere thought. Individual results are also important. However, I also want to properly evaluate the process of my efforts.
I wanted to acquire white company certification and spread the message that “there is a company where you can work with peace of mind”, which led to the acquisition of certification. (Tateshima Industry Co., Ltd. / Person in charge)
Future goals
Tateshima Kogyo is a male-dominated construction company, so we are thinking of developing a business that considers the employment of women.
We are planning to open a restaurant business in a building designed with decorative hardware, and we are planning a cafe with a childcare facility so that mothers who have a hard time raising children can work with peace of mind. In addition, we hope that children will also be able to use it as a place to get interested in the construction industry and to know the products around them.
In the future, we will continue to strive to change the image of the construction industry, aiming for such a society that “enlivens many construction sites together with the younger generation.”
My goal is to create a company that respects individual talents and individuality while expanding into industries other than the construction industry.
(Tateshima Industry Co., Ltd. / Person in charge)
About us
Trade name: Tateshima Industry Co., Ltd.
Representative: Akira Tateshima
Business description: Hardware installation work (main sites: public facilities such as stations, city halls, schools, expressway service areas, factories, etc.)
Established: November 1, 2019
Capital: 5 million yen
Number of employees: 99 or less
Location: 17-7 Akahashi, Hobaracho, Date City, Fukushima Prefecture Corporate site:
《Efforts as a white company》
What is White Company Certification?
[Image 2d39303-64-61ad2418743363017149-0.jpg&s3=39303-64-10df20132e18c95199ebface9cf3d473-2006x1987.jpg
“White Company Certification” consists of 70 questions that companies should address in order to become white. (compliance), we confirm the presence or absence of initiatives and grant certification. “White Company Certification” is the only certification among Japanese organizations that comprehensively evaluates companies that are not focused on one initiative but are working on seven items in a well-balanced manner.
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