“X Anime Theme Song Singer Audition” finals will start on November 12th. Super luxurious benefits such as terrestrial anime theme songs, music releases from Sony Music Labels, and productions by famous creators! !

CHET Group
“X Anime Theme Song Singer Audition” finals will start on November 12th. Super luxurious benefits such as terrestrial anime theme songs, music releases from Sony Music Labels, and productions by famous creators! !

A joint project of the creator platform “MECRE” by CHET Group Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yusuke Koike,
hereinafter CHET), which develops IP with the power of “creativity x technology”, and Sony Music Labels. From “X Beyond -The World in 5055-“, a TV animation project centered on net creators has started. The final examination of the “X Anime Theme Song Singer Audition”, which determines the singer who will be responsible for the theme song of this work, started on Saturday, November 12th.
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What is “X Anime Theme Song Singer Audition”?
CHET and Sony Music Labels Inc.’s creator platform “MECRE” joint project “X Beyond -The World of 5055-” is a TV animation project based on net creators “X Anime”. )”.
The audition to determine the singer who will be in charge of the theme song for this work, which will be broadcast and distributed by CBC TV and Lopico, is the “X Anime Theme Song Singer Audition”. Those who pass the audition will not only be able to participate in the X Anime theme song released by Sony Music Labels, but will also receive an illustration MV by the popular illustrator “Setsuda Seung”. ▼ Click here for support for the finals
▼ final song
Breath “Lonely Anata” flower x Yuki Utaai
[Video 3: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8ki9sT6x-w]

Various music distribution
■ Comments from the semi-finalists
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MINA [Newsboy Singer]
Thank you so much for taking me to the finals!
Our daily lives and activities on YouTube have led to such amazing results, and I’m really glad that we worked hard together!
Please aim for the top 3 so that you can get the right to judge, and fight together until the end…! !
[Image 3

My name is Reiii and I started raising alpacas because it’s been cold recently. I think that mofumofu will make the world happy.
Thank you so much for bringing us all the way to the finals (Heart) I want to deliver the song to everyone!
Make your dreams come true! Aim for first place!
I will not give up this time. Enjoy running through until the very end. You there! Must see (Heart)
-Audition Schedule-
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▼ Click here for support for the finals
About “X Anime”
A joint project of the creator platform “MECRE” developed by CHET and Sony Music Labels “X Beyond -The world of 5055-”
It is a TV animation project based on net creators developed by. The main visual and illustrations are the popular illustrator Seung Setuda, who is a loyalty user of “MECRE” and has worked on “Kujira Kanagi Sai feat. . Hollywood film director and director Thomas Bangert was appointed as creative supervisor.
It has been decided to be broadcast and distributed from CBC TV and Locipo. [Image 5

■ Provide music
[Image 6

Sony Music Labels Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Manabu Tsujino) is a record company that plans, produces, and advertises music and video software.
With a consistent strategy from discovering and nurturing artists to management, sound source production, marketing, and media promotion, we produce the overall music activities of artists and develop a label business that widely disseminates both domestically and
internationally. It consists of multiple music labels with diverse personalities.
■ Illustrator
[Image 7

Sun Setuda
Before becoming an illustrator, he had 17 years of baseball experience and belonged to a corporate team. At the age of 24, he retired from baseball, and at the same time became an independent illustrator with his hobby of illustration since the age of 14.
Based on self-taught academic knowledge such as psychology, he intentionally creates a style that pierces the heart of the viewer, and is active mainly on SNS. In addition to illustration, he is also expanding the range of activities in other fields, such as subject modeling and lectures, making use of his knowledge and experience.

[Video 4: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=Baw-cAvS5xc]

■ Draft
[Image 8d58915-238-258b2520ee7ec9e38c7d-7.png&s3=58915-238-28fca329475f7fd5947b682247c407fa-782x161.png
With “monogatary.com”, you can play in various ways, such as adding illustrations that match the story based on the story posted according to the “theme”, and adding comments and points to the posted work. A “Story Entertainment Platform” that can.
Overview of “monogatary.com”
Site URL: https://monogatary.com
■ About broadcasting stations and distribution services
[Image 9d58915-238-a0ce84a590927b3adb9d-8.jpg&s3=58915-238-407e3215976b3cad615464fe54797833-2048x768.jpg
As JNN’s core station, CBC TV broadcasts regular nationwide programs such as “Genki no Jikan,” “Donut Talk,” and “Gogosuma,” as well as news and sports information from Aichi, Gifu, and Mie. We are producing content for overseas.
[Image 10d58915-238-d2263908f845917b1691-9.jpg&s3=58915-238-9011e0ca23ce547e0b80f13e1ff3cbe3-2432x760.jpg
Locipo is a video and information distribution service jointly operated by Nagoya TV stations (Tokai TV, Chukyo TV, CBC TV, TV Aichi).
■ Creative supervision
[Image 11d58915-238-a0930e138fdc83471f2a-10.jpg&s3=58915-238-f11b76922963dffd67a6c3854752c6ab-375x403.jpg
Hollywood movie director and director
Thomas Bangert
Thomas Bangert is a Hollywood film director and director known for “Ruth’s Great Escape” (2015), “Addison Lane” (2016), and “Ashley Jones Is Perfectly Normal” (2021).
Based in Los Angeles and Europe, he has been working professionally for over 10 years. He has experience
writing/directing/music/directing/producing various types of projects such as feature films/TV shows/commercials/music videos.
■ About MECRE
[Image 12d58915-238-356f1e248ca6df451f9b-11.jpg&s3=58915-238-3946aba3de44d8cf811462f077eb1da1-1999x1050.jpg
“MECRE” is based on the theme of “a place where people who announced their work for the first time yesterday and the owners of videos with 10 million views can meet and create new creative activities in a flat manner”, and each creator and artist created their own portfolio page. In addition, a service that allows you to freely recruit the necessary partners for your new creations. It also has a function to provide and support new business points for creators and artists and various opportunities to expand the range of activities.
■ About CHET Group
Company name: CHET Group Co., Ltd.
Representative: Yusuke Koike, Representative Director and CEO Location: Yamate Building 2F, 3-14-35 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Established: May 2020
URL: https://chet.com/
Business description: Management and operation of corporate groups through ownership of stocks, etc., platform construction and operation, IP management and investment, corporate investment, digital agent, creative production, overseas expansion support
-Inquiries regarding this document-
CHET Group Public Relations Manager
Email: pr@chet.co.jp
Details about this release:


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