Yaima SDGs Symposium Executive Committee Held on Saturday, December 3, 2022 on Ishigaki Island!

Yaima SDGs Symposium Executive Committee
Held on Saturday, December 3, 2022 on Ishigaki Island!

Held on Saturday, December 3, 2022 on Ishigaki Island!
An event to create the future of Yaeyama with children
[2nd Yaima SDGs Symposium – THE EARTH VOICE -]
The main sponsor is a wholly owned subsidiary of Premier Group Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoichi Shibata), an automobility company that is fully committed to the SDGs.
Welcome Car Premier Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoichi Shibata),
The SDGs event will be held in Ishigaki City, Okinawa Prefecture on Saturday, December 3, 2022.
The event can also be viewed online.
Also, on the previous day, December 2, 2022 (Friday), we will have an eve, The High School Mirai Conference by high school students from Yaeyama, We will hold the inaugural meeting of the Local SDGs Promotion Council. “Yaima” in the Yaima SDGs Symposium (Executive Committee Chair: Yaeyama High School 3rd year student Yura Tome) refers to the islands in the Yaeyama region, which consist of Ishigaki City, Taketomi Town, and Yonaguni Town. On land, Iriomote Island is registered as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, and on the sea, Yaeyama, which has Sekisei Lagoon, which boasts the only largest coral reef in Japan, is said to be an asset of mankind blessed with biodiversity. It is no exaggeration to say that
Diverse members such as youth generation, environmental foundations, eco tour operators, retailers, and farmers and livestock farmers who are challenging sustainable business in Yaeyama gather together to protect natural assets through cooperation. We will hold an event aimed at creating a platform that will continue to create businesses that support the region one after another.
[Yaima SDGs Symposium ~THE EARTH VOICE~] will be a big step toward creating a sustainable community unique to Yaeyama (establishing a regional circulation and symbiotic zone, building a decarbonized society, DX, etc.)
Why don’t you join us in taking sustainable actions that we can be proud of for the children of the future?
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/105523/table/3_1_36aab3f46a89544412face8d6289c663.jpg ]

・Event special site
For event details, please see the event special site. (updated from time to time)
・Highlights of the event
-panel discussion-
A panel discussion on various regional issues [coral reef conservation / biodiversity] [education] [workation] [sustainable tourism] [DX], spotlighting challengers living in Yaeyama who create a sustainable region. Finally, with the theme of [regional circulating and symbiotic sphere], all panels will be comprehensively discussed. will be summarized and disseminated as proposals from citizens.
-Coral Reef Conservation / Biodiversity-
Life in Yaeyama used to coexist with coral reefs. We clarify the beauty and significance of existence of coral reefs by reexamining their lives.
Learn from intellectuals and hard-working people who are working on the connection from land to sea, coral ecosystem environment, and sustainable island development.
The corals were amazing this year. Many corals that have bleached in the sea of ​​high water temperature that lasted this summer. The typhoon that finally arrived stirs up the seawater, causing the water temperature to drop slightly.
What should we do to leave many corals for the future of the sea and the earth? Let’s think together in front of the sea of ​​Yaima in Okinawa.

[Image 1

-Sustainable Tourism-
Rather than simply increasing the number of tourists and tourism content, it is important to create a system that allows both residents and visitors to experience happiness while sustainably utilizing the nature, culture, and traditions of the Yaeyama area.
We will discuss the balance between nature and economy, and the upcycling of spiritual richness.
[Image 2

Workation is encouraged as a “new normal” due to work style reform and the epidemic of the new coronavirus infection. We will introduce examples that have already started in Yaeyama, and discuss how to go one step further and be unique to Yaeyama.
[Image 3

What kind of education is rooted in the Yaeyama community and contributes to the local economy? Panelists will talk about their desire to realize an education that can make the most of the diversity and richness of talent of the island children, even if it takes 10 years.
[Image 4

Human society is now facing a powerful and irreversible paradigm shift that has never been experienced before. Therefore, in a panel discussion on the theme of DX, Yaeyama’s exciting future and possibilities will be drawn from the perspective of DX.
[Image 5

-Yaima Department Store-
We offer eco-friendly Yaeyama produce, a vegetarian menu that uses plenty of vegetables, and Yaeyama-produced food such as the Shinpachi Agricultural Bento, a recipe devised by students of Yaeyama
Agriculture and Forestry High School. In addition, we will open more than 20 stores, including the sale of ethical and sustainable household goods and folk crafts such as vegetable knitting and workshops.
[Image 6

-Startup support program-
Social Business ~Future of Yaeyama Envisioned by Social Entrepreneurs~ A social business is a business that aims to fulfill a social mission through business methods. While aiming to create a social impact, it is characterized by securing economic sustainability by increasing business profits.
Social businesses created by social entrepreneurs promoting the realization of SDGs
It has the potential to change the future of not only Yaeyama but also the world for the better.
In this panel, let’s deepen our understanding of the possibilities of social business created by social entrepreneurs, and at the same time, let’s imagine and share with the entire venue the future appearance and possibilities of Yaeyama that will change when entrepreneurs are born from Yaeyama.
At the same time, I hope that each participant will have an awareness that they can change society (social entrepreneurship).
Sponsored by Umusan Lab (https://umusunlab.co.jp)
-Live stage-
~ Live events that make you feel the potential of the region, including local performing arts and sanshin ~
Yaeyama is a land where local performing arts are thriving, and they are indispensable in our lives.
This time, we will create a stage that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike, together with people from Yaeyama’s local performing arts and artists who are also active in the Yaeyama area.
Let’s liven up the live stage full of energy like the sun of Yaeyama with all the participants at the venue!
[Image 7

・ Tubarama Champion Sadaharu Oishi
・ Yaeyama High School Folk Performing Arts Club
・Ryukyukoku Matsuri Taiko Yaeyama Branch
・Miyara Yasukichiju-ryu Taiko Preservation Society
・Handpan JOE
-Movie Screening-
A film produced to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of Hirata Kanko, a pioneer of Yaeyama tourism.
[Return to the Island] will be screened.
[Image 8d105523-3-306221f6187dddbbdff0-8.jpg&s3=105523-3-ef0d2fefb789cc9f002f0b69ee2ce2f4-1382x1021.jpg
-SDGs Board Game Tournament-
SDGs learning board game “Get The Point” that everyone can enjoy and learn We will be holding a game tournament again this year. Through the GTP board game, students will learn through a simulated experience what “cooperation produces richness rather than competition” and what “sustainable development” means.
On the day of the event, junior and senior high school students who have obtained facilitation qualifications for this game will also be the main players in the game. Those who wish to participate in the game tournament can apply on the event special site. (Target age: From the 3rd grade of elementary school)
Saturday, December 3, 2022
Part 1 10:00 – 12:00 (capacity 40 people)
Part 2 15:00 – 17:00 (capacity 40 people)
Apply here – https://www.yaimasdgs.com/sdgsboardgame
[Image 9d105523-3-2c64556a6f3e0941431f-9.jpg&s3=105523-3-29c2733055f88121918e8e658aec336a-900x448.jpg

-Sustainable Tour-
During the event and for several days before and after the event, we are planning a special eco tour where you can learn about the SDGs while experiencing nature on the islands of Yaeyama.
Yaima SDGs Symposium Executive Committee
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* We are always looking for sponsorships and cooperation!
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