Winas Co., Ltd. Started the “Furusato SUKUERU” project to simultaneously reduce food loss and support loca l communities

Winus Co., Ltd.
Start of the “Furusato SUKUERU” project to simultaneously reduce food loss and support local communities
– We are looking for local governments and antenna shops to
participate – For efforts to reduce food loss

Winus Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, President: Taku Hamabe) has started a new service “Furusato SUKUERU” project that simultaneously achieves regional food loss reduction and regional support. i will let you know.
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“Furusato SUKUERU” Project Background
“Food loss” has become a serious problem around the world. We will introduce the current situation of food loss in Japan, focusing on food manufacturers.
In the food industry, there is a custom called the “one-third rule” to display products with a certain expiration date on the shelves. Conversely, food that does not meet this deadline will have no place to go and will be returned or discarded. In addition, unsold food at stores is returned to manufacturers, but by that time, the expiration date is approaching, so it is not possible to distribute it to secondary distributors, and it is currently discarded. If it is a manufacturer in Tokyo, there are cases where an affiliated company buys it for about 20 to 30% of the market price, but if it is a local manufacturer, there are almost no cases. In fact, when we conducted a survey (*) of the managers of local manufacturers, we found that about 60% of local manufacturers felt that they were having problems with “returns of their own products due to consignment sales.” , “Because it is discarded and leads to food loss” was mentioned. In addition, 85.7% of the manufacturers who sell products on consignment to antenna shops have realized the problem of “returns in transactions with antenna shops”.
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It is true that it is very difficult for restaurants and retailers to sell all their products without throwing them away, as demand fluctuates easily. However, “Furusato SUKUERU” was born to contribute to food loss. At “Furusato SUKUERU”, we purchase foods that disappear from stores due to the approaching expiration date, replacement of seasonal products, damaged packaging, etc., and sell them in a “lucky bag format”. By increasing the number of secondary distribution destinations, we will be able to deliver food from local
manufacturers, which until now had no choice but to throw it away, to households all over the country.
Purchasers can not only purchase sweets and foods from their hometowns at home, but also enjoy “new discoveries” and “encounters with unknown hometown foods” unique to lucky bags. At the same time, you can easily contribute to reducing food loss at home. We aim to revitalize local areas with “Furusato SUKUERU”.
Survey outline: Survey on issues faced by local food manufacturers Survey method: Internet survey
Survey period: November 10, 2022 to November 14, 2022
Valid responses: 68 managers of local food manufacturers
We are looking for local governments and antenna shops that can provide products to “Furusato SUKUERU”
“Furusato SUKUERU” is looking for antenna shops and manufacturers who can provide products (there is no cost to provide products; we will purchase them). It is possible to contribute to the reduction of food loss just by providing it as a secondary distribution destination for products that have been discarded because they could not be
distributed until now. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.
What is “SUKUERU”?
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Products that can no longer be displayed in stores due to approaching expiration dates, seasonal products, etc., products with outdated packages, products with damaged or crushed boxes or packages, etc. This is an online shopping site that sells goods to customers in the form of lucky bags provided by manufacturers and wholesalers. Customers can choose their favorite fukubukuro of different sizes, and specify 1 to 3 items that they want to put in the fukubukuro (the number of items that can be specified varies depending on the size of the fukubukuro). ).
Company Profile
Company name: Winus Co., Ltd.
Location: Elg Building 4F, 1-5-3 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Representative: Taku Hamabe, President and Representative Director URL:
Business: Solution business, media business, entertainment business, overseas business
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