Yamaki Co., Ltd. November 24th is “Katsuobushi Day”! Announcing the results of the recipe contest for Dash i community members “The ultimate bonito rice decision battle!”

Yamaki Co., Ltd.
November 24th is “Katsuobushi Day”! Announcing the results of the recipe contest for Dashi community members “The ultimate bonito rice decision battle!”
~ A large collection of innovative recipes that surprise even Yamaki employees! ~

Yamaki Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Iyo City, Ehime Prefecture, President: Yoshihiro Kido) won the highest award in the recipe contest “The Ultimate Katsuobushi Gohan Decisive Battle!”・We are pleased to inform you that the Excellence Award and Yamaki Award have been announced. This contest was held on November 24th, prior to “Katsuobushi Day”, with the theme of “What would you add to a bowl of rice and bonito flakes?”
[Image 1d2619-248-43457cad0c4b3a0dca55-0.jpg&s3=2619-248-da499485b18e131818a01953dd3360b9-554x271.jpg
■ What is “Katsuobushi Day”?
November 24th is “Katsuobushi Day” established by Yamaki. It is derived from the pun of “ii (11) fu (2) shi (4) = ii-bushi”, and the idea of ​​”wanting more people to know the charm, deliciousness, and skillful use of katsuobushi”. (Authorized and registered with the Japan Anniversary Association).
■ Overview of the “Ultimate Bonito Rice Decision Battle!” Campaign A recipe contest held for members of the community site “Dashi Commu” operated by Yamaki, with the theme of “what to add to a bowl of rice and bonito flakes?” We are looking for recipes for the ultimate bonito rice, which is a familiar “rice” and bonito flakes with a little seasoning and ingredients.
Taking advantage of Katsuobushi Day, we decided to hold this contest with the hope that more people would know about the goodness of dried bonito and want to eat more of it. Judging was carried out based on five evaluation items: “The goodness of bonito flakes stands out”, “Convenience”, “Deliciousness”, “Beautiful presentation”, and “Originality”.
Application period: September 26, 2022 to October 11, 2022
Awards: Grand Prize (1 winner), Excellence Award (2 winners), Yamaki Award (21 winners)
Prizes: Assorted dried bonito products including “Hyojuku (R)” and “Shinsen Ichiban”, new Fall/Winter 2022 products, Yamaki official mail order limited products, etc.
* The content of the offer varies depending on the award.
Results announcement page URL:
https://www.dashi-commu.jp/news/202211_katsuobushi_recipecontest_result/ ■Introduction of Grand Prize Recipes & Excellence Prize Recipes ・Best Award (1 person)
Menu name: Hanasaku dried bonito rice / Tote bag
[Image 2d2619-248-c36cb4866ea5b9c7e0ca-1.jpg&s3=2619-248-1922dd1632b46f06247b3b4554e0591c-536x339.jpg
Ingredients: 1 cup of rice, appropriate amount of bonito flakes, 1/2 slice of fried tofu, a little mentsuyu, a little sugar, a little salad greens, an appropriate amount of pickled ginger
Yamaki’s comment: Sweet and sour fried tofu and sweet and sour ginger are nicely combined with bonito flakes for a refreshing dish. The name of the recipe, “Hanasaku,” is a combination of pickled ginger flowers and dried bonito flowers.
・ Excellence Award Recipe (2 winners)
Menu name: Tenkasu dried bonito rice / Calimero Mama
[Image 3d2619-248-f648fb6c3f7e9ed5996a-2.jpg&s3=2619-248-cd0c7738e1d358447a778e8d6d7293bd-536x339.jpg
Ingredients: 1 cup of rice, appropriate amount of bonito flakes, appropriate amount of tempura bits, appropriate amount of green onions, a little salted kelp, a little soy sauce
Yamaki’s comment: Katsuobushi, salted kelp, and tenkasu, the umami of each of them comes to you.
A dish that makes you want to scratch it. The fact that it can be easily made with ingredients that tend to be left over in the refrigerator,
The fact that you can enjoy the texture was also highly evaluated. Menu name: Kaki no Tane and Katsuobushi Donburi / Ranma-san
[Image 4d2619-248-8cdff1b63a54ffb40e41-3.jpg&s3=2619-248-63c2b0d32b336011ca7642cb4062d6fd-537x339.jpg
Ingredients: 1 large serving of rice, 1.5g of bonito flakes, 24g of persimmon seeds, a small amount of wasabi, an appropriate amount of soy sauce, 200ml of mixed bonito and kelp stock
Yamaki’s comment: A novel recipe that uses persimmon seeds. The pungent spiciness of persimmon seeds
It is a dish that becomes a habit. If you add dashi, you can also eat it as dashi chazuke,
It is also a nice point that you can enjoy it twice at once. Also, by dissolving the wasabi in the soup stock,
The refreshing flavor was added and I was able to eat it.
■ What is “Dashi Community”?
[Image 5d2619-248-e8ef598c26e2288f3512-4.png&s3=2619-248-f5086bb2fe8315febd13cc1a8dc3d964-448x143.png
A community site with about 50,000 members, with the theme of “a community connected through Odashi.”
For members, we deliver useful information about dashi every month. In addition to introducing recipes devised by chefs and recommended recipes by scene/theme, members-only presentation campaigns are also held from time to time.
“Dashi Commu” website: https://www.dashi-commu.jp/
“Yamaki Katsuobushi Plus (R)” that spreads the charm of dried bonito [Image 6d2619-248-3bc18577895a3ed68352-5.jpg&s3=2619-248-6935b7748040addcdd369e81a3e1e319-356x219.jpg
We carry out “Yamaki Katsuobushi Plus (R)”, an activity to spread the value and appeal of dried bonito to consumers.
We are delivering information that makes life a little “plus” by adding “bonito”.
“Yamaki Katsuobushi Plus (R)” website:
Yamaki will contribute to “deliciousness” and “health” as well as “passing on food culture and ensuring the sustainability of food resources” through katsuobushi and dashi as a “katsuobushi and dashi shop, Yamaki.”
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