Will Co., Ltd. Aiming for an earth-friendly food culture with authentic alternative meat curry!

Will Co., Ltd.
Aiming for an earth-friendly food culture with authentic alternative meat curry! New openings in each area one after another! !

100% vegetarian food with meat substitutes
“Vegan curry” is very popular! !
[November 18 Matsugaya store (Taito-ku, Tokyo) opened]
[Opening of Apita Nagakute store (Nagakute City, Aichi Prefecture) on November 26]
[Early December: Higashi Jujo store (Kita Ward, Tokyo) scheduled to open] [Scheduled to open in mid-December Shiba Shinmachi store (Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture)]
[Scheduled to open the Sunayamacho store (Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture) in mid-December]
Spices in a vegetable-based mellow taste
It also has a spicy taste and is very popular.
Image of curry home delivery that saves the world
[Image 1

~ Home delivery curry menu will change ~

Has a proven brand in “Demae-can” and “uber eats”
Would you like to increase your store sales by introducing our popular brands?      The operation is super easy!
     Just heat up the curry and fry the fries without any hassle. You can start easily without any new capital investment, so please join us at this opportunity! !
[Image 2

“Curry family who saves the earth” that is kind to the earth and the body Three characteristics of the Curry family who save the world 1. Development of popular curry delivery business
2. Aiming to develop an eco-friendly restaurant by using alternative meat 3. Propose ghost restaurant type franchise development that can add sales to existing stores
 For 30 years in Nagoya, it has become popular under the name of “Indo-tei”, and has further expanded its delivery business.
Unity Japan Co., Ltd., which develops, is a new brand of delivery business As an alternative meat, “Curry House to save the world” will be opened at two directly managed stores from January 2022.
to start offering.
Will Co., Ltd. develops business at a special price for the franchise business of Unity Japan Co., Ltd.
[Image 3

Background of the birth of the “Curry family who will save the world” While the effects of global warming are being talked about around the world, greenhouse gases from livestock production
It is said to be 15%. Under such circumstances, our company is promoting the development of an earth-friendly food culture through the spread of alternative meat.
Aim for
However, the market for alternative meat is still not large, and it is difficult to make a profit at a physical store.
We have overcome this issue with our delivery business that utilizes existing stores.
We proposed franchising a restaurant that was damaged by the corona wreck. We will spread the “Earth-friendly food culture” throughout the country. [Development secret story]
The developer, Makoto Baba, founded Unity Japan and was steadily expanding its business. However, in such a busy daily life, I was unwell and was forced to go to the hospital.
I devoted myself to my work while paying attention to my diet, receiving moderate exercise, medication, and general lifestyle guidance from my doctor. However, the situation continued to go back and forth, with no improvement.
At that time, I decided to develop a new curry for work, and I continued to eat curry for days on end.
Then I started to feel that I was getting better and better. Curry roux is 100% vegetarian food, so I realized that my physical condition returned to normal as a result of continuing to eat veggie curry.
it’s amazing! !
Convinced by this result, I changed the meat I usually use to alternative meat and created 100% veggie curry to save more people who have health concerns, so I created “Curry House to Save the World”. rice field.
“Curry family who saves the earth” that is kind to the earth and the body We will contribute to the development of an eco-friendly food culture by popularizing “alternative meat” while suppressing greenhouse gases from livestock farming.
40% of the curry roux is made from “onions”, and you can get the maximum “health and beauty effects”.
Great healthy food.
Initiatives of Will Co., Ltd.
Established in 2021 as a franchise development company for delivery business Developing business specializing in franchise business as a franchise contract entity
[Image 4d92682-12-210efce718584ef0c825-3.jpg&s3=92682-12-057463db888153b1fb712aa488e51f26-1543x529.jpg
Company name: Will Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-722 Higashimi, Kita-ku, Nagoya
Representative: Makiko Baba
Established: October 1, 2021
URL: http://willfranchise.com
Business description: Franchise business
 TEL: 052-901-1780
 E-mail: info@willfranchise.com
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