X League, Orix Buffaloes, and Japanese Olympic Committee win awards! Monthly Best 3 Official Sports Group Information (October 2022)

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X League, Orix Buffaloes, and Japanese Olympic Committee win awards! Monthly Best 3 Official Sports Group Information (October 2022)
Every month, Sports Navi selects the 3 most impressive articles and videos from the official information articles and video distributions, and awards them as “Monthly Best 3 Official Articles and Videos of Sports Organizations”.
Official articles and videos of sports organizations are news articles and videos of official information posted directly by sports organizations, leagues, teams, etc.
・Official articles and videos of sports organizations
The following four items are used as selection criteria for evaluation. 【Evaluation criteria】
1. Timing of posting 2. Number of PVs 3. Originality 4. Uniqueness (specificity) In October 2022, the following 3 groups were awarded the best 3 of the month! (Presentation is in Japanese syllabary order)

■ X League
I can see the NFL! Riki Matsui runs the 40 yards at the NFL
International Combine with a good time of 4.41 seconds (distributed on October 5, 2022)
https://sports.yahoo.co.jp/official/detail/202210050011-spnaviow An article about Riki Matsui, who recorded a good time in the 40-yard dash that is one step closer to the American Professional Football League (NFL), which Japanese have not reached yet. Thank you for doing so, and it has become a readable content.
In addition, the article was posted on the official website of the X League on the 1st day, and the interview was on the 2nd day. , The skillful utilization of the official information of Sports Navi also led to high evaluation.
■ ORIX Buffaloes
Tatsuya Sato Public Relations Listens! Interview with pitcher Soichiro Yamazaki, fastest 160km measurement for a Japanese team (distributed on October 20, 2022)
https://sports.yahoo.co.jp/official/detail/202210200026-spnaviow Orix won Japan’s best for the first time in 26 years. Since June of this year, the Sports Navi official information has continued to submit articles rich in ideas.
This article, which was distributed just before the Japan Series, was also interviewed by a former pitcher, Soichiro Yamazaki, a young pitcher whose popularity is rapidly rising, and was highly evaluated for fostering interest in the Japan Series. I was.
In addition to this, in October, we will publish articles on “college commentary contests”, “interviews with young players and notable players”, and “staff who support the team” from our own perspective during the busy season of the final stage of the league, the climax series, and the Japan series. The content was produced and
■ Japanese Olympic Committee
Olympians such as Yuki Ishikawa and Miho Takagi answered the children’s questions! [TEAM JAPAN TV] (Distributed on October 10, 2022)
In this video, gorgeous Olympian medalists who participated in the Tokyo Olympics and the Beijing Olympics answer children’s questions. In fact, in a situation where there are not many points of contact with the athletes, the content was produced by effectively utilizing the limited time with the athletes, and it was a good example video that other organizations can refer to.
In addition, it was not a specific sport, but various athletes such as volleyball, figure skating, softball, wrestling, etc., and how to improve children’s athletic ability, such as how to speed up their feet and the skills that athletes have. It was an inspiring video and very meaningful content.
And from September 2022, we will introduce “Monthly Best 3 + 1 Sports Group Official Articles and Videos”. This month, we have selected the Waseda University Athletic Sports Center.
(This “+1” will be given to organizations that unfortunately did not make it into the top 3 of the month above, but distributed information that we would like everyone to know as a characteristic official article or video.)
■ Waseda University Athletic Center
Hayami Valley Club Harutaka Special Feature Director Watabiki x Ryunosuke Arai Difficulty in recruiting Collaboration with the strongest university, Waseda University (distributed on October 28, 2022)
https://sports.yahoo.co.jp/official/detail/202210280036-spnaviow Regarding the collaboration with affiliated and affiliated schools of Waseda University, the fact that the student staff of the Waseda University Athletic Center actually visited the high school and interviewed them led to the evaluation.
In addition, the article itself was written about high
school-university collaboration from the perspective of high school students, and it was easy to read because it was fresh and written in a question-and-answer format and in the first and second half. . ★Under sports group official information new offer!
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