Xenodata Lab forms business partnership with PwC Consulting

xenodata lab.
Xenodata Lab forms business partnership with PwC Consulting
-Strengthen support for advanced/early decision-making by implementing an intelligence platform that utilizes external data for “AI management” that realizes management innovation by placing AI at the center of management-

xenodata lab. Co., Ltd. (head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yojiro Seki, hereinafter referred to as “Xenodata Lab”), which provides “xenoBrain”, a cloud service specializing in economic forecasting, and PwC Consulting LLC (Tokyo Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Executive Officer and CEO: Nobuaki Otake, hereinafter referred to as “PwC Consulting”) today announced a plan to help clients utilize management intelligence obtained from external data to achieve more sophisticated and prompt management decision-making. We will start collaborating to promote the utilization of xenoBrain’s economic forecast data. [Image 1d21200-76-0c6d90485c5e9c1011bc-1.jpg&s3=21200-76-d2da3141248b3646bf3b4af44d5b1a3e-1880x1406.jpg
■ Background of collaboration
The business environment is becoming more and more uncertain as social and economic conditions become more severe, including rising geopolitical risks, fluctuations in raw material prices, climate change, changes in competitors’ management strategies and consumer needs. increase. Against this background, managers are required to quickly grasp and respond to changes in the business environment by utilizing various external data. In the past, it was difficult to collect enough data necessary for analysis, and even if the data was collected, it was not easy to analyze it. In addition, it has become possible to quickly grasp the rapidly changing times, and the needs of companies are increasing.
■Overview of collaboration
Xenodata Lab develops and provides an economic forecasting platform “xenoBrain” that predicts various economic information by analyzing economic news, corporate disclosure materials, and statistics with its own AI. We support management decision-making by analyzing the connections between different economic phenomena and providing forecasts for company performance, material prices, industry demand, statistics, and more.
The PwC Japan Group has long advocated “AI management”*1, in which companies incorporate AI-based data utilization into the core of their management. Specifically, we provide comprehensive support services from vision formulation to management transformation and digital technology introduction. As a result, AI can be incorporated into the value chain of corporate activities, speeding up the process from situational awareness to decision-making and execution, and helping companies improve their competitiveness.
Through this collaboration, the two companies will jointly work to promote the use of “xenoBrain”, which is premised on AI management. As a result, it will be possible to use news data as managerial intelligence to respond to changes in the external environment, enabling more advanced visualization of the impact on economic indicator forecasts and corporate performance, further speeding up and enhancing management decision-making. We support.
*1 About AI management
https://www.pwc.com/jp/ja/services/consulting/analytics/ai-transformation.html [Image 2d21200-76-5f38b0a9efea1d7da2c7-0.png&s3=21200-76-1134c10a7f6a800541484c4769c8210e-1527x591.png
■ Roles of both companies in this collaboration
● Xenodata Lab
○ “xenoBrain”, which analyzes various statistical information and news articles as data, makes economic forecasts using AI technology such as deep learning and natural language processing, and provides predictive analysis of future company, industry, and market trends. offer ● PwC Consulting
○ End-to-end support from planning and conception of intelligence platform that supports rapid decision-making to application and operation in actual business
○Architecture study and implementation support for data management platform, data collection/analysis platform, and AI platform related to intelligence platform
■ About PwC Consulting LLC
PwC Consulting LLC provides comprehensive consulting services from management strategy formulation to execution. Working with the PwC global network, we work to solve the complex and difficult management issues that our clients face, helping them to become more competitive in the global market.
Company profile page URL: https://www.pwc.com/jp/consulting
■Company Profile of Xenodata Lab
xenodata lab. Inc. develops and provides an economic forecasting platform “xenoBrain” that predicts various economic information by analyzing economic news, corporate disclosure materials, and statistics with its own AI. By analyzing the connections between economic events and providing forecasts of corporate performance, material prices, industry demand, statistics, etc., we support the management decision-making of business companies and the operational efficiency of financial institutions. We collect and analyze highly reliable information through partnerships with major media outlets such as Dow Jones and Jiji Press, and with Teikoku Databank. Company name: xenodata lab.
Location: VORT Shibuya Shoto Residence 1001, 1-28-6 Shoto, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0046
Date of establishment: February 12, 2016
Representative: Yojiro Seki, Representative Director
Company profile page URL: https://www.xenodata-lab.com/
■ Inquiries about this release
xenodata lab.
Public Relations Mariko Kitaguchi
Email: pr@xenodata-lab.com
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