“Yacchiro Banana,” an organic banana from Kumamoto Prefecture made without pesticides that you can eat with the skin on sale from November 14th (Monday)!!

Kumamoto Fruits and Vegetables Shipping Association Co., Ltd. “Yacchiro Banana,” an organic banana from Kumamoto Prefecture made without pesticides that you can eat with the skin on sale from November 14th (Monday)!!
Mr. Tsutomu Ochiai, the owner and chef of Ginza’s famous restaurant “La Bettra”, is appointed as an ambassador for “Yacchiro Banana”! A new product development project devised by Chef Ochiai also started
Kumamoto Fruits and Vegetables Shipping Association Co., Ltd. (Location: Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto Prefecture, hereinafter referred to as Kumamoto Fruits and Vegetables Shipping Association) is a domestically produced, pesticide-free organic banana “Yacchiro Banana” that can be eaten with the skin, cultivated in the Yatsushiro area of ​​Kumamoto Prefecture. will be on sale from November 14th (Monday). In conjunction with this new release, Chef Tsutomu Ochiai of the famous Ginza restaurant “LA BETTOLA da Ochiai” has been appointed as the “Yacchiro Banana” ambassador, and a new product development project devised by himself. We will start.
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“Yacchiro Banana” is a safe domestic organic banana that can grow even in cold Japan with thorough temperature control and careful manual work. Nurtured by the sea breeze of Yatsushiro, it is completely pesticide-free and carefully grown, so even the skin can be eaten. In addition, we take measures by manually removing all the “pests” that are a problem unique to pesticide-free cultivation.
The variety of banana is “Gross Michel”, which is different from ordinary bananas. It also has a very thin skin, so you can eat it without worrying about the skin.
Furthermore, the point that “Yacchiro Banana” was particular about is that the package, which is usually wrapped in transparent vinyl, is made from a plastic-free material that returns to the soil from the perspective of SDGs. The bananas are individually wrapped in translucent glassine paper so that you can see how the bananas are ripening, so you don’t miss the best time to eat them.
In addition, in commemoration of the new sale, we will offer a special price of 2,750 yen instead of the regular 5-piece set of 3,300 yen. This will be sold at a special price until the end of the first shipment.
With its simple and elegant design, it can also be used as a gift. Of course, please enjoy this opportunity as a reward fruit for yourself and your family.
■ Product overview
Name: “Yacchiro Banana”
Sales start date: November 14, 2022 (Monday)
Selling price: 2,750 yen (set of 5 regulars)
           ※As soon as the first shipment is sold out, the regular price will be 3,300 yen.
Seller: Kumamoto Fruits and Vegetables Shipment Association Co., Ltd. (3523 Okicho, Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto Prefecture)
Purchase method: Sold at the online store
Online store: https://kuma-sei.net
Official website: https://yacchirobanana.com
*Since the amount of harvest is limited, we will sell the first harvest in the form of “test sales”.
■ Background of sales of “Yacchiro Banana”
Yatsushiro City was originally a prosperous area for the production of rush used for tatami mats.
In recent years, as the demand has been sluggish, the Kumamoto Produce Shipment Association has focused on producing fruits and vegetables, mainly tomatoes, and has been providing them to stores and restaurants nationwide.
However, due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the consumption demand for fruits and vegetables at restaurants has decreased. While sales and unit sales prices are declining, we aim to
domestically produce bananas, which are mostly imported in Japan, and have begun efforts to make them a new local specialty.
■ Comment from Tomoyasu Furukawa, Representative Director of Kumamoto Produce Shipment Association
[Image 2d111833-1-f4db207b60f06aa585e1-3.jpg&s3=111833-1-37ddcf8614859c8af3f5405491245b1f-705x995.jpg
Bananas are currently scheduled to be sold only on the website. In the future, as a new specialty of Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto Prefecture, it will be sold throughout the region,
We would like to expand the opportunities to eat dishes using Yacchiro bananas. In order to increase the number of new specialty products of Kumamoto and Yatsushiro, including purely domestic bananas,
We will also work on growing coffee and papaya.
■ About farmers
[Image 3d111833-1-0d92cfc71cf551d8981a-4.jpg&s3=111833-1-5fc7781ea6b0bb6244d43c5eb4484b3d-3900x2600.jpg
For the cultivation and management of bananas, we have received cooperation from farmers who have been asking us to grow tomatoes for some time.
We are using the experience of farming while understanding the climate and soil unique to Yatsushiro for banana cultivation.
■ About Chef Ochiai
[Image 4d111833-1-cb1082fe72de672217ea-5.jpg&s3=111833-1-57aab7a959f14876c37489758660aee0-1801x2700.jpg
A restaurant that is the hardest to get a reservation in Japan, Chef Tsutomu Ochiai of “LA BETTOLA da Ochiai”
I became an ambassador. Currently, we are devising a new product using “Yacchiro Banana”.
(To be announced soon)
Store name: La Bettola da Ochiai
Title Owner Chef
Tsutomu Ochiai
Born in Tokyo in 1947, joined New Otani at the age of 19, and joined Tops at the age of 22.
After studying cooking in Italy for about 3 years
In 1982, he became the head chef of the Italian restaurant “Granata”. 1997 Opened La Vettra.
May 2005 “Italian Solidarity Star” Medal, Cavaliere Medal,
In 2009, he became the president of the Japan Italian Cuisine Association, and in 2013 he was awarded the “Contemporary Master Craftsman” award.
In the spring of 2020, he received the Medal with Yellow Ribbon. Honorary President of Japan Italian Cuisine Association
■ About the Kumamoto Fruits and Vegetables Shipping Association We are particular about the freshness of fruits and vegetables grown by farmers in the Yatsushiro area of ​​Kumamoto Prefecture, and we sell them not only in Kyushu but also all over Japan.
We are delivering.
We aim to connect the creators and the dining table and lead a rich dietary life.
In addition, with the aim of realizing a society where everyone can lead a rich and healthy life, we are making sustainable efforts such as obtaining SDGs certification and supporting children’s cafeterias. Company name: Kumamoto Fruits and Vegetables Shipping Association Co., Ltd. Address: 3523 Okimachi, Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto Prefecture 866-0013 Representative: Michinori Furukawa, Representative Director
Representative Director Tomoyasu Furukawa
Representative Director Takamitsu Furukawa
Established: July 2, 1997
Business description: Purchase and sale of agricultural products Products handled: Bananas, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, bunched tomatoes, melons, broccoli, cauliflower, enoki mushrooms, potatoes, cabbage, other agricultural products
HP: http://www.kumamoto-s.co.jp/

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