Yamareco Co., Ltd. Developed “SAGASU”, a system that quickly searches for victims, and signed an agreement to provide it to the Nagano Prefectural Police

Yamareco Co., Ltd.
Developed “SAGASU”, a system for quickly searching for victims, and signed an agreement to provide it to the Nagano Prefectural Police We support mountain distress rescue with a system that quickly searches for victims!

Yamareco has developed a distressed person information inquiry system “SAGASU” that can immediately query the location information of victims, and has signed an agreement to provide it to the Nagano Prefectural Police. Using SAGASU can shorten the time it takes to provide information and save lives. In the future, we will conclude agreements with other prefectural police and strive to speed up mountain rescue operations.
Yamareco Co., Ltd. has signed a partnership agreement with the Nagano Prefectural Police to promote and raise awareness of mountain rescue activities and safe mountain climbing.
[Image 2

State of agreement ceremony
Contents of the partnership agreement on dissemination and
enlightenment of mountain rescue activities and safe mountaineering Working together to spread and enlighten people about safe mountain climbing Yamareco provides Nagano Prefectural Police with access rights to the victim information inquiry system “SAGASU”
Do not use for purposes other than searching and rescuing people in distress in mountains.
Handle personal information appropriately
Under this agreement, Yamareco will provide the Nagano Prefectural Police with the victim information inquiry system “SAGASU” developed to quickly find victims.
Nagano Prefectural Police is the first time that Yamareco has provided the victim information inquiry system “SAGASU”.
The victim information inquiry system “SAGASU” (hereinafter “SAGASU”) is a system created for the purpose of quickly searching for victims. If the searcher enters the victim’s mobile phone number, etc., the current location information and action history of the victim can be checked.
*If the victim was using a climbing map app (Yamareko)
You can also check the victim’s plan and past mountaineering records, so you can guess the equipment status and climbing level of the victim.

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In recent years, the number of climbers using map apps has been increasing year by year.
Until now, when a distress rescue request was received from a victim’s family, the police requested the location information of the victim from Yamareko’s “Request for providing information on climbers in distress”.
[Request for providing information on climbers in distress]
The number of disasters in Nagano Prefecture decreased in 2020 due to the corona disaster, but due to the popularity of outdoor activities where people can avoid crowds, the number of disasters will increase again in 2021.
In 2022, the number of distresses until November has already exceeded the previous year, and requests for information to Yamareko are also increasing.
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/12267/table/21_1_3a24b856f964ca83d583753330c0bf6e.jpg ]
When Yamareco receives a request for information, it investigates as soon as possible, and if there is information, it provides information such as location information, history up to that point, and plans by telephone to the police in charge.
* If there is no information, only report by e-mail.
The procedure for exchanging distress information so far has been as follows. Search petition (family → police)
Information provision request (family or police → Yamareko)
Tell the location information and how to check the history so far (Yamareko → Police)
Communicate information to members (police → members)
Search activities (members)

[Image 4

Search activities to date
Rescue operations are life-threatening emergencies, and prompt communication is required.
When Yamareco receives a request for information, we consider it an emergency and try to respond and contact you as soon as possible. However, you never know when an accident will occur.
We may not be able to respond immediately, such as late at night or on holidays, which are not business hours, so we may not know when you will receive a reply.
Due to this situation, the police may face psychological hurdles in cases where it is not clear whether they are in distress (such as a missing person who is not sure whether they have been to the mountains) or continuous requests for information.
In addition, if information is found, we will explain how to check the location information, plan, etc. over the phone because it is urgent, but it may take time to take notes or miscommunication may occur. [Image 5

Problems so far

By introducing “SAGASU” provided this time, it is possible to eliminate the time-consuming inquiry and information exchange with Yamareco.
If the police enter the victim’s mobile phone number etc. in “SAGASU”, it is possible to check whether Yamareko was used. If the victim used the Yamareco app, they can check the location information, action history, and plan, and smoothly convey the information to the crew members.
If the climber’s location information is found, each member can check the location on their smartphone screen by telling the member the authentication code issued by SAGASU.
[Image 6

Search activities using SAGASU

[Image 7

SAGASU screen

[Image 8

Location information that can be checked Left: PC Right: Smartphone application Yamareco will continue to deepen cooperation with each organization and make efforts to prevent mountain distress and rescue activities in mountain distress.
■ To all local government police and firefighters involved in mountain rescue If you are interested in mountain distress search using “SAGASU”, please contact us from the inquiry form below.
Application (inquiry) form
https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe90heexzdqHrZSHBlaN9nUMKpBTTq4ov_6brojfLrLkcPbNw/viewform?usp=sf_link ■ Precautions for “SAGASU”
“SAGASU” is provided only to the police and fire departments of local governments with which we have signed an agreement.
“SAGASU” can only be used for the purpose of search and rescue in mountain distress.
■ Requests to climbers
Mountain distress can happen to anyone.
In order not to be in distress as much as possible, in order to have them respond immediately even if they are in distress,
Please keep the following in mind and enjoy climbing safely. Download the map with the planned route before going to the mountains Register your mobile phone number in Yamareco
Cancel airplane mode in areas where radio waves are available Prepare a mobile battery with sufficient capacity and a cable and carry it with you when climbing
Plan your climb and share it with your family or the police
Now tell your family about Coco and have them check your location 【reference】
Frequently Asked Questions: Please tell me how to prevent accidents and what I can do in case of an accident.


[Reference video]
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=YE89zfiMet0]

【Company Profile】
Company name: Yamareco Co., Ltd.
Representative: Kazamine Matoba
Established: July 2013
Headquarters: 1-8-12 Shonai, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture 390-0828 URL: https://yamareco.co.jp/
-Business description-
・Management of SNS site dedicated to mountaineering
・ Climbing app development, operation, etc.

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