Yakiniku King Following the popular “Korea Fair”, the “Hokkaido Fair” will start on Thursday, November 24, 2022!

Monogatari Corporation
[Yakiniku King] Following the popular “Korea Fair”, the “Hokkaido Fair” will start on Thursday, November 24, 2022!

Monogatari Corporation (Headquarters: Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture / President: Hiroyuki Kato) has 291 stores nationwide. “Hokkaido Fair” will be held.
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About the winter limited “Hokkaido Fair”
This time, we will introduce “Hokkaido Dream Earth Pork Tsubo-zuke Genghis Khan”, “Plenty of Red Snow Stone Grilled Crab Rice”, and collaboration products with Calbee Co., Ltd. “Bite-sized Croquette ~ Consomme Punch Flavor ~” “[All-you-can-eat Mozzarella Cheese] PIZZA Potato Churo” will also appear for a limited time. Please enjoy this opportunity.
・ Sales period: November 24, 2022 (Thursday) to mid-March 2023 ・ Sales stores: All “Yakiniku King” stores
* Product contents and prices may differ at some stores.
* Sales contents and sales period are subject to change without notice. Winter Limited “Hokkaido Fair” Menu List

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Hokkaido Yume no Daichi Pork Genghis Khan Marinated in Pots
Hokkaido Dream Pork Genghis Khan (690 yen/759 yen including tax) Genghis Khan, a specialty dish of Hokkaido, finished with Kingu original. The dream earth pork marinated in authentic sauce is exquisite!
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Grilled shabu-shabu loin served with Tokachi pork bowl sauce Grilled shabu-shabu sirloin served with Tokachi pork bowl sauce (690 yen/759 yen including tax)
Reproduce the authentic taste using Tokachi pork bowl sauce! The combination with the soft pork loin is outstanding! If you eat it with rice, you can enjoy the taste of the authentic pork rice bowl. [Image 4

Stone-grilled crab rice with plenty of red snow crab
Stone-grilled crab rice with lots of red snow (590 yen/649 yen including tax) A luxurious gem of hot stone-grilled rice topped with plenty of red snow crab! The scent of burnt butter soy sauce is irresistible. (limited quantity)
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Red snowflake and asparagus cream gratin
Red snowflake and asparagus cream gratin (490 yen/539 yen with tax) Cream gratin with plenty of red snow crab on original bechamel sauce! It’s a delicious product that is freshly made! (limited quantity) [Image 6

Red snowflake coleslaw
Red snowflake coleslaw (390 yen/429 yen with tax)
Confident coleslaw finished with original dressing. A luxurious salad topped with plenty of red snow crab! Please give it a try. (limited quantity)
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Bite-sized Croquette ~Consommé Punch Flavor~
Bite-sized Croquette ~Consomme Punch Flavor~ (290 yen/319 yen including tax) Collaboration product with Calbee. That consommé punch flavor is now available as a bite-sized croquette! A gem that can be enjoyed by children and adults! (limited quantity)
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[All-you-can-eat mozzarella cheese] PIZZA Potato Churro
[All-you-can-eat mozzarella cheese] PIZZA Potato Churro (290 yen/319 yen including tax)
Bite-sized freshly fried potato churros finished with a PIZZA flavor. Please enjoy it with plenty of melty cheese.
[Image 9d44964-471-10c150cb04b70ebf1e75-6.jpg&s3=44964-471-b2c5bbd346cfb9478e51f7c5e83581d1-1024x690.jpg
Ipponshio offal, originating from Asahikawa
Ippon Shio Horumon, the birthplace of Asahikawa (390 yen/429 yen with tax) Asahikawa’s specialty salt offal has been reproduced in Kingu style. It’s a specialty dish with addictive seasoning. Perfect for snacks! (limited quantity)
* You can also order the food menu in the all-you-can-eat course “King Course” and “Premium Course”.
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Hokkaido melon jelly squash
Hokkaido Melon Jelly Squash (290 yen/319 yen including tax)
Melon squash with the aroma and sweetness of red meat melon, a specialty of Hokkaido. All children love it! Adult customers can also enjoy the flavor of authentic red meat melon.
[Image 11d44964-471-ed48735838b844e15431-7.jpg&s3=44964-471-c252fed246758fa4d9f24cffca5ac7ba-1024x1904.jpg
Chocolate latte made with Hokkaido milk
Chocolate latte made with Hokkaido milk (290 yen/319 yen including tax) An authentic chocolate latte made with Hokkaido milk and rich chocolate. Enjoy it with dessert after dinner.
* Drinks are included in the all-you-can-drink course, and can also be ordered separately.
*You cannot order the all-you-can-drink soft drink course for lunch. *Some stores have different sales contents and schedules. Please contact each store for details
About the “Yakiniku King” app
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About “Yakiniku King”

[Image 13d44964-471-73902a75acb44de5fdc3-13.jpg&s3=44964-471-b5a7c4f1ad446400bf1fc06d232a0462-1024x706.jpg
All-you-can-eat yakiniku specialty restaurant in a table-order buffet format. If you place your order using the touch panel, the staff will bring all the dishes to your table. Unlike normal buffets and buffets, customers can spend their time slowly without leaving their seats while eating. There are three options for all-you-can-eat: the 58-item course (2,680 yen before tax/2,948 yen after tax), the King course (2,980 yen before tax/3,278 yen after tax), and the Premium course (3,980 yen before tax/4,378 yen after tax). We offer two courses. There is also a discount service for infants, elementary school students, and seniors (those over 60 years old), and it is chosen by a wide range of customers, mainly families.
The “4 major specialties” that can be ordered from the “Kingu Course” include a lineup of value products such as “Kingu Kalbi” using rare parts that can only be taken from one cow, about 500g. You can enjoy all-you-can-eat desserts, so you can enjoy it in a wide range of occasions, such as family, friends, and celebrations.
*Sales content and prices may differ at some stores.
■ Website: https://www.yakiniku-king.jp/
■ Official twitter: https://twitter.com/yakiniku_king_
■ Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yakiniku_king_official/ ■ Official Facebook page: https://facebook.com/yakiniku.king.official/ About Monogatari Corporation
Representative: Hiroyuki Kato, President and Representative Director Founded: December 1949
Established: September 1969
Location: 5-7-11 Nishiiwata, Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture Capital: 2.8 billion yen (as of June 30, 2022)
Net sales: 73.2 billion yen (fiscal year ending June 2022)
* Group sales: approximately 108.5 billion yen (fiscal year ending June 2022) Business description: Direct management of restaurant chains and franchise chain development
Brands: Yakiniku King/Yakiniku Ichiban Karubi/Marugen Ramen/Nidaime Marugen/Aged Soy Sauce Ramen Cabbeton/Sushi/Shabu Shabu
Yuzuan/Okonomiyaki Honpo/Gyokai Zanmai Genya/Shabu Tokani Genji Sohonten/Aged Yakiniku Nikugen/Beef Tongue Daisy Yakiniku Happy, etc. Store openings: 613 stores in Japan (including 376 directly managed stores and 237 franchised stores), 19 overseas stores (as of September 30, 2022)
Company website: https://www.monogatari.co.jp/
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