why don’t you tell the thoughts of beauty clinics and doctors in specialized media?

Call to Beauty Co., Ltd.
[why don’t you tell the thoughts of beauty clinics and doctors in specialized media?]

Call to Beauty, a medical aesthetic media supervised by doctors operated by Call to Beauty Co., Ltd., is looking for clinics and doctors who can appear in interview articles on the site.
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[About Call to Beauty]
Aesthetic medicine media supervised by doctors “Call to Beauty” (https://call-to-beauty.com/)
It is a web media that delivers beauty medical information supervised by doctors for those who want to be more beautiful.
Articles are supervised by doctors who are experts in aesthetic medicine, and include a variety of content such as doctor interviews, treatment commentaries, dialogues, and Instagram projects.
It is a media that approaches aesthetic medicine from multiple angles, lowers the hurdles for those who are considering it, and allows you to compare clinics and doctors.
[Main features of Call to Beauty]
◎ Articles supervised by doctors and conforming to medical advertising guidelines
Articles supervised by aesthetic medicine experts = doctors are published. We strive to create reliable articles by experts, and the content of the articles conforms to medical advertising guidelines. ◎In-house article production know-how and high quality
We focus on the quality of our articles, and we have many years of know-how and a stock of specialized knowledge specializing in aesthetic medicine for in-house coverage and editing. I have been in charge of writing and producing treatment pages, etc. for beauty clinic websites, and produce high-quality articles.
◎ Posting on SNS such as Instagram
There are also plenty of cosmetic medical projects unique to Instagram! “Mandala Juvederm” and “Beauty Medicine Ogiri”, in which doctors diagnose famous Buddhist statues, are being serialized. [Image 2

[About article advertisement]
■Doctor interview (“interview with a beautiful female doctor” “I want to meet a handsome doctor!”)
It is an interview for the popular serial interview project “Interview with a beautiful female doctor” and “I want to meet a handsome doctor!”. Interviews focused on individual doctors and clinics they belong to are more detailed than any other specialized media. I will finish the article so that you can understand the doctor’s thoughts on aesthetic medicine, the treatment he is good at, and the
characteristics of the clinic.
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■ Treatment commentary
We will ask you about the equipment introduced at the clinic and the treatment you are good at, and write an article about it. We will ask you about the equipment you want to appeal and what you are good at, so you can appeal your clinic’s unique theories and methods. [Inquiries regarding this matter]
Call to Beauty Co., Ltd.
■ Head office location 3-3-7 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo First Aoyama Building 3F
■Established December 2013
■Representative Keiichiro Kobayashi
■ Capital 10,000,000 yen
■URL https://corp-call-to-beauty.com/
■Call to Beauty Official Instagram
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