“Why are electronic certificates chosen for multi-factor authentication? Held a webinar on the theme of

Majisemi Co., Ltd.
“Why are electronic certificates chosen for multi-factor
authentication? Held a webinar on the theme of

Why is Magisemi Co., Ltd. choosing electronic certificates for multi-factor authentication? We will be holding a webinar on the theme.
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■This seminar is a rebroadcast of the seminar held on December 1, 2022. Check out the details of the live seminar below.
December 1, 2022 13:00-14:00 (Application page:
In addition, we plan to rebroadcast the same content as this seminar on the following schedule.
December 15, 2022 12:00-13:00 (Application page:
■ Importance of ensuring security as work styles diversify
With the spread of telework, the use of telecommuting and satellite offices has increased, expanding the options for working places and diversifying work styles.
On the other hand, with cyber-attacks becoming more sophisticated these days, it is clear that conventional security measures for office workers are not sufficient, so it is important for each company to implement “optimal security measures” for its own company. sexuality is increasing.
■ How can security be ensured for access from home or outside the office? Is authentication with only the ID password sufficient? As the importance of ensuring security increases, we often hear that we do not know how to best ensure security regarding access to the internal network from outside the company, such as working from home or working at a satellite office.
Most companies use IDs and passwords for connection authentication, but is that enough? Aren’t you worried about information leakage? There are many people who are worried about it.
■ Multi-factor authentication, what is the best option?
In addition to “knowledge information” such as IDs and passwords, the most common methods of strengthening security these days are SMS authentication using mobile phones and smartphones, “possession information” such as client certificates, fingerprints and faces. It is a multi-factor authentication that combines two or more of the three factors of authentication such as “biometric information”. However, although it does improve security, it not only reduces convenience for users due to the complexity of the authentication process, but also increases the burden on the administrator side. We may also hear from you.
■Why are electronic certificates chosen for multi-factor authentication? Therefore, in this seminar, we will compare authentication methods used for multi-factor authentication and talk about the
characteristics and advantages of electronic certificates.
We also plan to introduce GMO GlobalSign’s client certificate service “Managed PKI Lite,” which balances “enhanced security” and “improved convenience,” which tend to be trade-offs.
・Interested in multi-factor authentication
・ I’m worried about the security of working from home / telework ・I want to know the optimal security measures for my company/customer company If you are a security officer who thinks that, or if you are a SIer / SaaS service vendor who proposes services to end users, please join us.
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■ Organizer
GMO GlobalSign Inc.
■ Cooperation
Open Source Utilization Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Majisemi Co., Ltd.
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