Yakiniku Toraji Online Store November 29th is “Good Meat Day” Special campaign will be held on Yakiniku Toraji official mail order site

Toraji Co., Ltd.
[Yakiniku Toraji Online Store] November 29th is “Good Meat Day” Special campaign will be held on Yakiniku Toraji official mail order site

[Yakiniku Toraji Online Store]
November 29th is Good Meat Day.
“Yakiniku Toraji Satisfied Set” with 4 kinds of classic Toraji meat and authentic frozen soup is 1129 yen off for a limited time! Furthermore, all product points are 10 times during the period! ! Toraji Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo, President: Nobuhiko Kim) announced on November 25, 2022, including “Good Meat Day” on November 29th on the official mail order site (Yakiniku Toraji Online Store). For 6 days from Sunday (Friday) to November 30 (Wednesday), the “Yakiniku Toraji Enjoyment Set”, which is usually 6,800 yen, will be sold for 5,671 yen (tax included), which is a 1,129 yen discount, and 10 shopping points for all products. We will be holding a double campaign.
[Image 1

-Campaign Period-
November 25, 2022 (Friday) to November 30, 2022 (Wednesday)
-Benefits of Good Meat 1- -Taste Toraji at Home- Yakiniku Toraji Enjoy Set Special Price
6,800 yen set Offered at a special price of 5,671 yen (tax included) with a discount of 1,129 yen
set content:
Kuroge Wagyu Beef Kalbi (100g) x 1pc
Prime Harami (100g) x 1pc
[Image 2

Diamond cut ribs (120g) x 1pc
Diamond cut skirt steak (120g) x 1pc
[Image 3

[Red set] is … Frozen yukhoejang soup x 2pc
[White set] is… Frozen gomtang soup x 2pc
[Red and white set] Frozen Yukgaejang soup x 1pc, Frozen gomtang soup x 1pc [Image 4

Yakiniku sauce x 1
-Good Meat Day Benefit 2- 10x points for all products
From November 25th to November 30th, 2022, all product shopping points will be 10 times.
* Normally, you will receive 1 point for every 100 yen (including tax) purchased, but during the above period, you will receive 10 points for every 100 yen you purchase.
* For products that overlap with other point UP campaigns, the points with the higher multiplier will be applied.
*At the time of use, 1 point can be used as 1 yen.
* To earn points, you must be a member and log in.
* Points will be awarded according to the amount (including tax) used for payments other than points and coupons.
■ Official EC site
[Yakiniku Toraji Online Store]
■ About Toraji Co., Ltd.
Established: June 30, 1999
Head office: Sun East Tatsumi 8F, 3-7-26 Tatsumi, Koto-ku, Tokyo Capital: 91.7 million yen
Representative Director: Nobuhiko Kim
Business description: Management of yakiniku restaurants
(approximately 70 restaurants mainly in Tokyo)
URL: https://corp.ebisu-toraji.com/

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