X-Locations Responding to the revitalization of the inbound market Started providing domestic travel analysis data for foreign visitors to Japan

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Responding to the revitalization of the inbound market Started providing domestic travel analysis data for foreign visitors to Japan – Visualization of trends by nationality, movement before and after visiting analysis sites, comparison before corona, etc. –

X-Locations Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Ichisuke Obi, hereinafter X-Locations) is a proprietary location information big data analysis engine “Location Engine (TM) (hereinafter LE)” and its functions. We provide “Location AI Platform (R) (LAP)”, a cloud-based analysis platform using , and “People Flow Analytics” (hereinafter, JA), which enables analysis of people flow data by online registration. This time, we have received global location information data from Near Intelligence Inc. (Headquarters: California, USA, CEO Anil Mathews, hereinafter referred to as Near), a capital and business alliance partner, and will provide reports and data that analyze domestic trends of foreign visitors to Japan. let’s start doing ….
[Image 1

Data analysis report on domestic movement of foreigners visiting Japan

Background of offer
In parallel with the distribution of smartphone advertisements for inbound customers, which we have already provided, we will provide analysis reports that utilize the global-level location information big data provided by Near, Inc. We respond to the needs of companies aiming to increase sales through marketing measures, local governments and tourism-related businesses aiming to attract tourism, and governments that need to understand the domestic movement of foreigners.
After analyzing global-scale location information big data and discriminating foreign visitors to Japan by estimated country of residence, statistically processing the data on the flow of foreign visitors to Japan, and analyzing the flow of people by domestic POI We will create and provide reports such as increase/decrease changes and behavioral trends.
Characteristics of data
This service uses Near’s global data platform Vista, which has a strategic partnership with X-Locations. Near holds approximately 1.6 billion anonymized location information data worldwide. Based on the location information data, the place of residence is estimated by ID, and when a foreigner with an estimated place of residence overseas visits Japan, it is possible to aggregate it as a foreign visitor and create analysis data and reports. Is possible.
As for analysis data, as shown in Fig. 1), freely surround the area or building you want to analyze, and measure and collect the IDs of foreigners who visit that area. Instead of rough summary data based on mesh-type location information data such as 125m square, pinpoint the location you want to analyze and acquire and analyze accurate information. After data collection, as shown in Fig. 2) and Fig. 3), the estimated place of residence and travel route of the collected data can be analyzed and provided as a report, which can be used for various measures for foreign visitors to Japan.
Figure 1) Data collection screen
You can freely set the area of ​​the sightseeing spot you want to analyze, and collect the data of foreign visitors to Japan who visited it.
[Image 2

Figure 1. Data collection screen
Figure 2) Analysis of presumed place of residence
Analyzing the estimated residence of the collected data, which countries they came from and what percentage of them
[Image 3

Figure 2. Analysis of probable place of residence
Figure 3) Analysis of excursion routes
Analysis of the travel routes of foreigners visiting Japan who have visited specific areas such as designated sightseeing spots
[Image 4

Figure 3. Analysis of migratory route
[About the report service to be launched this time]
X-Locations will create and provide reports for customers who want to aggregate this data and analyze the trends and travel patterns of foreigners visiting Japan.
Report image
This is the Akihabara area, and it will be a basic report on the visitation status of foreigners visiting Japan in October 2022, when immigration restrictions have been lifted.
[Image 5

Figure 4. Image of analysis report of foreign visitors to Akihabara [Main report items]
●Ranking and ratio of visitors by country
Figure 4 shows the ratio by country of foreigners who visited Akihabara in October 2022 this year. Currently, the United States is the top with 26.1%. South Korea followed with 9.8% in second place, followed by Australia in third place with 9.5%.
● Comparison with 2019
You can compare the number of visitors with the number of visitors in the same month of 2019, when the number of foreign visitors to Japan was the highest.
Comparing the Akihabara area, if the number of visitors in 2019 is 100%, it will be 12.8%.
● Tour status
You can also analyze the excursion behavior of foreign visitors to Japan between designated areas. Of the foreign visitors to Japan who visited Akihabara, 13.0% also visited the area around Sensoji Temple, which is several stations away on the Ginza subway line, making Akihabara and Asakusa one of the excursion routes. I understand this. ● Number of visitors by day
We will report on the daily trends of foreign visitors to Japan in the places and areas you want to analyze.
Fee/Provision form
Provided formats: PDF, Excel, CSV, etc.
Report data update frequency: weekly, monthly
If it is necessary to build a user interface for users: Possible with BI tools such as Google Looker and Tableau (Construction costs will be estimated separately, and a monthly usage fee for BI tools will be required.)
■ Rates
It will be an individual estimate depending on the number of analysis points, update frequency, provision method, etc.
-Report example-
Analysis points: About 1 analysis point and 2 excursion destinations Report items: Estimated residential distribution of foreign visitors, number of visitors by day, ratio of concurrent visits to designated excursion destinations
Provision (renewal) unit: 1 month unit
Provided file formats: PDF, Excel, CSV
Price: From 100,000 yen / 1 report
■ About Near Intelligence, Inc.
Near is a global full-stack data intelligence software as a service (SaaS) platform that manages one of the world’s largest sources of intelligence about people, places and products. Near’s platform’s patented technology collects data on approximately 1.6 billion unique user IDs and 70 million points of interest in over 44 countries. Near data and insights help marketing and operations teams understand consumer online and offline behaviors, affinities and attributes to engage consumers and grow their business. With offices in Pasadena, Campbell, Paris, Bangalore, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo, Near serves leading companies in retail, real estate, restaurants/fast food, travel/tourism, telecommunications, automotive and financial services. doing. For more information, please visit https://near.com/jp/. ■ About X-Locations Inc.
Its mission is to combine, analyze, and visualize a wide variety of location and spatial information in a meaningful way so that anyone can use it. Development of “Location Engine (TM)”, a proprietary technology that uses AI to analyze and visualize location information big data, “Location AI Platform (R)”, a cloud-based platform for business utilization, and “People Flow Analytics (TM)”, a cloud service, etc. We are promoting “location tech” by developing “Location Marketing Service” that supports business expansion of companies by utilizing people flow data.
Company name: X-Locations Inc.
URL: https://www.x-locations.com/
Representative: Representative Director Ichisuke Obi
Location: Kobayashi Building 6F, 1-2-9 Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0022 Business description:
・Development of location information big data analysis engine “Location Engine (TM)”, development and provision of business utilization cloud type platform “Location AI Platform (R)”, and cloud service “People Flow Analytics (TM)”.
・Provision of “Location Ad 2.0” by the next-generation location information marketing service “Location Marketing Service”.
◆ Regarding location information analysis data provided by the Company The data provided by our company is the GPS data of the user’s smartphone application, which is completely anonymized without being linked to personal information from the user, and only uses the data with permission for third party use for the purpose of analysis. doing. (https://www.x-locations.com/privacy-policy/)
By using completely anonymized data, our proprietary analysis engine “Location Engine (TM)” analyzes device IDs, latitude and longitude information, and time stamps directly in conjunction with maps and facility information. It is possible to provide pinpoint analysis data that is difficult to analyze with mesh type location information data. Details about this release:


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