Xacti Co., Ltd. Started collaboration with demonstration partners for “Children’s pick-up bus monitoring c amera solution”

Xacti Co., Ltd.
Start collaboration with demonstration partners for “Children’s pick-up and drop-off bus monitoring camera solution”
– Trial start at a certified child center in Hiroshima Prefecture – [Xacti Co., Ltd.]

Xacti Co., Ltd. (located in Kita-ku, Osaka, President: Masaki Kikugawa, hereinafter referred to as “Xacti”) has developed a “children’s pick-up bus monitoring camera solution” that combines our AI image analysis technology and camera video technology. We are pleased to inform you that we have started collaboration (starting a trial) with a demonstration partner.
Xacti Co., Ltd. (Location: Kita-ku, Osaka, President: Masaki Kikugawa, hereinafter “Xacti”) announced on October 24
2022/10/monitoring-camera_release_Xacti_20221024.pdf ), we received many inquiries about the free trial for introduction, and as the first partner, Fuchu Ishida Gakuin, a kindergarten and nursery school cooperation type certified child center Tsubame ( Location: Fuchu-cho, Aki-gun, Hiroshima Prefecture, Director: Kihachiro Kubota, hereinafter referred to as “Tsubame Certified Children’s Center”) will start a demonstration. In the future, Xacti will provide equipment such as cameras to be installed to monitor the inside of the bus, and the installation work will be carried out at the expense of Xacti, and the effects will also be verified. Xacti will contribute to the creation of a childcare environment that guarantees the safety and security of children through repeated verifications at various childcare sites, including Tsubame Certified Children’s Center.
At the Xacti booth (Hall E A109, joint exhibition with JCI Co., Ltd.) at “Childcare Expo 2022” to be held at Tokyo International Forum from November 21 (Monday) to 22 (Tuesday). , We are planning to release a demonstration video at Tsubame Certified Children’s Center. Regarding this matter, please refrain from contacting Tsubame, a certified child care center, which is a trial partner, and all requests for
interviews, questions, and other requests should be directed to Xacti Co., Ltd.
Features of Xacti’s [Shuttle bus monitoring camera solution] The feature of the monitoring camera solution proposed by Xacti is a video solution with a triple check function.
[Image 1

1. Detect the entire bus with an ultra-wide-angle camera
A super-wide-angle 360° all-dome camera is used, and with the minimum number of camera installations, the entire bus can be photographed widely and people can be detected. A high-definition image created by a unique image processing engine that constantly watches over the inside of the bus. It can be easily installed on an existing shuttle bus.
2. Counting the number of people getting on and off by AI image analysis  The number of people getting on and off the bus is counted by AI image analysis of the video near the bus entrance. A monitor installed in the driver’s seat displays the number of people getting on and off the bus in an easy-to-understand manner, and an alarm warning is issued until the number of people on the bus reaches zero after starting to get off (continued even after the bus’s engine has stopped).
3. Real-time confirmation of the video inside the bus from a remote location Real-time distribution of images inside the bus during pick-up and after getting off, and human detection results after the engine has stopped. The situation inside the bus can be checked from staff members’ smartphones and office PCs, enabling remote monitoring of the inside of the bus.
[Image 2

*The contents and system configuration described in the above features are the specifications at the time of this announcement, and will be changed according to the results of future trials and the guidelines for safety device specifications to be formulated by the government within this year.
■Company profile
Trade name: Xacti Co., Ltd.
Representative: Masaki Kikugawa, President and Representative Director Location: (Tokyo head office) 7th floor, International Building, 3-1-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
(Osaka Head Office) 30th Floor, Umeda Sky Building Tower East, 1-1-88 Oyodonaka, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Established: April 2012
Business: Development and sales of digital video solutions, business support services
Capital: 100 million yen
URL: https://xacti-co.com


[Inquiries from customers regarding this matter]
Xacti Solutions Sales Department
Contact form: https://xacti-co.com/contact/
[Inquiries regarding this press release]
Xacti Co., Ltd. Public Relations Department
E-MAIL: support@xacti-co.com
*Regarding this matter, Tsubame Center for Early Childhood Education and Care cannot respond to any inquiries or requests for coverage. Details about this release:


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