WiLLSeed Co., Ltd. Expansion of cross-industry and cross-border learning programs Start accepting applications for “WiLLSeed Open Course”

Will Seed Co., Ltd.
Expansion of cross-industry and cross-border learning programs Start accepting applications for “WiLLSeed Open Course”
-We will provide a wide range of cross-border experiences for young and mid-career corporate employees, from one day to several months-
Will Seed Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Shingo Seta; hereinafter Will Seed), which supports corporate human resource development, provides young and mid-career employees of companies with opportunities outside the company that they cannot touch in their daily work. We will start offering “WiLLSeed Open Course”, a learning experience program that allows you to come into contact with the information, people, and issues of (https://open.willseed.co.jp/)
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As discussed in human capital management, which has been attracting attention in recent years, in order to create an organization that is resistant to change, each company is emphasizing investment in education that enhances “individual power.”
On the other hand, I hear that there are only a limited number of people who update their individual strengths.
This is probably because the information that can be obtained is fixed, the view is narrowed, and there is a lack of opportunities to feel the need to “update oneself” just by engaging in daily work. . Therefore, Will Seed has prepared a wide variety of cross-border and cross-industry programs that encourage you to take a break from your daily work and reconsider yourself, your work, and society.
●One-day cross-industry learning festival “QUEST”
● “GIFT”, where teams from different industries take on the challenge of social problem-solving projects over a period of two to three months
● Workshop “SHIFT” to expand career possibilities with members from different industries
We provide opportunities to expand the possibilities of young and mid-career human resources at companies that will lead the future. QUEST Features of the cross-industry learning festival
This is a one-day learning event full of stimulation, in which the team conducts interviews, dialogues, and reflections with guests from various fields that cannot be met in the course of daily work. You can broaden your horizons and rediscover your curiosity through various stimuli from guests and members of the same generation from different industries. In addition, we are designing a program that not only stimulates students, but also gives them the opportunity to ask their own questions and explore their work and society.
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpWMGCQ5aXc] * First held on January 16 (Monday)! Now accepting applications! For details, please contact us from the following site.
GIFT Social Problem Solving Project Experience Features
We face social issues that local governments and NPOs are working on, and work with teams from different industries to set questions and propose solutions within a specific theme. While tackling complex social issues, you will be able to review your own way of looking at things and how to proceed with your work, and gain agile value creation experience in a diverse team of different industries. With many years of experience, we have achieved both practicality and learning effects through collaboration with various partners and program design based on reflection and design thinking.
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-The power to create the future, honed by GIFT-

SHIFT Characteristics of cross-industry career workshops
We will explore each other’s careers with members of a similar generation who work in different jobs and work on mini-projects based on curiosity. Unlike general career training centered on
introspection, we encourage dynamic career development that expands one’s possibilities by taking actions to involve others based on one’s own curiosity and awareness of issues, and by learning and
contributing. Program. It is also an opportunity to reconsider the potential of your company through the eyes of people outside the company.
[Image 3d56851-22-0bfe43e38bf2ff1d5254-2.png&s3=56851-22-a1a0fea889837e7d5bb6f1da95f26647-497x385.png
-Career Self-Produce Cycle Polished with SHIFT-

Message from the person in charge
Will Seed Co., Ltd. HRD Division Yumi Iwata
[Image 4d56851-22-3365034fdd2826c71948-3.png&s3=56851-22-e958373bde6fe744a1c22740106bb57f-585x418.png
While I was involved in corporate training, I came to think that I wanted to make it possible for people of the same age group, who are called “young employees,” to be able to work with a greater sense of social interaction.
For that reason, I would like to dare to step away from my usual work, unleash the curiosity of each individual, and expand my world, and as a result, increase the number of good jobs. Above all, we established the WiLLSeed Open Course with the hope that we want to be like that. Will Seed has been exploring learning through experience for more than 20 years, so we are preparing cross-industry and cross-border learning programs that we can deliver. Please take a look at this opportunity. Will Seed Co., Ltd. HRD Division Takaaki Nakagawa
[Image 5d56851-22-348c2b90f456ae44a71f-4.jpg&s3=56851-22-631cd44ef76f1065c800faf2e7027084-3900x3495.jpg
Having been providing cross-border learning programs for many years, what makes me most happy is that the potential of the participants has blossomed, and when they meet again a few years later, they say, “Thanks to that training, we are now.” What we provide is just an opportunity, but we have expanded our courses and programs with the desire to increase that opportunity.
We who work at a company are “one individuals” with a will, and “one sei-katsu-sha” living in society. Taking a step out of the usual work or company environment, crossing borders and coming into contact with diverse values ​​is nothing but awakening such a person’s “self”. I am looking forward to working with you to cultivate the soil of individual diversity within the company and to increase the number of new buds in society!
■ Company name: Will Seed Co., Ltd.
■Representative: Shingo Seta, President and Representative Director Business description: Development and provision of human resource development and human resource education programs for companies / Development and provision of hands-on educational programs for schools / Development and provision of other educational programs
■Will Seed HP: https://www.willseed.co.jp/
■WiLLSeed Open Course HP: https://open.willseed.co.jp/

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