Yasuda Shipyard Co., Ltd. Yasuda Shipyard Luxury yacht brand AZIMUT ranks second in sales in the world

Yasuda Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
[Yasuda Shipyard] Luxury yacht brand AZIMUT ranks second in the world in terms of sales
Yasuda Shipyard Achieves World No. 2 Sales Performance of AZIMUT in 2021-2022
Yasuda Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ota-ku, Tokyo / President Takayuki Nozawa, hereinafter “our company”) serves as the sole agent in Japan for the Italian luxury yacht AZIMUT, which has the second highest sales performance in the world in 2021-2022. have become. [Image 1d106236-5-72de5c55b86aef8cc949-1.jpg&s3=106236-5-1a32ccbe89d4a66bf009fcdc4ffb8d4d-3900x2599.jpg
Azimut Trideck

Azimut’s sales performance ranks second in the world
Yasuda Shipyard has achieved 2nd place in the world in sales performance of AZIMUT in 2021-2022. A total of 14 yachts have been sold, including Azimut’s largest yacht, the Azimut Trideck.
After the US market, the world’s largest market, Azimut’s sales performance in 2021-2022 will be the second highest in the world, and Takayuki Nozawa, Representative Director of Yasuda Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., the sole agent in Japan, received an award from his home country.
[Image 2d106236-5-3beac63263cd5f63b711-0.jpg&s3=106236-5-515a8b95b1d5a76afa31ca23ce36771a-3900x2757.jpg
2021-2022 Yasuda Shipyard’s Azimut Sales Results

Awarded “Amazing Performance MEA – APAC” at Azimut Yachts XXVI [Image 3d106236-5-cb91f55192c81471e313-3.jpg&s3=106236-5-ad29eb868e365981477db3e1577ea446-1000x667.jpg
At the 26th Dealers’ Meeting of Azimut Yachts at the Cannes Yacht Festival in September 2022, Yasuda Shipyard received the “Amazing Performance MEA – APAC” award.
This award recognizes Yasuda Shipbuilding’s achievements in recording the highest sales in the MEA-APAC region and further enhancing Azimut’s presence in the Japanese market.
Yasuda Shipyard Wins Best Marketing Initiative Award
Yasuda Shipbuilding also received the “Best Marketing Initiative Award” at the same event, recognizing Azimut’s organizational excellence and outstanding performance in marketing. The awards range from full-scale campaigns and branding to promotions and events. This award was given in recognition of Shimoda Rendezvous, a representative marketing event of Yasuda Shipbuilding.

From Yasuda Shipyard Representative Takayuki Nozawa
Japan is considered to have a very small luxury market for luxury yachts, private jets, and helicopters, but this result surprised the world and gave us the courage to say that this market definitely exists in Japan. It was also an opportunity to realize that we have created a new market with our unique marketing method.
We believe that it is very important to link this result to regional revitalization.
There are many scenic ports in the Mediterranean where you can enjoy luxury marine resorts. I believe that in order to foster a culture of luxury yachts in Japan, we need ports of call such as Antibes and Saint-Tropez. It is essential to organize ship inspections, etc., and I would like to create a port town that attracts more millionaires from around the world to visit.
[Image 4d106236-5-d904652b830fd6ceec86-2.jpg&s3=106236-5-a51ad7acf1c61210dd7072e37a2bc719-3900x2599.jpg
Azimut Trideck
What is Azimut
Praised as the Italian beauty of the sea, Azimut, the world’s premier luxury yacht brand, is an Italian yacht manufacturing company based in Viareggio, Italy.
Founded in 1969 by Paolo Vitelli. At the time of its founding, it started with chartering sailing ships, and later developed into a large-scale luxury yacht manufacturing industry. It now consists of 21 models ranging from 10 to 35 meters in length. The company owns another larger yacht builder, Benetti, and has a dominant share of the global luxury yacht market.

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