WUUZY Co., Ltd. “EC Pro” WEB application released! Easy registration in 5 minutes & daily delivery of EC p rojects that are perfect for you

WUUZY Co., Ltd.
“EC Pro” WEB application released! Easy registration in 5 minutes & daily delivery of EC projects that are perfect for you

WUUZY Co., Ltd. (Uzi, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Seiya Takenaka, hereinafter referred to as WUUZY) is pleased to announce the release of a web application for a multi-business human resource matching service “EC Professional” that is completely specialized in EC. increase.

Through the service of EC professionals, WUUZY has correctly spotlighted the skills of EC human resources in Japan and built value in the form of a double business. In the future, we will release our own web application in order to match projects with more EC human resources with high accuracy.

EC professional registration web application: https://pro.app.ecnopro.jp/ [Image 1d75004-10-0e9eb57a88003879a3c9-0.png&s3=75004-10-7b9aa63f1cc5f2c24e63b210677d60c1-1200x680.png
Over 1,000 registered professionals within half a year of release! The beta version of EC Pro, which started in February 2022 and was officially released in July, exceeded 1,000 registered professionals within half a year of the service launch, and many people are still registering every day. increase.
[Image 2d75004-10-f7906646e8ab23f1bcc1-1.png&s3=75004-10-06743bca47d35ccefab67ad87c28b35f-1200x630.png
Through EC professionals, we have been able to talk with many EC human resources, and every day we feel that we can help you make use of your high skills and experiences for the benefit of society. By releasing a web application exclusively for registered professionals, we aim to create a system that can match more projects.

WEB application for registrants only released! Easy registration in 1 minute You can easily register as an EC professional using Facebook. Once registered, information can be edited at any time from the dedicated screen.
[Image 3d75004-10-4d2935dc6222619da0f7-2.png&s3=75004-10-b6626123cc99f2475e890eedd7daf80f-1200x630.png
Classify EC skills into 89 types and correctly evaluate your strengths EC skills are very diverse, from attracting new customers to CRM for existing customers. What kind of experience and skills do you have? What kind of products are you good at? Since you can make detailed settings such as, the accuracy of matching with the matter will be higher.
[Image 4d75004-10-573302f88b0f88592c2e-3.png&s3=75004-10-f620c1b2119a90b89267358bbfb5af6d-1200x630.png
Deliver only relevant project information
EC professionals receive many attractive projects every day. From there, you will receive information on projects that match you. [Image 5d75004-10-18175da6e85658cf6e84-4.png&s3=75004-10-5b9ff0dd8d9bb15359fec1fe81e78d37-1200x630.png
We have received many attractive projects
We deliver a wide range of projects, including cosmetics, apparel, and daily necessities, which are often handled on EC, as well as niche products that require expertise.
In order to give you an image of the project, here are some examples of actual projects.
Case example (1)
Industry: Food
Needs: A confectionery company in the Kansai area, despite annual sales exceeding 1 billion yen at physical stores, they are not able to generate sales on their own e-commerce and do not know what to do. I would like you to start with an analysis of the current situation and think together about what kind of strategy to proceed.
Working hours: 1 day a week
Compensation: 250,000 yen / month
Support form: Online support only
Case example (2)
Industry: Cosmetics
Needs: A company that was originally a manufacturer of many cosmetic companies as an OEM. Although we started our own PB products and sold them as D2C, the repeat rate is bad and the CPA is not suitable. I want you to support parallel running to improve the repeat rate. Working hours: 1-2 days a week
Compensation: 300,000 yen / month
Support form: Online support only
Case example (3)
Industry: Food
Needs: A company that wholesales wine and other alcoholic beverages in rural areas and operates its own EC and Rakuten mall. Sales at Rakuten Mall have leveled off, and for the purpose of improvement, I would like someone with more specialized knowledge of Rakuten Mall to enter the site and run side by side.
Working hours: 1-2 days a week
Reward: 150,000 yen
Support form: Online support only

What is an EC professional?
EC professionals are the only one in Japan to develop a
“multi-business human resource matching service specialized in EC”. This is a service where you can find professional EC registrants subdivided into 89 types of skill tags with an initial cost of 0 yen and a minimum of 2 days in response to the challenges of expanding sales and acquiring customers unique to the EC business.
EC professional registration web application: https://pro.app.ecnopro.jp/ Corporate page: https://www.ecnopro.jp/

WUUZY Co., Ltd.
[Image 6d75004-10-534761183037132dacb3-6.png&s3=75004-10-3489659b9d3e57ef37971c939d5e64ba-657x167.png
WUUZY Co., Ltd. has a vision of “creating an accumulation of individual knowledge and creating an industrial revolution in EC” under the mission of “providing opportunities for everyone to make the most of their strengths”. We aim to provide services that give greater possibilities to e-commerce businesses in Japan by circulating knowledge by facing the valuable skills and experiences of each individual more sincerely than anyone else.
Please contact us if you are considering introducing the service. Company name: WUUZY Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Seiya Takenaka
Location: Daihiro Building 6F, 2-14-5 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8658 URL: https://www.wuuzy.jp/

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