World Co., Ltd. World’s 6th “moving store” series curated under the theme of “Hokuriku” and held in front of the World Kita-Aoyama Building for 5 days from November 16th (Wednesday) to 20th (Sunday)

World Co., Ltd.
World’s 6th “moving store” series curated under the theme of “Hokuriku” and held in front of the World Kita-Aoyama building for 5 days from November 16th (Wednesday) to 20th (Sunday)
~ Cherish each person’s smile. Lifestyle company mobility store ~
For five days from November 16th (Wednesday) to 20th (Sunday), 2022, World Co., Ltd. will hold a “moving We will hold “2 meters radius. Neighborhood Contact vol. This time, we will gather four brands and stores under the theme of “Hokuriku”, and we will also have
demonstrations by craftsmen and sell handicrafts.
*The World Group’s mobility business started in May 2020. Special events were held at the “Fuku Waku Project” to bring smiles through fashion, the “Moving Exhibition” for specialty stores, and the teens brand “Pink Latte”. This is the third time we have worked on the World Kita-Aoyama Building.
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The world’s “moving store” that can quickly transform into a store that conveys the world view flexibly with the advantages of being compact.
While the values ​​and behavior of customers are undergoing major changes, World believes that fashion has the power to bring smiles to people’s faces. We have been working on a “moving store” that utilizes the packing boxes.
This time, for five days from November 16th (Wednesday) to 20th (Sunday), in front of the World Kita-Aoyama Building, the so-called “radius of 2 meters” is just the right amount of emotional
involvement, and we will share a smile with each and every customer. “2 meters radius. Neighborhood Contact vol.003” will be held. This event was held in January and June this year, and will be the third event that has been well received by customers and local residents. A “moving store” where you can meet people and things in a distance of 2 meters, where you can experience it in real life;
This “moving store” will focus on the “World Industry Knit Whole Factory” located in Minamiuonuma City, Niigata Prefecture from among the World Group’s own factories that operate eight factories nationwide, and will focus on “WHOLEGARMENT (R)” knitwear. launch. We will propose a lineup of apparel from the World Group’s brand “OPAQUE.CLIP”, centered on the design knit pullover and V-neck cardigan, which are finished using the seamless knitting technology. In addition, for more than 100 years since its founding, it has continued to create new ruts in the casting industry by combining techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation with a sensibility that reflects the times, with an attitude of aggressively challenging without being bound by preconceived notions. Nousaku” opened. Takaoka copperware will be on sale, and during the exhibition period, the manufacturing process will be demonstrated in the mobile workshop, and a work space will be set up where you can actually experience it, so you can see first-class skills up close. Toyamaken Seibu Kankosha (one company) offers a wide range of crafts that are suited to today’s lifestyles, making the most of the rich nature and water, history, culture, craftsmanship, and traditional techniques that have a deep spiritual climate. for sale.
As for food, OKU, a high-end rice ball specialty store that uses first-class rice that is friendly to people and nature, and special ingredients, will open a store and sell delicious rice balls and tea. -Details of this store opening-

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Product example
We sell elegant WHOLEGARMENT (R) design knit pullovers and V-neck cardigans from “BEAUTE DE OPAQUE” that make use of the seamless sewing technology “WHOLEGARMENT (R)”.
WHOLEGARMENT (R) rib crew knit ¥8,250
WHOLEGARMENT (R) V-neck cardigan ¥9,350 (tax included)
Nousaku Co., Ltd.
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We introduce various items such as tableware, interior, and
accessories so that you can enjoy the beautiful design and rich functions that can only be achieved by casting in your daily life. [Katakuchi/Guinomi] Cup ¥3,960~
[Cup/Tumbler] From ¥7,150
[Chopstick rest] Chopstick rest ¥2,200~
[Flat plate/small plate] From ¥2,750 (all prices include tax)

General Incorporated Association Western Toyama Tourism Company Water and Takumi
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Blessed with rich nature and water, the western region of Toyama Prefecture is a place where history, culture, craftsmanship, and a deep spiritual climate live on. Mizuto Takumi, as a tourist area development corporation (DMO), is developing a variety of projects to disseminate the value (dokutoku) of this land both domestically and internationally. This time, we will introduce a number of modern craft products and handicrafts that are suitable for modern life, such as Takaoka copperware coasters, Japanese paper business card holders, and silk stoles, while making use of traditional techniques.
[Takaoka Copperware] Momentum Factory Orii from 3,300 yen, KISEN from 13,300 yen [Washi] Keijusha ¥2,090~, Gokayama Washi ¥2,310~
[Beeswax cream] Oyama lumber from 828 yen
[Silk products] Matsui weaving 22,000 yen ~

OKU, a luxury rice ball specialty store [Image 8d2439-971-c4166441848933e65589-6.jpg&s3=2439-971-c24f0c922ad34ad6bb2e6f999df4b415-655x652.jpg
[Image 9d2439-971-37cc5ae130f207b2129e-7.png&s3=2439-971-020784ce9b7edf9e6a40311e25f5e3e3-868x431.png
JAS-certified organic, which does not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides, is rated as the highest quality of Uonuma Koshihikari, and is carefully cooked and served.
Variety of rice balls from ¥330
Overview of “2 meters radius. Neighborhood Contact”
Location: World Kita-Aoyama Building, 1st floor front *along Aoyama-dori (246), 3-5-10 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
*2 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Chiyoda Line, Hanzomon Line “Omotesando” Station (Exit A3)
■ Schedule: Wednesday, November 16, 2022 to Sunday, November 20, 5 days ■ Hours: 10:00-16:00
*Although it will be held outdoors, we ask that customers wear masks as a measure against the new coronavirus infection. In addition, the holding time may change depending on the situation, such as in case of rain.
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