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[Yanagawa winter tradition] Selling a winter limited plan to enjoy hot dumplings on a kotatsu boat
Kotatsu boats are a winter tradition in Yanagawa. You can enjoy the old-fashioned warmth of burning charcoal and heating a kotatsu in a brazier. At Ohana, we prepare a special boat where you can enjoy hot dumplings and rice crackers while sitting under a kotatsu.

Ohana Co., Ltd. (Location: 1 Shintomachi, Yanagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture / President Chitsuki Tachibana) will offer an accommodation plan with an experience where you can enjoy freshly baked dumplings on a “kotatsu boat” only in winter, December 2022. It will start on Wednesday, January 1st.
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Kotatsu boats are a winter tradition in Yanagawa. It is an
old-fashioned method of heating charcoal and heating a kotatsu in a brazier. At Ohana, we have prepared a kotatsu boat for you to rent, and you can enjoy the unique charm of winter in Yanagawa by grilling dumplings and rice crackers on the spot.
□ Hot dumplings on a kotatsu boat, which is fun in the cold winter [Image 2d60563-11-690fa6c249a009a83615-3.jpg&s3=60563-11-5e1c8f21a2cf893873ae010714267607-1600x1068.jpg
[Image 3d60563-11-e30134feec03829f0f67-4.jpg&s3=60563-11-c52bbbe1e9ca192f5e1ef8ae7743e5e4-3900x2600.jpg
It is a plan that can only be enjoyed in winter, such as relaxing in a kotatsu boat in the clear winter air, enjoying the scenery flowing by, grilling dumplings over charcoal in the boat, and having them piping hot.
In addition to homemade dumplings, we also offer local sweets such as “Kome Senpei” from Sakata-ya, which has been loved for a long time in Yanagawa, and “Yanagawa Mari” from Hakushuan, a cute sweets shop. We also have baked sweets for you to enjoy. You can spend a unique winter day in Yanagawa.
■Overview: Enjoy the winter of Yanagawa on a kotatsu boat dumpling plan Sale date: December 1, 2022 to February 28, 2023
Price: From 35,190 yen (per person when using 2 people in 1 room, 2 meals included, tax, service charge, accommodation charge included) Reservation: Reservation on the official website
Capacity: 1 group per day (up to 4 people per boat)
■ River rafting company Yanagawa Tourism Development Co., Ltd. [Image 4d60563-11-347b48fda81544a95e68-5.png&s3=60563-11-c33babb678061bcd65270f06b5854d73-208x98.png
Founded in 1961 as Yanagawa’s first river cruise tour. The Shogetsu Boarding Dock is a building from the mid-Meiji period, and is associated with Hakushu Kitahara, who was mentioned in his collection of poems, Omoide. A skilled boatman will guide you to the end of the boat with skillful rod handling even in a narrow moat. Please enjoy the beauty of Yanagawa, which soothes your eyes in each season, with the boatman’s song of the boat.
(Official website: https://www.yanagawakk.co.jp/)
■Company Profile Ohana
[Image 5d60563-11-2b4c28d684c1c7ee1107-6.jpg&s3=60563-11-7b29ecb8de60feb2cec0a8d7fd1c7448-321x138.jpg
The Tachibana family’s mansion, which was once the lord of the Yanagawa domain, is still maintained by the descendants of the Tachibana family. Counting from the first feudal lord Muneshige Tachibana, it has inherited about 400 years of history and culture, and now the entire 7,000 tsubo site is designated as a cultural property (nationally designated scenic spot) and is the only nationally designated scenic spot in Japan where you can stay. Company name: Ohana Co., Ltd.
Head office address: 1 Shintomachi, Yanagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture 832-0069 Representative: Chitsuki Tachibana Business description: Accommodation business, bridal business, restaurant business

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