Woo Co., Ltd. Atohama, a service for receiving marine products, has been selected as a target tool for IT introduction subsidies. 50% of the usage fee is subsidized, supporting productivity improvement of order work

Woooh Co., Ltd.
Atohama, a service for receiving marine products, was selected as a target tool for IT introduction subsidies. 50% of the usage fee is subsidized, supporting productivity improvement of order work Atohama, an application for improving operational efficiency dedicated to marine product wholesalers, has been certified as a target tool for the IT introduction subsidy 2022, which digitizes operations that have been done manually so far and helps focus on specialized operations. It can be introduced and used at half the normal price.

Uo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Representative Director: Kazutomo Itakura, hereinafter Uo), which is working on DX in the fishery industry, has announced the “IT Introduction Subsidy 2022” (hereinafter “IT Introduction subsidy”), we were certified as an “IT introduction support business operator”, and “atohama” was adopted as the target IT tool.
With this certification, businesses eligible for subsidies can receive a subsidy for 50% of the cost of introduction.
By using “atohama”, we have reduced mechanical work such as order confirmation by phone/fax and manual order processing. increase. If you are a marine product receiving company that is worried about improving productivity at the distribution site, please consider using it.
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atohama is a smartphone app that supports arrival information and order processing. Currently, it is used by major consignees, intermediate wholesalers, and retailers.
Digitalizing the conventional business process of “receiving an order by phone, writing a paper purchase order, and sending a fax”, not only realizing smooth creation of arrival information and management of order details, but also real-time delivery inside and outside the company This information linkage also contributes to avoiding verbal transmission errors and FAX-related troubles.
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The biggest feature of atohama is that it can now be done “all at once”, instead of providing information on sales products, confirming orders, and collecting orders, which was previously done for each business partner.
After confirming the purchase amount for fresh fish, and after confirming the inventory for processed products, the sales
representative can create an inventory guide on atohama, and immediately send it to each business partner (intermediate wholesaler, wholesaler, etc.) retailers) can accept orders. The number of purchases is automatically reflected in the number of purchases possible, and orders that exceed the purchase amount or in-house inventory are not accepted.
In addition to simplifying communication with existing customers, there are problems such as not being able to guide the fish species at hand and manual reflection, which causes a time lag in the inventory quantity of unsold items, and the total number of orders exceeds the inventory. You can solve the problems that have been occurring constantly until now.
In addition, by improving the efficiency of arrival information and order-taking operations, which have been performed manually until now, the productivity of not only sales staff but also the administrative side will improve, and good fish will be purchased from the production area.・It will be possible to spend time on sales that make use of experience, such as proposing recommended fish species according to the needs of each customer.
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About IT introduction subsidy
The IT introduction subsidy is promoted by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to introduce IT tools that meet the challenges and needs for the purpose of improving and strengthening the management capabilities of small and medium-sized enterprises and small businesses. This is a system that subsidizes part of the expenses incurred by employees and supports the improvement of operational efficiency and sales. Since “atohama” is an IT tool that contributes to the improvement of labor productivity, it falls under Type A of the IT introduction subsidy standard framework, and software costs, cloud usage fees (for one year), and introduction-related costs are eligible for subsidies. For details on the conditions for subsidies for IT introduction subsidies and the application flow, please see the official website. https://www.it-hojo.jp/
【Company Profile】
Company name: Wuoh Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Kazutomo Itakura
Location: 5F, Otemachi Takahashi Building, 2-1-6, Otemachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Established: July 2016
URL: https://uuuo.co.jp/
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