YOEYOU Sapphire Coolness Datsumouki Epilator New Product Release

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YOEYOU Sapphire Coolness Datsumouki Epilator New Product Release Painless hair removal with sapphire cooling. Unisex, beard/VIO hair removal device for the whole body “YOEYO Epilator” is now on sale.
I want a depilator like this! Instantly cools down to 10°C. Intensive destruction of hair roots only.
High output with cord type. It is gentle on the skin and saves time. Salon grade finish at home.
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Yoeyou has started selling a new product “Yoeyou Epilator” on Amazon. This is a full body epilator that uses IPL (flash) light hair removal technology and is equipped with a “sapphire cooling function” that is gentle on the skin. unisex. The intensity of the light can be adjusted in 5 levels, and it can be used not only for the whole body, but also for the beard and VIO. You can use it with your family. It also supports gift wrapping, so it is perfect for Christmas gifts for loved ones in the coming season.
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■ Achieve a salon-quality finish with a home-use epilator
Effortless hair removal. It’s a hassle to go to a salon, but the finish of home hair removal devices is not good enough.
Although it is for home use, it is full-fledged. High-output, maximum 17 joule irradiation concentrates on the hair roots.
The hair removal flash is irradiated once every 0.7 seconds, and the whole body hair removal is completed in about 7 minutes
Not only is it easy to use, but it is also gentle on the skin, and uses “sapphire cooling” that instantly cools the surface of the skin to -10°C, making it as close to painless hair removal as possible, making it safe for people with sensitive skin. Available.
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[“YOEYO epilator” function]
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[“YOEOU hair removal device” 3 commitments to gentleness on the skin] We thought that by reducing the burden on the skin, you can make it a habit to care for unwanted hair at home.
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◆[Cool sapphire cooling technology]
・・・ A wide range of cold feeling with sapphire on the full screen. Cool the skin to be treated to -10°C,
Reduces irritation and burden on the skin during irradiation. “Hair removal = hot” is a story of the past.
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◆ [Hair removal in a short time! continuous pulse technology] ・・・Gently care for the skin by destroying only the hair roots while maintaining the power of hair removal.
Irradiates once every 0.7 seconds and completes full-body hair removal in just about 10 minutes.
You can take care of yourself frequently in a short time, so you can improve your sense of beauty.
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◆[Extra light is cut by 99%! IPL (flash) light hair removal technology “OPT” adopted]
・・・Blocks 99% of the light with unnecessary wavelengths from the emitted light, keeping the power of hair removal.
Allows for more precise depilation. Even the clumsy can use it with confidence. [Image 8

[Selectable irradiation mode]
It is easy to use because you can select the mode in detail according to the application!
◆Four irradiation modes can be selected according to the skin type and the area to be used.
◆We can regulate strength of light with five phases.
◆Rapid mode can also be selected.
→ Continuous shooting is recommended when caring for a large area such as whole body hair removal!
[Target hair removal area]
Supports the whole body such as armpits, legs, arms, bikini line, nape, back, chest, fingers, face, beard, and VIO.
→ Unisex. A wide range of hair removal from men’s thick beard to women’s fluffy waste hair.
■Product specifications
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Product name: Yoeyou epilator
Price: 49,800 yen
Body color: mint green
Weight: ‎1.71 kilograms
Contents: “YOEYOU epilator” body, protective glasses, storage case, adapter, Power cord, razor, security card, instruction manual
Guarantee: After-sales service for 2 years after purchase (also supports returns and exchanges)
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White http://amz.do/AMEbaE
Pink http://amz.do/6OahgA
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