Yasuyuki Kataoka has been appointed as an advisor to NineEdge, which provides AI analysis and performance improvement services for sports.

NineEdge Co., Ltd.
Yasuyuki Kataoka has been appointed as an advisor to NineEdge, which provides AI analysis and performance improvement services for sports.
NineEdge Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kazuya Watanabe, hereinafter: our company), which provides AI analysis and performance improvement services for sports, is pleased to announce that Yasuyuki Kataoka has been appointed as an advisor and evangelist.
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About NineEdge
Established in November 2020, we are a company that promotes the use of AI-centered technology in various sports, with the goal of “utilizing technology and data for all athletes”. Development of “ForceSense”, a service that allows athletes to look back on the degree of improvement after training with images and data by highly visualizing the characteristics / individuality of athletes and supporting training advice and PDCA based on data. We are.
This time, in order to further promote the mission of “technology and data utilization for all athletes”, Mr. Yasuyuki Kataoka has been appointed as an advisor.
Based on my experience as a professional baseball player and coach, I would like to ask all baseball players to not only provide technical guidance on baseball using ForceSense, but also to give advice on the importance of preparation and posture when facing a game, and to develop new products. We look forward to creating great value. Profile of Yasuyuki Kataoka
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After joining Tokyo Gas from Utsunomiya Gakuen High School, he joined the Seibu Lions in the 3rd round of the 2004 draft. He was named in the starting lineup from the first year, and won the stealing king four times with a play style that made use of his speed. In 2008, he made an All-Star appearance, had the most hits, and contributed greatly to becoming the best leadoff man in Japan. In 2009,
participated in the second WBC. In 2014, he transferred to the Shintenchi Giants, and in 2015 he achieved a total of 300 stolen bases. After that, while suffering from repeated injuries, he did not give up hope and continued desperate rehabilitation, but announced his retirement in 2017. From 2018 to 21, he served as the Giants 2nd Army infield defensive base running coach.
■ Award history
Stealing King (2007-2010)
Most Hits (2008)
Best Nine (2008)
* In 2008, won 3 titles at the same time: king of stolen bases, most hits, and best nine
Comment from Yasuyuki Kataoka
“I am honored to be appointed as an advisor and evangelist for NineEdge Co., Ltd. Based on my own experience in professional baseball and the Japanese baseball world, there are many opportunities to use technology to improve performance. I felt.
Since I received such an opportunity this time, please support many baseball players. And I wish I could think of an initiative to make it even more exciting together. I would appreciate it if you could do the right effort and help me towards my dreams and goals. ”
About Force Sense
[Image 3d112052-2-9a77477798c5842dfff5-2.png&s3=112052-2-1f837c886bccf5107e890daef14c0a1b-2881x1920.png
This is a service that allows you to analyze the behavior of your smartphone. Simply by shooting and uploading a video, it automatically analyzes the trajectory, height, tilt, speed, etc. of the body in batting and pitching. It is also possible to compare and display multiple analysis results. In the future, we plan to add a function that automatically recommends improvement points based on video analysis, and a function that automatically suggests recommended training based on the analysis results to develop the athlete’s strengths.
Comment from Kazuya Watanabe (CEO of NineEdge Inc.)
We have appointed Mr. Yasuyuki Kataoka as an advisor.
We are very excited to welcome Mr. Yasuyuki Kataoka, who has not only achievements and experience, but also a passion for baseball, an attitude to tackle baseball, and insight, as our advisor and evangelist. We are always thinking about how to solve the problems of athletes and coaches in order to carry out our mission of “utilizing technology and data for all athletes”. Among them, we believe that there is a lot of room for creating new value in areas that utilize AI, which is our strength.
We will continue to carry out our mission while receiving advice from Mr. Yasuyuki Kataoka, a baseball professional, on how to connect technology and baseball.
NineEdge Recruitment Information
NineEdge is looking for new friends. Let’s work together to create services used by athletes around the world!
List of open positions
・ Recruiting machine learning engineers who analyze videos and images at sports tech startups!
・Recruiting engineers to lead the development of mobile applications for athletes!
・ We are looking for a software engineer who will be responsible for the front end of the service for baseball players!
・Recruiting engineers to build infrastructure for services used in sports! https://www.wantedly.com/projects/1180752
・We are looking for an engineer to perform 3D modeling of athletes for the purpose of form analysis!
・ We are looking for a position to develop new services at a sports tech startup!
NineEdge Co., Ltd. Company Information
Company name: NineEdge Co., Ltd.
Location: Tokyo Head Office: Nankai Tokyo Building, 5-15-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Established: November 19, 2020
Representative: Kazuya Watanabe, CEO
Service site: https://force-sense.com
Company website: https://nineedge.co.jp
Business description: Sports AI analysis business
*The information contained in this press release is current as of the date of the announcement. Please note that service details,
specifications, contact information, and other information are subject to change without notice.
Inquiries from the media concerned
Public Relations Manager, NineEdge Co., Ltd.

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