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L-Breath Shinjuku store (L-Breath Shinjuku store), an evolutionary outdoor shop -Renewal open at 11:00 on Friday, November 25, 2022-

 Xebio Group’s Victoria Co., Ltd. (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) will reopen the evolutionary outdoor shop “L-Breath Shinjuku”, which broadly captures the outdoors, at 11:00 on Friday, November 25, 2022. Since the corona disaster in 2020, there has been a boom in camping that can be enjoyed safely outdoors in the open air, and more and more people are enjoying the outdoors. L-Breath, which has been in business as an outdoor shop since the 1990s, renewed its Shinjuku store as a flagship that proposes ways to enjoy the outdoors. We have refined our product lineup and specialized services to satisfy heavy users of camping and trekking, and have been reborn as a shop for young people who want to enjoy outdoor style in their daily lives.
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・In-store event space
On weekends, we call it the “El Breath Shinjuku Festival” and hold exciting and fun events such as festivals, outdoor activities, flea markets, camping cafes, etc., using the shop space on a weekly basis. You can feel the festival atmosphere on weekends at the storefront in Shinjuku.
・Nature Visual
The first photograph of the reopening is “Okutama where you can feel the nature of Tokyo”, which the navigator actually went to the site to shoot. A landscape photograph that evokes nature is installed on the exterior of the building. It is designed to make you feel like you are in nature even though you are in the city. The visual changes every season. Soon, it began to be used as a meeting spot.
[Table 11: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/4149/table/1066_2_e386868358adeade674460648501a446.jpg ]
-Harmony and bridge between city and nature-
The pleasure and enjoyment of playing with nature in an inorganic and noisy city location. And an outdoor shop full of excitement and fashion that proposes to customers the convenience of using outdoor products on a daily basis.
1. Attractive product lineup that captures the outdoors in a broad sense We select products that are highly trendy and products that are not bound by outdoor activities, and propose products that meet the customer’s preferences through self-editing. We have the largest selection of bags in Japan.
2. Customer-oriented support and expertise for peace of mind Experienced navigators support the first experience and solve various problems. Customers can feel safe and satisfied by choosing products while experiencing the products.
3. Providing ways to enjoy, not just selling tools
how should i use it? Where can I go to have fun? Back up how to enjoy other than products. It also provides a place for people with the same values ​​to connect with each other.
We handle 560 brands, including new brands, and a full lineup of 88,000 items! We have changed the layout of the floor.
[Table 12: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/4149/table/1066_3_d81fa38b80df7b3e661c06596a21457f.jpg ]
A product lineup that expands new discoveries and enjoyment with the theme of “Enjoying the outdoors in everyday life!”
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150 brands of multi-functional, well-designed accessories! 4,500 product numbers, 17,000 small items are proposed everywhere. The floor that changes with the seasons has cute items for women such as hats, beanies, and mufflers. In addition to recommended gifts such as blankets, mugs, tableware, etc., FRAGRANCE bath bombs and RECOVERIZM, which provide recovery and healing after outdoor activities, are the first outdoor shops to be developed. In the POPUP space on the 2nd floor, we will deliver proposals that change whenever you come, with the themes of sustainability, travel, and gifts.
[Table 13: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/4149/table/1066_4_2862629ee236431fdfee54cb87b60cff.jpg ]
One of the largest floors in Tokyo, where a concierge handles a wide range of specialized products. This is a specialty store floor targeting customers of a wide range of ages, from entry-level users to step-up users and core users.
[Image 3

THE NORTH FACE [SUMMIT Alpine Series] Wear full lineup
Developed by athletes for athletes, the highest grade line is available in a full line-up. We offer high-performance products that can withstand harsh environments.
Yamasen L-Breath Only One Shoes Floor!
The sales floor is the largest in the area, filled with 50 brands and 900 product numbers of outdoor shoes. In addition to lightweight, high-performance new hiking shoes such as HOKA and ON, we have a large selection of European Alpine shoes such as Scarpa and Sportiva, and you will definitely find the only one shoes such as winter boots and winter sneakers that are ideal for the upcoming outdoor scene. The assortment of bags is the largest in Tokyo! Total backpacking! We have a lineup of 80 brands and 3,700 product numbers for various purposes and types of bags. On the 3F total backpacking floor, there are tents, sleeping bags, and small items that raise the stage of mountain nights, expressing various types of packing such as backpacking and travel. You can experience and choose [carry weights and actual items in a bag].
[Table 14: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/4149/table/1066_5_094a58deb0cd78aa718b3546230c7e73.jpg ]
FEET AXIS is a next-generation foot measurement that matches feet and shoes. Staff with extensive mountaineering experience will be stationed at the site to provide information and scaffolding for the mountain you are climbing, and will select the best shoes that match your foot shape based on 3D measurements. And actually prepare a climbing simulation and experience it on the spot.
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[Table 15: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/4149/table/1066_6_4306295075183a04a7af9574108e84d8.jpg ]
From a wide range of age groups, we propose a seamless style for the field and the city that is not bound by outdoor activities. A floor that matches young people and core users who seek rarity and sympathy [Image 6

Carefully selected Elbreth! Outdoor select wear floor open!
80 brands, 4,500 product numbers, 14,000 items of carefully selected clothing are lined up with the largest selection of items in the area. From brands that use eco-friendly materials such as Patagonia, Chums, and Jack Wolfskin, to rare select wear such as Gramicci x TAION and Houdini, and Columbia, which combines fashion and functionality for women. ESCAPE] Line handles a full lineup and guides you through the first outfit that connects nature and the city.
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[Table 16: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/4149/table/1066_7_8afe14175db1c70ab62f11f6041300ca.jpg ]
Proposing seasonal outdoor lifestyles for the trend-conscious Generation Z who challenges seasonal outdoor activities and the millennial generation who pursues authenticity and enjoys differences. [Image 8

4 season camp select floor has 4000 items carefully selected A total of 120 brands of camping select items are available. In the corner carefully selected by web media hianta, we will develop many rare items and propose a solo group scene combined with bonfires and stoves. In addition, we will newly develop the highly rare PASECO stove, and carefully select items that are useful for winter camping and everyday life, such as the popular Aladdin blue frame.
Winter Core x Fun MIX Floor
A lineup of high-performance wear that allows you to enjoy JAPOW, such as the North Face, Millet, Patagonia, Arc’teryx, Norona, and Teton Bros. In addition, SB wear is enjoying a surge in popularity [686] new development, SESSIONS handling, etc. from entry to core layer. As for small items, we have new development of Matsuoka gloves, DICE goggles, MIPS-equipped GIRO helmets, and other safe and highly functional items.
[Table 17: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/4149/table/1066_8_86e76421c59100568b1b3cb732342d14.jpg ]
“L-Breath Shinjuku Festival” will be held to commemorate the renewal opening at the square in front of the store!
November 25th (Friday) to 27th (Sunday) Chums Patagonia apparel will be on sale at a special opening price
11/25 (Friday) to 27 (Sunday) A lineup of recommended stoves for winter camping essentials
12/3 (Sat) 13:00-14:00 Introduction of Junichi Davidson’s camping gear [Image 9

[Image 10

[Image 11

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lbreath_shinjuku/
[Outline of Xebio Group]
The Xebio Group consists of a large sports specialty store “Super Sports Xebio”, an urban large sports specialty store “Victoria”, a general golf specialty store “Victoria Golf”, and an outdoor specialty store “L-Breath”. (L-Breath)” and “Golf Partner”, a comprehensive second-hand golf specialty store, are being developed nationwide. *All photos shown are completed images. The actual store may differ.

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