Yamano Aiko Doronko Beauty Co., Ltd. Sales, planning, and public relations members moved to their own factory and gathered together. Launched a new skin care cosmetics and beauty food series with an integrated production and sales system.

Aiko Yamano Doronko Beauty Co., Ltd.
All sales, planning, and public relations members moved to our own factory and gathered together. Launched a new skin care cosmetics and beauty food series with an integrated production and sales system. All departments moved to the “factory”. Yamano’s skin care cosmetics and beauty foods that share the entire process until delivery to customers

Yamano Aiko Doronko Beauty Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / Chairman and President: Mikio Yamano), which sells cosmetics for beauty salons, is a healthy beauty from both the inside (beauty food) and the outside (skin care cosmetics). On October 31, 2022, we launched the BIDOU series, a new approach brand.
This new series is the first series of an integrated production and sales system in which all sales, planning, and public relations members moved to the company’s own factory in Saitama Prefecture, and delivered the voices of the beauty salon site to the manufacturing site for planning, manufacturing, and sales.

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Embodying the “Five Principles of Beauty” advocated by the founder, Aiko Yamano, throughout her life
Beautician Aiko Yamano preached the importance of keeping the body in shape, based on the idea that the foundation of beauty is “healthy beauty.” Going back to its origins, we have planned the “BIDOU” series, which includes skin care cosmetics and beauty foods that bring out the beauty from the inside.
■ Over 50 years since its founding, a major shift to an integrated manufacturing and sales system
About half a year before the release of this BIDOU series, the entire sales, product planning, and public relations departments gathered from the Yoyogi head office to our factory in Saitama Prefecture. This BIDOU series is the first product that all related departments have met at the newly established office in the factory, which is the prescription and manufacturing site, and collaborated to launch new products.
■ Communication born in the factory
Overcoming the barriers of distance and departments that had existed until now, opportunities to share information and exchange opinions naturally emerged through daily conversations and conversations in cafe spaces.

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Feel free to ask questions from the sales department to the
prescription department
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Members of the sales department, beauty education department, prescription/quality control department, and manufacturing department gather in the cafe space

■While sharing the situation of each department, reflect customer opinions in products as much as possible.
In the past, sales departments communicated customer opinions to prescriptions and manufacturing sites, but due to a lack of
understanding from manufacturing sites, communication tended to be one-sided. However, by becoming familiar with the manufacturing site on a daily basis, I was able to understand the situation and exchange constructive opinions with each other.
In addition, there are unprecedented discussions, such as proposals for new plans from the prescription field, and proposals for outer packaging that is highly efficient in shipping and resistant to damage from the logistics field.

■ The final process of delivery to the customer is done by everyone At the time of mass shipment on the day of BIDOU’s release, members of the sales, planning, and public relations departments also changed into uniforms and worked on packing and shipping. From this
experience, I learned what kind of packaging would be best to deliver to the customer, what kind of packaging would reduce damage to the box and make shipping more efficient, what kind of bundled items and letters would please the customer, etc. Concrete improvement proposals are born naturally.
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Factory in Yashio City, Saitama Prefecture Yamano Beauty Chemical [Image 5

Exchange of opinions on how to sell in public relations and sales The new BIDOU series, which was born in this way, will be the first series for Yamano Aiko Doronko beauty salons nationwide to shift to salons that support not only external beauty but also the health of customers.
■Both beauty and health. New “BIDOU” series line-up of 8 items [Image 6

