Whoscall, Inc. 100 Million Downloads Worldwide Call Identification App “Whoscall” Released “Whoscall Lec ture” enlightenment video on the theme of fraud prevention for seniors at Rakuten Senior Smartphone Classroom

Whoscall Inc.
Whoscall, an incoming call identification app with 100 million downloads worldwide Released “Whoscall course” enlightenment video on the theme of fraud prevention for seniors at Rakuten senior smartphone classes
-Introducing in detail how to use “Whoscall,” an anti-spam call/SMS countermeasure application that quickly identifies incoming numbers-
Whoscall Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, CEO: Jeff Kuo), which develops an application for identifying incoming calls from unknown phone numbers, is operated by Rakuten Mobile, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Rakuten Mobile”). On November 16th (Wednesday), we released a fraud prevention enlightenment video “Whoscall course” in the smartphone classroom of “Rakuten Senior”, a service that supports the extension of healthy life expectancy. ■ Viewing page: https://senior.rakuten.co.jp/movie/whoscall_app/ [Image

https://senior.rakuten.co.jp/movie/whoscall_app/ How to participate: Please download the Whoscall app.
Download link: https://whoscall.com/ja
About “Rakuten Senior”
A service provided by Rakuten Mobile that supports the extension of healthy life expectancy. Rakuten Senior, a dedicated health and lifestyle support app, features features that allow users to measure their daily steps, manage their health, reserve and participate in various events, and earn Rakuten Points by checking in at
participating facilities. We are transmitting various contents such as columns, health exercise videos, smartphone classroom videos, etc. We also provide an event platform, regularly hold smartphone classes online and at Rakuten Mobile Shop, etc., with the aim of improving IT literacy, and also introduce various events hosted by platform member stores.
URL: https://senior.rakuten.co.jp/
What is “Whoscall”, an incoming call number identification and nuisance call countermeasure application from Taiwan?
The smartphone app “Whoscall” developed and provided by Gogolook in Taiwan currently has over 100 million downloads worldwide, and has a track record of being downloaded by one in two people in Taiwan. CEO Jeff Kuo received the Taiwan Presidential Innovation Award in September 2020 from Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen. In cooperation with CIB (Criminal Investigation Bureau) in Taiwan, FSS (Korea Financial Supervisory Service) in South Korea, PCT (Thai Police Cyber ​​Task Force) in Thailand, and Selangor state government in Malaysia [1] Fraud damage countermeasures It is working. In Japan, it has been adopted for a demonstration experiment project that will lead to the resolution of social issues using cutting-edge technologies such as AI and IoT in Fukuoka City. Whoscall was awarded the APP Store’s Best App in 2015, Google Play’s Best App in 2013 and 2016, and was featured in a speech by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt. I received
Whoscall has the largest database of 1.6 billion country phone numbers in East Asia, and uses AI technology to detect fraudulent phone numbers. For SMS fraud, Whoscall uses hyperlink scanning technology to detect suspicious SMS or malicious links and notify your Android device in just 0.5 seconds. Considering the recent surge in corona fraud, Gogolook established a Japanese subsidiary (Whoscall Co., Ltd.) in Fukuoka City, which has abundant support for startup companies. We will continue to expand our services in the Japanese market and contribute to the safety and security of consumers.
 Whoscall (iOS/Android version): https://general.onelink.me/3641113820/3bcyk2ks  Official site: https://whoscall.com/ja
【Company Profile】
Company name: Whoscall Co., Ltd.
Representative: Jeff Kuo (Jianfu Guo)
Location: Fukuoka City
Established: November 2020
Business description: Operation and development of the phone number identification service “Whoscall”
URL: https://whoscall.com/ja/
Details about this release:


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