White Sparkling Christmas Dinner & Stay at The Strings Hotel Tokyo Intercontinental

The Strings Hotel Tokyo Intercontinental
White Sparkling Christmas Dinner & Stay at The Strings Hotel Tokyo Intercontinental
Luxurious Romantic Holy Night Experience Over Shinagawa

At The Strings Hotel Tokyo Intercontinental, which is conveniently located just a 1-minute walk from the Konan Exit of Shinagawa Station, we offer a “White Sparkling Christmas Dinner & Stay” where you can spend Christmas elegantly and romantically!
From Score Dining on the 26th floor, the Italian grill “Melody”, the teppanyaki “Kazane”, and the Chinese restaurant “China Shadow” each have a Christmas dinner that will make the excitement of Christmas even more exciting. . We also have a Christmas stay plan where you can experience a glittering and dazzlingly romantic Holy Night. Please enjoy the open space of the atrium and an elegant night with flickering candles along with Christmas dinner at Melodia.
We promise you the best and warmest time to spend with your loved ones. [Image 1d14957-173-b95e896f3fbdc0a3b6af-1.jpg&s3=14957-173-fffb63dae9d0690df15098941a75b848-1080x757.jpg
★White Sparkling Christmas Dinner
Italian Grill “Melodia”
[Image 2d14957-173-05511ef5cdb60482a93b-4.jpg&s3=14957-173-07a4ee2c4d3d6c990bce4da1d6ac6eb1-2000x1330.jpg
In a calm setting inspired by melody, which is one of the elements that make up music, we make the most of seasonal ingredients and serve dishes that are presented like art, with accents of herbs. You can also enjoy live performances from 12/22 to 25.
Period: December 16th (Friday) to 25th (Sunday)
Time: 18:00-21:30 (L.O.19:30)
*December 23rd (Fri), 24th (Sat), 25th (Sun) 17:30- / 20:00- *Seats are limited to 2 hours.
For special nights, we have prepared a special dinner where you can lavishly enjoy high-quality ingredients. From cold sea urchin, abalone, and Oscietra caviar, to ravioli pasta with lobster ragout sauce, and Hokkaido beef fillet for the main dish, the gorgeous lineup will make your Christmas even more gorgeous. And at the end of the dinner, a dessert that imitates a Christmas tree adds color. “Natale” ¥ 15,400
Sea urchin and turnip panna cotta Lightly smoked Ezo abalone Oscietra caviar Lobster ragout & lemon flavored potato ravioli and rape blossoms Grilled tilefish with scales Shimonita green onion & Tokihira mushroom Winter truffle slice
Grilled Hokkaido Wagyu beef fillet & polenta cake with red endive and black olive sabayon
strawberry christmas tree
Teppanyaki “Kazane”
[Image 3d14957-173-4825532c59d7187192d6-5.jpg&s3=14957-173-3695e065d3db34a81be9527d85733b9f-2000x1331.jpg
You can experience a dramatic performance that unfolds in front of you, and a live feeling and exhilaration that can only be experienced by guests over the counter. We deliver creative and sophisticated dishes while keeping the real thrill of teppanyaki.
Period: December 16th (Friday) to 25th (Sunday)
Hours: 18:00-21:00
Only high-quality ingredients are carefully selected to create a premium course for sharing a special time. Comparing the tastes of Japanese black beef sirloin and fillet unique to teppanyaki, you can enjoy the difference in texture, spread of meat juice and umami with the rich aroma of black truffle.
[Image 4d14957-173-9356078e7130d8009632-3.jpg&s3=14957-173-9ac3ea6c71068a8ad0fe6801093f286c-1080x720.jpg
“Gospel” ¥ 26,400
Grilled medium fatty tuna three-star caviar French toast with sea urchin and fresh seaweed Grilled Ezo abalone carpaccio
Sautéed foie gras Sauternes sauce
Grilled Lobster Teppanyaki Winter Vegetable Salad Yuzu and Pomegranate Dressing Selected Kuroge Wagyu beef steak with black truffle Grilled seasonal vegetables Kazane Special Garlic Rice
bush de noel
coffee or tea

Chinese food “China Shadow”
[Image 5d14957-173-340a74c3f050d0e35f5f-6.jpg&s3=14957-173-70372c35433b57105911b9559434ca1e-2000x1330.jpg
Based on authentic Cantonese cuisine, you can enjoy a mouth-watering experience with innovative and delicate techniques that combine modern essences to enhance the taste of the season. Spend an elegant time with a dynamic panoramic view on the 26th floor.
Period: December 16th (Friday) to 25th (Sunday)
Hours: 18:00-21:00
China Shadow’s Christmas course, which starts with a platter of 6 appetizers that are rich in bite-size variety, follows the basics of Cantonese cuisine, such as soup and gratin, but is elegantly dressed to celebrate the holy night. Create a moment.
[Image 6d14957-173-94fcbef52af2603df627-0.jpg&s3=14957-173-aa08d94f7d94b06caba353bae1874532-3820x2547.jpg
“Chinois Symphony ~Nativity Night Nafu~” ¥17,600
Cantonese Appetizer Platter with Peking Duck
White Corn Soup with Bird’s Nest
Lobster cheese gratin coconut flavor
Miyazaki beef fillet with wasabi sauce
Abalone seaweed rice
Apricot kernel tofu, apricot wine and mixed berry sauce
* Reservations and inquiries: Official website
(https://bit.ly/xmasdinner_ic) or 03-5783-1258 (direct restaurant reservation)
※The image is an image.
*Prices shown include consumption tax and are subject to a 15% service charge. * Some menus and serving periods may change depending on the availability of ingredients. Thank you for your understanding.


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