Yamahira Co., Ltd. Yoake Chaya Co., Ltd. Smoked-flavored seaweed boiled in soy sauce using raw seaweed from the Ariake Sea won the gold prize at the Fukuoka Design Award 2022

Yamahira Yoake Chaya Co., Ltd.
Smoked-flavored seaweed tsukudani using raw seaweed from the Ariake Sea won the gold medal at the Fukuoka Design Award 2022.
~ The only gold award winner among food category nominees ~

Established in 1890, it manufactures and sells delicacy souvenirs from the Ariake Sea in Yanagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture. Recently, it has produced hit products such as Ariake Sea local ramen “Mutsugoro Ramen” and smoked mackerel snacks “THE Sa BAR”. Company Yamahira (Yoake Chaya) (Headquarters: Yanagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture,
Representative: Hidenori Kaneko) won the Fukuoka Design Award 2022 Gold Award at the “Fukuoka Design Award 2022” held at the Fukuoka Prefectural Office on November 4, 2022. Awarded. Entry in the food category with “smoked raw seaweed”, a smoked flavored seaweed boiled in soy using raw seaweed from the Ariake Sea. After passing the first screening and the exhibition and presentation screening, he was awarded the Gold Prize on the same day.
[Fukuoka Design Award 2022 Gold Award]
Product name: Smoked seaweed
Company Name Yamahira Yoake Chaya Co., Ltd.
[What is the Fukuoka Design Award]
Established in 1999, the Fukuoka Design Award (FDA) is a competition that evaluates and disseminates excellent designs.
What the FDA requires is “products that lead to business
opportunities.” Just being beautiful and cool is meaningless. Reliable technology and functionality, a strong concept to convey the inherited tradition to tomorrow, and coexistence with nature and local communities. “Manekuku products” are products that integrate the design that effectively conveys these elements.
The 50 products that have passed the first screening (documents) will be exhibited at the screening venue, and presentations will be given by the exhibitors.
[Smoked seaweed]
■ Smoked seaweed
Smoked seaweed tsukudani made with raw seaweed from the Ariake Sea Price: 700 yen (756 yen including tax) / 1 piece
Contents: 90g
[Image 1

[Ariake Sea, Japan’s No. 1 seaweed production area]
The high-quality raw seaweed that melts in your mouth and the smoky aroma will stimulate your appetite!
A collaboration product between Ryokai Fishery Cooperative Women’s Department in Yanagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture and Yamahira Co., Ltd. “Yoake Chaya”.
Tsukudani of nori seaweed from the Ariake Sea, Japan’s No. 1 producer of seaweed. The coast of Ariake Sea in winter, when seaweed is caught, is a beautiful original landscape with nori pillars.
Nori is also part of Yanagawa’s food culture, and is one of the pillars that support the food culture of the whole country.
Unlike normal seaweed tsukudani, we directly purchase “raw seaweed” from producers and manufacture seaweed tsukudani. The best feature is the smooth texture that comes from using raw seaweed.
[I want to expand the image of tsukudani]
By adding a smoked flavor, it goes well not only with white rice, but also with bread, crackers, cheese and avocado.
I was born with the desire to let more young people and foreigners know and eat Tsukudani, which has a Japanese image.
[Image 2

[Previous product examples and thoughts on the Ariake Sea]
We manufacture processed products using sea mushrooms and flat shells, centered on rare fish such as mudskippers and warasubo, representative of the Ariake Sea. In the days when the Ariake Sea was known as the sea of ​​abundant catches, the focus was on simple dried shellfish and seasonal shellfish pickled in sake lees that could be enjoyed all year round. I came up with something.
Even so, in order to keep the culture of eating rare fish from the Ariake Sea alive, we put more effort into the polypoly series (Mutsugoro, Warasubo, Etsuko) that can be eaten as it is, and the local ramen series that uses Mutsugoro and Warasubo as soup stock (Mutsugoro). Ramen and Alien Ramen), Alien Energy and Mutsugoro Cookies made for young people actually use Warasubo extract and Mutsugoro powder.
We would like to convey the current state of the Ariake Sea through our products, with a focus on creating an environment where fishermen can fish with peace of mind and nurture successors. increase. Our slogan is “We will have the Ariake Sea”, so we will do our best to be grateful to the Ariake Sea and give back.
[Image 3

◆Previous product examples
“Dried straw”
“Scallop pickled in sake lees”
“Poly Poly Mutsugoro”
“Mutsugoro Ramen”
“Alien Energy”
“Mutsugoro Cookie”
[About Yamahira Co., Ltd.]
Company name: Yamahira Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 94-1 Inaricho, Yanagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture 832-0066 Representative Director: Hidenori Kaneko
Founded: Meiji 23
Established: August 1, 1996
Business: Ariake Sea delicacy manufacturing/wholesale/retail, Ariake Sea and nearby seafood wholesale/retail, operation of fish
restaurant/souvenir shop, operation of simple accommodation “Yoake no Yado”, planning/manufacturing/sales of my ramen
HP: http://www.mutugorou.co.jp/
[Image 4

[About Yoake Chaya]
In the 23rd year of Meiji (1890), the first Kiyo Hirano opened a fresh store, Hirano Shoten, here in Okinohata, Yanagawa, at a time when it was difficult for women to advance into society.
The area, Okinohata, has long been one of the leading fishing grounds in the Ariake Sea, and has expanded its business from fresh fish shops to fishermen, forming the foundation of the current “Yamahira Co., Ltd.”
Kiyo, who has always loved sake and was good at interacting with people, has been serving “sake” called tea to fishermen who go fishing at dawn, wishing for a safe fishing and a good catch. Ka-Hirano Shoten came to be called “Dawn Chaya” among fishermen.
Shinichi Hirano, the second generation, took over the family business and handled exclusively the adductor muscle of the Ariake sea scallop. By the time he was called “Ariake Sea Lord”, the nickname “Yoake Chaya” was also known to many people.
Eventually, the nickname became a trade name, and Yamahira Co., Ltd. connects the fish market and customers as a seafood wholesaler from before dawn.
“Yoake Chaya” is a fresh fish shop and a restaurant that has never changed the wish of the first generation to pray for the safety of the fishermen and a big catch. .
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