Yamaha Music Japan Co., Ltd. The 5th Otomachi WEB Conference A “Jazz Festival” that Continues to Move Together with the Town – Continuity and Change, a Circle Spreading in the Community –

Yamaha Music Japan Co., Ltd.
The 5th Otomachi WEB Conference “Jazz Festival” that continues to move forward together with the town ~ Continuity and change, a circle that spreads in the community ~
Date: Friday, December 9, 2022, 15:00-17:00

Yamaha Music Japan Co., Ltd. is an online event that introduces initiatives in the music town development business “Otomachi (R)” and examples of activities through collaboration and collaboration with partners, and talks about issues and future prospects. The “Otomachi WEB Conference” will be held on Friday, December 9, 2022.
The theme of this year’s 5th edition is “Jazz Festival”, which continues to move forward with the city.
Overcoming the cancellation of events due to the coronavirus pandemic and changes in form such as online holding, this year, from among the jazz festivals in various places that have resumed holding in the real world, two events that are rooted in the city and developed with various stakeholders, ” Kawasaki Jazz” (Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture) and “Hamamatsu Jazz Week” (Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture) will be introduced and a talk session will be held. In the talk session, Mr. Akiko Maeda of the “Kawasaki Jazz” executive committee, Mr. Shigeru Nakamura of the Kawasaki City Citizens’ Cultural Bureau, and Mr. Yasushi Goto of the Hamamatsu Cultural Promotion Foundation, who is involved in the operation of “Hamamatsu Jazz Week”, and Yamaha Mr. Nobuyuki Sato of Co., Ltd. will take the stage and discuss the continuation and change of the “jazz festival” that continues to move forward with the city, and the circle that spreads across the region.
We will continue to hold the “Otomachi WEB Conference” and develop a place for interaction with people involved in urban development through music.
-The 5th Otomachi WEB Conference Overview of the “Jazz Fes” that continues to move forward with the city-
Date and time: December 9, 2022 (Friday) 15:00-17:00
■ Holding method: ZOOM webinar
■ Recruitment number: Capacity 500 people (advance application system) Main target: Local governments, halls/public facilities, NPOs and other civic groups, universities/educational institutions, musical instrument stores, etc.
■ Participation fee: Free
■ Contents: Introduction of initiatives and panel discussion [Discussion theme] The continuation and change of the “jazz festival” throughout the city, the circle that spreads in the region
□ “Kawasaki Jazz” – Why is “Kawasaki, the city of music” jazz? ! ・ Akiko Maeda
Kawasaki Jazz Executive Committee Secretary General
・ Shigeru Nakamura
Kawasaki City Citizens and Cultural Affairs Bureau Director
□ “Hamamatsu Jazz Week” – From “Town of Music” to “City of Music” ・ Yasushi Goto
Hamamatsu Cultural Promotion Foundation Cultural Projects Section Manager ・ Nobuyuki Sato
Yamaha Corporation General Affairs Department Planning
Management/Public Relations Group Manager
Hamamatsu Jazz Week, Yamaha Jazz Festival Producer
(above, titles omitted)
Kouichi Fukuhara and Sachiko Hosoda
Yamaha Music Japan Co., Ltd. Business Planning Department Business Development Section
[Image 1d10414-313-67732d187014752c354d-0.jpg&s3=10414-313-b85ae462d72cbdb61626219c766f4017-329x405.jpg
Akiko Maeda
[Image 2d10414-313-56fdb5e4bed220cb6709-1.jpg&s3=10414-313-cd0bafedb9114bd46210b2440a0f4ee2-1995x2414.jpg
Shigeru Nakamura
[Image 3d10414-313-937ae8ca93734fd938d4-2.jpg&s3=10414-313-e8362698ea5297bb0d02250cd548616b-496x639.jpg
Yasushi Goto
[Image 4d10414-313-70667c62cf4ef7d7f721-3.jpg&s3=10414-313-1ed33e7d79d2138ba856566fb4e13e31-1224x1632.jpg
Nobuyuki Sato
■Introduction example:
□ “Kawasaki Jazz” https://www.kawasakijazz.jp/
Respecting the history of jazz, which has spread all over the world while incorporating various cultures,
With the concept of “building a bridge” between culture and people’s memories, Kawasaki’s characteristics of “diversity” and
It was started in 2015 as a music festival that pursues the uniqueness of Kawasaki by making the best use of the concept. Hall performance As in-contents, we are developing regional events such as free live performances where citizens are active over a wide area.
[Image 5d10414-313-2694c7f8e2eaba18b03b-4.jpg&s3=10414-313-2e157e68ff5d7f7eb5c76e89dd4d1d1e-1500x550.jpg
□ “Hamamatsu Jazz Week” https://hamamatsujazzweek.com/
It was started in 1992 as one of the music-centered urban development projects promoted by Hamamatsu City, “Musical City Development”, and this year marks the 30th anniversary. With the aim of “there is music in the city, and music creates the city”, the public and private sectors work together to plan and operate a unique regional cultural event with the theme of “jazz” that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is popular with many fans.
[Image 6d10414-313-d9589c322b6ea19a6cc7-7.jpg&s3=10414-313-c98fb5fb63538ef2f726128939fdfa80-252x197.jpg

[Image 7d10414-313-9fd1eb5f7f2224201750-6.jpg&s3=10414-313-45bc6873749f71b380f1a9444d27158b-820x360.jpg
■ Participation application / inquiry:
▼ Otomachi Website Otomachi WEB Conference
[Image 8d10414-313-acc36b8eddcf57f4125d-8.png&s3=10414-313-6c21206f06bf12f4a7cef5e69b299506-171x171.png
-What is “Otomachi”-
Yamaha’s “Otomachi (R)” (music urban development business) is a business that supports the creation of sustainable communities by using the “power to connect people” of music. We provide community development solutions that increase the value of local communities, such as producing human resources for local community bands and music workshops, for local governments and companies that are working on regional revitalization such as industrial development and creating liveliness.
Website https://jp.yamaha.com/services/otomachi/
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Yamaha Music Japan Co., Ltd. Business Planning Department Business Development Section
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