[Skin Care Cosmetics Medicinal Bidou]
Cleansing and facial cleansers are items that remove dirt using Yamano’s traditional clay beauty method, which was started in Japan by Aiko Yamano more than 50 years ago.
On the other hand, the lotion, milky lotion, and cream of -Giving- items contain amber extract extracted from “amber”. Amber is a mysterious substance that can hold living things and plants from 50 million years ago as they were at that time. The amber extract extracted from this amber is a unique ingredient that Yamano has been researching with national research institutes and universities for over 20 years.
Medicinal Bidou Dronco Cleansing Milk 120mL 10,010 yen (tax included) Medicinal Bidou Dronco Facial Cream 100g 9,570 yen (tax included) Medicinal Bidou Amber Skin Lotion 120mL 9,790 yen (tax included) Medicinal Bidou Amber Milk Lotion 80mL 10,010 yen (tax included) Medicinal Bidou Amber Cream 30g 14,300 yen (tax included)
[BIDOU oral cosmetics] For oral care that supports health and beauty. Amber Mouthwash 10mL/60 packets 6,578 yen (tax included)
Mild mint flavored mouthwash with rosemary scent.
[BIDOU Kohaku Beauty Food] An amber beauty food containing amber extract to improve beauty from the inside out.
BIDOU Amber Balance Powder 1.5g/30 packets 5,378 yen (tax included) For those who want to revitalize their metabolism and stay active. Granule type that dissolves easily in drinks and food.
BIDOU KOHAKU.H (15mL/30 packs) 10,584 yen (tax included)
Youthful from the foundation bones. A lemon-herb flavored drink that contains the much-talked-about 5-ALA.
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Sanae Yamamoto Deputy General Manager, Beauty and Health Education Division The charm of the BIDOU series
“The BIDOU series is a series filled with the desire to help many customers to be healthy and beautiful both inside and out through our products, and to be happy no matter what age they are.
The number of people with sensitive skin is increasing due to the mask life of the corona wreck, but medicinal beauty is a quasi-drug series that can be used by people with sensitive skin to prevent wrinkles. We hope that not only those who want to take care of wrinkles and sagging skin, but also those who have sensitive skin and are worried about choosing skin care products can try it.
In addition, inner care is indispensable for true beauty. The BIDOU series of amber beauty foods supports health and beauty from the inside with three beauty foods containing amber health extract: oral care, anti-glycation care, and bone care.
As this is the first product to be produced under an integrated production and sales system, we are pleased that we were able to immediately deliver the voices of our distributors and customers to the factory, and were able to commercialize it with attention to packaging.
Through this BIDOU series and a new esthetic menu that incorporates the Yamano Health Method, which is scheduled to be rolled out at salons from this winter, Yamano salons nationwide will develop into more attractive esthetic salons that you can rely on not only for beauty but also for health. I will do my best to do so. ”
■ How to purchase products
It is sold at “Aiko Yamano Doronko Beauty” esthetic salons nationwide. inquiry:
Aiko Yamano Doronko Beauty Co., Ltd.
03-3375-7871 (9:30-17:30, excluding weekends and holidays)
Yamano 24 Building, 1-30-7 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0053 Tokyo factory office
200-11 Minamishiroya, Yashio City, Saitama Prefecture 340-0831 ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー
About Yamano Aiko Doronko Beauty Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1971. With the corporate philosophy of “making people happy through health and beauty with our originality”, we are developing our business with two pillars of products that utilize “mud” and “amber”. The mud facial cleanser developed by founder Aiko Yamano based on the “clay” she encountered in Germany has been a long-selling product for over 50 years. We also sell many Yamano original cosmetics and beauty foods containing amber extract.
■ About founder Aiko Yamano (1909-1995)
Born in Mukojima, Tokyo. Seeing the women who were affected by the Great Kanto Earthquake and still caring about their appearance, he reaffirmed the importance of “beauty” and opened the Yamano
hairdressing salon in 1925. He introduced perm technology to Japan for the first time and opened a beauty vocational school. Recently, on November 7, 2022, Aiko Yamano was highlighted as a woman who pioneered the times on NHK-G (general) “Heroine birth! Dramatic women” (from 23:00 on Mondays).
The “Five Principles of Beauty” of “hair”, “face”, “apparel”, “spiritual beauty” and “healthy beauty”, which she advocated throughout her life, are still Yamano Group’s beauty principles.

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