Xymax Co., Ltd. Karaksa Hotel Colors Tokyo Yaesu, the third building in Tokyo, will open on March 31, 2023

XYMAX Co., Ltd.
Karaksa Hotel Colors Tokyo Yaesu, the third hotel in Tokyo, will open on March 31, 2023
– Responding to the diverse needs of international guests, families and groups –
XYMAX Corporation (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Kenji Yoshimoto; hereinafter referred to as XYMAX) and karaksa Hotels Inc. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Ryosuke Sato; hereinafter referred to as karaksa hotels) Karaksa Hotel Colors Tokyo Yaesu (total of 95 rooms) will open on March 31, 2023. After opening, there will be seven karaksa hotels nationwide, one in Hokkaido, three in Tokyo, and three in Kansai.
karaksa hotel colors Tokyo Yaesu is located about a 6-minute walk from the Yaesu Central Exit of JR Tokyo Station, which serves as the core of the Shinkansen and other major railway networks nationwide. Optimal. The “colors” in the hotel name contains the idea of ​​”diversity” that the hotel aims for. Like a palette of various colors, we are a hotel that responds to a variety of travel styles, values, and needs, including international guests, families with children, and groups. represents.
Although it is still difficult to determine the impact of the long-lasting corona disaster, we have worked together as a group to refine our unique hotel management for the future. In the future, even if market conditions and the business environment change
significantly, we will provide our customers with the enjoyment and comfort of travel by practicing flexible hotel management. We take pride in the fact that this hotel is a stage suitable for presenting such a new form of our company, and we will strive to operate it in a safe and secure manner.
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■ karaksa hotel colors Tokyo Yaesu
Address: 3-5 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Scheduled to open: Friday, March 31, 2023
Design/Construction/Design Architect:
Irie Miyake Architectural Design Office Co., Ltd./Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd./Peter Han Associates Limited
Building scale: 16 floors above ground / total floor area 4,311.6 square meters Number of guest rooms: 95 rooms*, including 52 connecting rooms -Overview of karaksa hotel-
“Karaksa Hotel” is a hotel specializing in lodging for tourists that opened in March 2016. Located near international airports and terminal stations and in tourist cities, it features twin rooms with an average size of 20 square meters or more, and about 50% of the total are connecting rooms that are ideal for families and groups. In addition, it is a hotel with a full range of functions and services for tourists, such as free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, and separate bathrooms, washrooms, and toilets in each room. Currently, we manage and operate a total of 6 hotels, 1 in Sapporo, 2 in Tokyo, and 3 in Kansai.
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