Yaruki Switch Group Co., Ltd. “There are other ways to do this!” Students and teachers learn programming thinking -The first visiting class for public education- Held at Chuo Ward Joto Elementary School in Yaesu, Tokyo Midtown

Yaruki Switch Group Co., Ltd.
“There are other ways to do this!” Students and teachers learn programming thinking ―The first visiting class for public education― Held at Chuo Ward Joto Elementary School in Tokyo Midtown Yaesu Programming education HALLO (R) (HALLO)

Yaruki Switch Group Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter Yaruki Switch Group), a general education service business, together with Preferred Networks Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter PFN), an artificial intelligence (AI) technology research and development startup, ” Programming Education HALLO (R)” (hereinafter referred to as HALLO) held a programming education class at Joto Elementary School in Chuo Ward on Monday, November 14, 2022.
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From 2020, programming education will be compulsory at elementary schools, and each school is required to respond to programming education. This was HALLO’s first visit to teach at Joto Elementary School, which has been designated as a science and mathematics pilot school in Chuo Ward and moved to Tokyo Midtown Yaesu in 2022. I wanted to give the children of Joto Elementary School more opportunities to experience programming thinking, and I wanted to expand the future possibilities of the children through programming learning at HALLO. It has come true.
In this class, about 30 third-year students from Joto Elementary School, principals and teachers will be given a unique curriculum by HALLO, which has expanded programming education in more than 700 schools* across the country. I worked on programming while doing trial and error.
In the class, we challenged “Mission Mode” in HALLO’s programming teaching material “Playgram (TM)” where you can acquire basic knowledge of programming. At first, the children struggled with programming, thinking it was difficult, but gradually progressed through programming, saying, “I understand what you mean!” I was able to see it.
Next was the “time attack” where you solved as many problems as possible within the time limit. More than half of the students showed rapid growth, surpassing their first score in the second time. By making the second time confrontation with the teacher, the teacher becomes a rival and the student’s motivation switch is turned on by seriously competing! Some students even scored higher than their teachers, and the classroom overflowed with cheers and applause praising each other’s efforts.
It was also impressive to see students teaching their homeroom teachers different ways of doing things, saying, “There are other ways to do this!” .
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At the end of the class, students gave their impressions of the two-hour class, saying, “Before the class, I thought programming would be difficult and I didn’t like it, but once I tried it, it was easy to understand and fun. There was a voice. By having fun working on programming, they were able to deepen their understanding and interest in programming.
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■Comment from the HALLO lecturer who was in charge of the visiting class Sai Toriumi, Director of YP Switch Co., Ltd., which operates “Programming Education HALLO”
In today’s visiting class, I feel that there is more than one programming method, and that you enjoyed experiencing trial and error. And I am happy to see that we programming education HALLO is trying every day to accumulate small successful experiences, grasp one’s own growth, and work hard with friends. I hope that the interest and curiosity that made you feel that “programming is interesting!” will continue to grow in the future.
■ Comment from the homeroom teacher who took a visiting class Joto Elementary School 3rd grade homeroom teacher
While teaching each other various ways to achieve the goal, we were able to proceed by discussing “how to do it”. During normal classes, it is difficult for one teacher to handle children who are good at it and others who are not good at it, but this time the number of students was small and each student was able to respond individually according to their progress. I was very happy.
*Total number of classrooms specializing in programming education HALLO and classrooms introducing programming education HALLO as content
Programming Education HALLO(R)
“Programming Education HALLO (R)”, which was born in 2020, builds a learning cycle in which learning continues while accumulating small successful experiences by repeatedly teaching and presenting results through home learning and coaching in the classroom. In addition to developing programming skills and talents through programming learning, we aim to develop the skills required in the 21st century, such as the ability to identify problems, solve problems, and the ability to think, and expand the future possibilities of children. increase.
The programming material used is “Playgram (TM)” developed by Preferred Networks Co., Ltd. (PFN), which won the 18th (2021) Japan e-Learning Grand Prize. It is a full-fledged programming teaching material that can be learned from seniors (6-year-olds) to junior high school students, mainly targeting elementary school students. Through YP Switch Co., Ltd., a joint venture established in December 2020, Yaruki Switch Group and PFN are promoting the development, sales expansion, and introduction support of HALLO franchise packages. I’m here.
HALLO official website: https://bit.ly/3hXDv0u
*Total number of classrooms specializing in programming education HALLO and classrooms introducing programming education HALLO as content
Yaruki Switch Group Co., Ltd.
Yaruki Switch Group Co., Ltd. provides individual instruction cram school “School IE (R)”, intelligence development (intellectual education) and examination preparation infant class “Child Eyes (R)”, English / English conversation school for children “WinBe (R) ( Winby)”, after-school childcare in English “Kids Duo (R)”, sports class for infants and elementary school students “Ninja Nine (R)”, bilingual kindergarten “Kids Duo International (KDI: Kids Duo International (R) ))” and “i Kids Star (R)”, as a comprehensive education service company that develops seven school brands. supports the learning of In 2020, we launched new learning services such as “Programming Education HALLO (R)”, “English Mirai Lab Nokendai” and “Thinking Lab”.
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